OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up”

oblivionizedOne of my favorite groups of people, London’s Oblivionized will soon unleash their debut full-length album upon the world and, if you thought you could handle it, find out for sure. The deathgrinders have released a stream of their new albums title track. The title is “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up” and it is fucking powerful. This track hits like a truckload of bricks and keep you begging for more. Check it out below.      Continue reading

EMPLOYED TO SERVE Streaming New Album

ETSEmployed To Serve is a rad band from the UK that I was introduced to a while back by Oblivionized guitarist Sammy Urwin, who is also the guitarist for EtS and Regurgitate Life. It’s spastic, grinding madness and I absolutely love it. Well, Employed To Serve released a new album a few weeks ago and I am just now hearing about it. Click on over after the jump to check out a full stream of Change Nothing, Regret Everything.     Continue reading

Review: CONFINE – “Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere”

What happens when you mix members of four of the UKs most brilliant and brutal grind bands? You get a sickening masterpiece that goes by the name of Confine. Featuring members of Oblivionized, The Human Cull, Corrupt Moral Altar and The Afternoon Gentlemen, this band is an entity that will blast you right out of your seat. The band recently released their debut 8-track album titled Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere and I am taken aback by how fucking insane this record is.      Continue reading

Paralytic Levitation: PLAGUE WIDOW Streaming New Track

A few weeks ago I told you about that killer new track that Oblivionized was streaming off of their new split with Plague Widow. Well, The Widow has followed suit and they are now streaming an a-mazing new track called “Paralytic Levitation” and you can hear it after the jump. Trust me, you want to do this.     Continue reading

First Sign Of Defeat: OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track

Motherfucking Oblivionized, British spazzy-tech-grinders, are always on top of their shit. Last year they released a stellar EP on Grindcore Karaoke and then I told you they’d be releasing a few new splits this year. Well, the good fellows have unleashed a killer new track that you should all be streaming right fucking now!     Continue reading

Another Social Hell: HUMAN CULL Streaming New Track

One of the UK’s premiere grind acts Human Cull have just released a new track called “Another Social Hell” which is streaming over on their Bandcamp page (or more conveniently, below). It says on said page that this song is for an “upcoming split.” Could this be the split with Oblivionized that I mentioned recently? Coming in at only thirty-seven seconds, this track is fucking brutal. Check it out below and get stoked. More info to be added soon.

Split At The Seams: OBLIVIONIZED To Release Three New Splits

You guys know I am an Oblivionized fanboy by now, basically because they are killer dudes and their tunes are fucking destructive. I have loved all of their music they have released and now I learn that the band is planning to release three new splits!

No definite date has been given to any of these splits, but Zac (vocals) announced via an interview with Decibel Magazine that the band will be releasing splits with Plague Widow, Fuck The Facts and Human Cull. So these Brits are planning to release three splits with three bands from three different countries. This sounds like the fucking trifecta to me. Amirite? Check out Oblivionized‘s last EP which was released on Grindcore Karaoke in March below and get stoked. Check out the full dB interview here.

“Just A Game Of Tetris…”: OBLIVIONIZED + HUMAN CULL Tour Mini-Documentary Posted

Last month Oblivionized and Human Cull went on a tour of the UK and Zac Broughton (vocals for Oblivionized) filmed not only the bands live performances but also a lot of wild, cooky and hilarious moments that occurred when the band was off of the stage. This video was sent to me yesterday by Zac and I fucking love it. My initial statement when hearing Edd Robinson’s (of Human Cull) talking voice for the first time: “Woah. With a voice like that, this dude needs to be in action movies!” Check out the Tour Documentary below and pick up Oblivonized‘s new promo on Grindcore Karaoke here and Human Cull‘s new release Split Second Extinction here. Grind on.

The Cycle Is Endless: OBLIVIONIZED Release New Promo

Remember when I posted about my homies Oblivionized the other day? Yeah, it was just two days ago that the dudes released a new track and now we have their new three-song promo available for free download! Remember that handy little label I mentioned the promo would be released on? Well, that label is none other than J. Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke netlabel!

So not only is there new Oblivionized tunes, but said tunes were released on Grindcore Karaoke. You know what that means, right? IT’S FREE! Check out a stream of Nullify The Cycle below and download that motherfucker!

Circle Of Deprivation: OBLIVIONIZED Release New Track

My homies from across the pond Oblivionized have been hard at work on a new promo release called Nullify The Cycle. I mean, they have seriously been working their asses off on this promo and I think it’s paying off because they just released a new track titled “Cycle Of Deprivation” and it fucking rips. It’s fast and aggressive and it keeps Oblivionized signature technical deathgrind take on music. Check out the track below. Get fucking wrecked. Nullify The Cycle will be release for free soon. Not confirmed, but it may be released via a popular grind label. I guess we’ll see!

REGURGITATE LIFE Perform New Song Live!

I haven’t talked about Regurgitate Life nearly enough, but I hope I got my point across on my last post about Mr. Sammy Urwin. If you didn’t pay attention to the previous post, then I guess I’ll break it down for you. Sammy Urwin, who plays guitar in the awe-inspiring Oblivionized, a technical deathgrind band from the UK but he also has his own solo progressive death metal band called Regurgitate Life. Regurgitate Life is an amazing project and recently Sammy performed a new song live. This song will be coming off of Regurgitate Life’s forthcoming record. Check it out in the clip below.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

REGURGITATE LIFE Definitely Does Not Lack Comprehension!

Sammy Urwin is a phenomenal musician. Not only does he play guitar in the incredible band Oblivionized, he also fronts his own solo project called Regurgitate Life. Regurgitate Life is a killer progressive death metal entity hailing from the UK. This is some seriously gnarly tunes. Obvious Death influences are at play here. You can stream and download Regurgitate Life’s 2011 Promo for free on Bandcamp. I thought I would show you where Sammy draws some influences from with a few cover tracks he has posted on You Tube. The first one you will see is a cover of Death’s “Lack of Comprehension” and after the jump you can see his cover of Morbid Angel’s “Rapture.” Enjoy and support.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.


ICONIC DESTRUCTION Are Going To Get Ambient On Your Asses!

Surely you remember me worshipping my homie Zac Broughton’s (Oblivionized) solo project Iconic Destruction? Well if you don’t, to hell with you. Iconic Destruction is Zac’s black metal project that I am quite fond of for many reasons. One of which is that… Well, I love black metal. Zac has released three records and one split (with Teeth and Thorns) as Iconic Destruction through his Malignant Manifestations Productions and it’s all good.

Zac revealed to me last night that he was almost complete with ID’s new album, just a few finishing touches needed to be made. He told me this after he posted a new song on ID’s Bandcamp page. This new song is called “The Vicissitude Of Self” and I am not even kidding, I had to look the word “Vicissitude” up and what I found was this:

A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

Well, that’s cool. The song is one big slap of ambiance and it’s oh so good. As I told Zac, this song is a fantastic teaser and just leaves me wanting more. Check out the song below and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.