ENSLAVED Streaming New Album “In Times”

Enslaved - In Times - ArtworkWoah. Less than a week ago Enslaved released a lyric video for a new track they had released and now they are streaming their new album in full. So, if you have been anxiously awaiting the release of In Times, you have only a week until you can own it yourself, but you can hear it all now. Check out a full stream below. Get it all ova’ ya’, son.     Continue reading

ENSLAVED Release New Lyric Video “One Thousand Years Of Rain”

Enslaved - In Times - ArtworkLegendary act Enslaved will be unleashing their new album In Times in a few weeks and the band has released a new lyric video. The video and track in question are “One Thousand Years Of Rain,” which is an absolutely amazing track. As of posting this, I have listened to the track numerous times. It’s great. Check it out for yourself below.      Continue reading

MELECHESH Release Lyric Video For “Multiple Truths”

melecheshenkicover_638Israeli blackened whatever act Melechesh will release their new album Enki next year and the band has burst forward with a lyric video for their new track “Multiple Truths.” I haven’t listened to Melechesh in a while, but this is pretty incredible. I really dig this song and I can’t wait to hear the remainder of the album. You can check out “Multiple Truths” below. CRUSH.     Continue reading

CARCASS Release Lyric Video For “Livestock Marketplace”

Carcass-Surgical-RemissionSurplus-SteelCarcass will release their new EP Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel next month and the band has release a lyric video for one of the EPs tracks, “Livestock Marketplace.” While the bands latest offing wasn’t one of my favorite albums, I really enjoyed it and I really love this track. It’s slower and very powerful. You can check out the video after the jump and see if it pumps you up for the new EP like it has me. Enjoy.      Continue reading

KILLER BE KILLED Release Music Video For “Snakes Of Jehova”

Killer-Be-Killed-Killer-Be-KilledKiller Be Killed is the supergroup featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon and Soulfly and they released a pretty phenomenal album earlier this year. The band has just released their new music video for their track “Snakes Of Jehova,” which can be seen after the jump. This video is not unlike their debut video for “Wings Of Feather And Wax,” but it’s still cool. Check it out below and see if it tickles your fancy.       Continue reading

CARNIFEX Release Music Video For “Hatred And Slaughter”

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex released a pretty rad album earlier this year titled Die Without Hope and now the band has followed up with a music video for their track “Hatred And Slaughter.” The song is great and the video isn’t bad either. It’s a pro-shot live video compiling different appearances the band has made and it’s put together pretty well. Check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Streaming New Album “Conjuring The Dead”

Belphegor-Conjuring-the-Dead-620x620Death metal horde Belphegor will be releasing their abysmally brutal new record Conjuring The Dead tomorrow and the band is currently streaming this aural beat-down right now. I have loved this band for a long time and I think they are in top form on Conjuring. Blackened death metal at its finest and definitely not for the meek. Check out the full stream after the jump.      Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Release Music Video For “Conjuring The Dead”

Belphegor-Conjuring-the-Dead-620x620I have been a fan of Belphegor for a long, long time and I always look forward to new material by the band, but while I love their music, I am not a fan of their new music video. The video I speak of is for their track “Conjuring The Dead” and it just doesn’t seem like a Belphegor video as much as a Cradle Of Filth video. Fuck what I think, though. Check out the video for yourself. Continue reading

SUICIDE SILENCE Streaming New Album “You Can’t Stop Me”

You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)The reformed Suicide Silence (I’m still unclear if they ever split or not) will be releasing their new album You Can’t Stop Me next week and the band has unleashed a full album stream of said album. From an outsiders prospective and as someone who doesn’t wish to speak ill of the dead, this is the best Suicide Silence has ever sounded. It’s reminiscent of what Mitch brought to the band, but with some notes that he couldn’t/didn’t hit. Check out the full stream after the jump.       Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Streaming New Track “Gasmask Terror”

Belphegor-Conjuring-the-Dead-620x620Blackened death metal horde Belphegor are back and they have brought the apocalypse with them. The band will release their new album Conjuring The Dead in August and the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Gasmask Terror.” This track encompasses everything I love about Bephegor and projects it through a deadly filter. Check out the track after the jump if you know what’s good for you.       Continue reading

KILLER BE KILLED Release Music Video For “Wings Of Feather And Wax”

Killer-Be-Killed-Killer-Be-KilledKiller Be Killed, the supergroup featuring members of Soulfly, Mastodon and The Dillinger Escape Plan has released it’s first music video for the track “Wings Of Feather And Wax.” This happens to be my favorite track on the album and I am stoked to get a music video to accompany it. The video is superbly-shot performance footage and it’s great. Check it out below.     Continue reading

VADER Streaming New Track “Triumph Of Death”

vader-tibi-et-igniPolish death metal titans Vader have already graced us with one track off of their new record Tibi Et Igni and now we get a second taste. This time around, the band is streaming the punishing tune known as “Triumph Of Death.” If you love Vader, you already love this track. Check it out below and see what you think.      Continue reading

CARNIFEX Release “Die Without Hope” Music Video

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex were the butt of everyone’s joke for a while, but the band is beginning to prove everyone wrong by becoming more brutal than ever before. After a few spins of the bands new album Die Without Hope, I have come to the conclusion that it is very strong. If you haven’t yet, I suggest checking it out. The band has just released their music video for the albums title track “Die Without Hope” and you can check it out after the jump. It’s a pretty explosive performance video. Check it.     Continue reading

KILLER BE KILLED Streaming New Album In Full

Killer-Be-Killed-Killer-Be-KilledMetal supergroup Killer Be Killed (featuring members of Mastodon, Soulfly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) released a new song the other day called “I.E.D.” and here we are now and the band has unleashed the full power of their debut album! I have spoken of my adoration for these tunes and I am stoked to finally get a chance to listen to the album in full. It’s just as good as I thought it would be. Rad. Check out a full stream of Killer Be Killed below, courtesy of MetalSucks.      Continue reading

SUICIDE SILENCE Streaming New Track “Cease To Exist”

Suicide-Silence-You-Cant-Stop-Me-artworkI know I’m not the only person curious as to how Suicide Silence would sound after the passing of vocalist Mitch Lucker and the introduction of their new front man Eddie Hermida (formerly of All Shall Perish). Well, it seems that Hermida has the chops for the job because his style is almost identical to that of Lucker. It’s got a good vibe, but I still don’t dig Suicide Silence much. Regardless, you can check out the bands new track “Cease To Exist” after the jump and decide for yourself how you feel.     Continue reading