PERIPHERY Release Studio Teaser Of New Material

periphery-bandI have really liked Periphery for a while now and I thought their last album was heavier than their previous and now it seems the band is progressing to become even heavier. Spencer Sotelo’s voice is harsher than ever and it sounds incredible. Could this possibly be because of his recent addition to From First To Last? Who knows? But seriously, check out the video after the jump and see what you think.      Continue reading

FROM FIRST TO LAST Confirm New Vocalist

Scarlet Music Video Day 1I have a soft spot deep in my heard for good screamo and also for some less than good screamo. I hold Alexisonfire and From Autumn To Ashes in high regard and I also listened to From First To Last quite bit back in the day although not nearly as much as the former two. I was interested to learn that From First To Last were coming out of hibernation and that they would not have Skrillex as their singer.      Continue reading


florence-and-the-machineWell, Sumerian Records has always been a slightly-left-of-center-thinking label and I guess the announcement of their new compilation stand by that. Sumerian Records and their artists are putting together a compilation in tribute to Florence + The Machine. Bands like Periphery, Stick To Your Guns and more have signed on for the compilation and a few tracks have been released already. Click on over after the jump to get a taste of Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx.      

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PERIPHERY Streaming New Project “Clear”

The new experimental recording project from Periphery, Clear, can now be streamed in full two weeks ahead of schedule. The effort will officially be released through Sumerian Records on January 28th but you can jam the album after the break if you so wish. Pre-orders for the album are still being offered at this location.

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PERIPHERY To Release “Clear” In January

Periphery recently announced the release of a new project entitled Clear, that will see the light of day on January 28th. The band states that Clear shouldn’t be seen as an EP nor should be confused with the band’s forthcoming third full length album. The band states that Clear is an experiment in which the band explores the different writing styles of each individual member. The album starts off with Overture, a track in which a melodic themed is established and is utilized in some form or another in each subsequent track. Each member will have complete control over their own track, as well. The full statement from the band and an audio teaser can be found after the break.

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OH, SLEEPER Streaming New Track

Oh, Sleeper have released a new track from their upcoming Titan EP; one of two successfully crowdfunded EP’s. The song in question is entitled the “The Pitch” and features guest vocal contributions from Ex-Periphery vocalist Casey Sabol. You can check out the new track and its accompanying lyric video below.

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Here Comes The Boom: Summer Slaughter Line-Up Announced

I know there are more than a handful of you who hit up the Summer Slaughter festival every year, even if it’s for a single band. Every metal site looks forward to this tour for the simple reason of wanting to see who has been announced will be a part of Summer Slaughter. This years line-up looks fucking killer, if I say so myself. Check out the full line-up and poster below.     Continue reading

Where’s The Mayo?: PERIPHERY Release New Music Video

Periphery have released a brand new music video for their song, “Scarlet”, from their most recent effort Periphery II. The aforementioned song is set to a futuristic video depicting mustard loving peoples torturing a ketchup loving prisoner and eventually vice versa. It’s a fairly humorous video and makes me want a hot dog very, very badly. Periphery also apparently plan on cashing in on this Condiment Wars gimmick with this line of new Ketchup Vs. Mustard merchandise. I’m still waiting on the Mayo and BBQ Sauce themed merch however. Anyway, check out the cheesy video below.

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PERIPHERY To Support DEFTONES On Upcoming Tour

It looks as if progressive metal act Periphery have been recruited to support the mighty Deftones on their upcoming Spring North American tour. The trek will see both bands travel from Canada to Texas in March to spread awesomeness all over your face. Below is the full schedule and you’d be just plain silly not to attend.

