Rungs In A Ladder: Check Out This Mini-Documentary on CONVERGE’s Jacob Bannon

Last year I swooned over a documentary called One Man Metal which I loved and I watch over and over again. Today McFarland and Pecci released a documentary on a band that I absolutely love: Converge. To be specific, this twelve-minute documentary delves into the life of Converge‘s frontman Jacob Bannon. Bannon talks about his teenage years, music and his angst. It’s really cool and very well put together. Check it out below.     Continue reading

One Man Metal: Three-Part Documentary Delves Into The Lives Of Solo Black Metal Bands

There has been quite a bit of buzz circulating around the three-part black metal documentary One Man Metal which takes you inside the lives and minds of solo black metal bands Leviathan, Striborg and Xasthur. All of these acts are notorious for their music and mystery and all three are among my favorite bands of the genre. It took me a while to get around to watching One Man Metal but when I finally did it last night, I was blown away. The video comes to us courtesy of Noisey and is shot completely in black and white.

If you are curious about the lives of Wrest, Sin Nanna and Malefic, this documentary is perfect for you. This epic is extremely well-shot and delves into the dark secrets and horrors surrounding the bands. Check out all three parts after the jump. Leave some feedback in the comments. Let us know what you think. Continue reading

Music Documentary Sunday: Watch NOISEY’s One Man Metal Documentary

Strengthen yourself for this upcoming Monday by peering into the lifestyles, history, and motivations behind three of the most prominent one man black metal groups. Heavily isolationist and hidden from the public, this documentary is particularly noted for its exclusive coverage and insight into domains previously unreached and unreachable. Noisey, Vice’s music counterpart, ventures from the United States to Australia covering for this first part of an as of yet incomplete three part documentary three different bands from three different environments: Leviathan(U.S.), Striborg(Tasmania), and Xasthur(U.S.). Peep the well-made and brutally honest documentary above.