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Bustin’ ‘Em Up: PERIPHERY To Unleash A Juggernaut

Periphery are fucking huge, man. I enjoyed their new album and then kinda fell away from it. When they released Periphery II, I got back into them because the band was more mature and way heavier. It was great. I know this band is always working on music, so I knew it wouldn’t be long until they started working on new material. Well, it seems the band has been doing just that.      Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Eric’s Top 30 Releases Of The Year


Similar to the conflicted state of mind the character Jules Winnfield Of Pulp Fiction was in when he decided not to execute the characters of Honey Bunny and Ringo like “fucking fried chicken”, my American Aftermath writership came at a period in my life of transition, a time of both fleeting and returning tastes. In short, my idea of “music” was flipped upside down. What was once a streamlined process of music listening and discovery was overloaded and overridden by my previous months exploration into a multitude of realms and genres previously unexplored, most notable among that being my new found discovery of hardcore and the cascading effects of that discovery, which led to realms from sludge metal to pop punk.

The following thirty album list reflects the few difficultly chosen releases that stuck with me the most throughout both the bombarding ocean of releases this year and the aforementioned musical overturn. Before we actually begin, I’d like to thank the American Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane Oliver, and Josh Huddleston for allowing me to be a part of their team. I would also like to thank the musicians and bands that have created music for me to write about and those that have helped out in interviews and features. Last but not least I want to thank you, the readers, for giving a shit. See you all after the jump.

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ANIMALS AS LEADERS Working With PERIPHERY Guitarist On New Record

According to a recent Facebook update, Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor looks to be working with Animals as Leaders on new material. Misha states that they have six new songs down. For those that do not know, Misha provided the drum programming and helped produce their debut self titled record. I am very curious as to how this little puppy will turn out. Until then, check out their song “New Eden” below.

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Music Documentary Sunday: Watch SUMMER’S LAUGHTER

It’s Sunday and you should all know what that means by now. This week we are featuring the “documentary” Summer’s Laughter made by Periphery‘s touring bassist Jeff Holcomb. The film chronicles the band’s journey on this years edition of the summer slaughter tour.

Summer’s Laughter features guest appearances, interviews and live footage fromPeriphery and all the Sumerian Records bands on the tour.

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– Josh Huddleston

Djrifting: PERIPHERY Bassist Feature On New MIKE DAWES Track


How many of you guys had heard of UK guitarist Mike Dawes before today? Be honest, cause I had never heard of this dude before and my mind was just completely left blown while my pants were left soaked with semen. Mike Dawes performs a percussive finger style of acoustic guitar playing known as Drifting which was popularized by guitarist Andy Mckee.

Mike Dawes has posted an amazing new track entitled “The Impossible 2.0″ which features a sweet bluesy guitar solo from Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood. I honestly can’t get over how good this guy and song are. It’s not often that musicians of this genre give props to, let alone feature, metal musicians but look at this guy, he clearly looks like he is into metal.

I know what I will be doing when I get off tonight… I will be downloading his whole discography, rolling a blunt and having a nice relaxing jam sesh. I hope you guys can appreciate stuff like this too.


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– Josh Huddleston


PERIPHERY Pull Out Of Summer Slaughter Tour Due To Family Emergency

If any of you on the West Coast were looking forward to seeing Periphery on this years Summer Slaughter tour, I regret to inform you that you won’t be seeing them. Due to a family emergency, the band has pulled out of the remaining dates of the tour. You can read Periphery‘s statement below followed by a new track. Speaking of new tracks, be sure to pick up the band’s new album Periphery II, which is out now via Sumerian Records. Good luck, Periph. Remaining Summer Slaughter dates after the jump.

Hello Peripherals and metal fans alike, it is with great regret that we must announce Periphery’s withdrawal from the rest of the Summer Slaughter tour, due to a family emergency we are unable to continue onto the west coast. We also want to take this moment to thank all the amazing fans old and new who came out to support us on this awesome tour and we also want to thank all the bands we played with, Cerebral Bore, Exhumed, Goatwhore, Job For A Cowboy, Veil of Maya, The Faceless, Between The Buried And Me, and Cannibal Corpse as well as all the amazing crew who made this tour happen – we miss all of you and we had the greatest summer ever hanging and jamming out with all of you. -P:.

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