Seas of Ash: THE BODY Premiere New Track

body_1 [Photo by Richard Rankin]Perhaps you remember me mentioning that the apocalyptic duo, The Body, were releasing a new EP this year on on April 30th. Well, now you can get a taste of what’s to come from Master, We Perish via Pitchfork. Pitchfork have premiered the opening track “The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash” and it is quite the maniacal ditty. The track is initiated by the sounds of air raid sirens that permeate throughout the track while the grumbling sounds of massive guitar and Chip King’s torrid screech make this a sadistic three minutes. If you have the stomach for it, check it out now.

-Lane Oliver


Venomous Hostility: KEN MODE Streaming New Album

After being teased by five chaotic tracks, KEN Mode are finally streaming their new record Entrench over at Pitchfork. Jesus H. Christ! This album is as vicious as I hoped it would be. Frontman Jesse Matthewson had this to add on the new album:

This is KEN mode’s statement: we are coming for you. ‘Entrench’ is our message, and we will not stop until it is jammed down everyone’s throats. This album is the most aggressive, catchy, and dynamic work we’ve ever done, and we refuse to quit or take prisoners. We’ll be on the road from now until the beginning of June straight supporting ‘Entrench’, blanketing North America and Europe with venomous hostility

The album will be officially released on March 19th. Be sure to check out the band with Today is the Day, Fight Amp and Black Tusk on the road this month! Dates are provided below.

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Welcome Oblivion: Stream HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS’ Upcoming Record

How to Destroy Angels’ (Trent Reznor and company) first full length record, Welcome Oblivion, will be released on March 5th through Columbia Records. But fuck waiting that long! Pitchfork is offering an advance streaming of the new record as we speak. The album features 13 tracks, five of which were feature on their An Omen EP of last year. Take advantage of this occasion and stream this bad boy now! Also, check out the track listing below if you so desire.

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INTRONAUT Streaming New Track

Intronaut have released another new track from their highly anticipated new album, Habitual Levatations, via Pitchfork. The track in question is “The Welding”, which is also a song they have been playing live recently. The track begins with some metallic guitar scrapes and some slapped bass action that opens up into a swell of heavy grooves and extremely catchy hooks. The track, in true Intronaut fashion, eventually dissolves into an atmospheric, post-rock inspired section with ethereal vocals and all. “The Welding” is a very solid Intronaut song and increases my excitement for the new album.

Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) will be released on March 9th via Century Media.

-Lane Oliver

Shake God’s Cold Hands-NAILS Release New Track

I think it’s safe to say that all of us here at American Aftermath like to jam a little Nails every now and then. It’s also safe to say that all of us here are anxious to hear their second LP, Abandon All Life, which comes out on March 19th via Southern Lord. Well it looks like the Pitchfork crew are teasing us with the first song to be released from the upcoming record, “God’s Cold Hands”. This three minute song is just massive sounding and is full of that crushing, noisy D-beat haberdashery that we come to know and love about this kind of music. Check out the killer track now and peep the album’s track listing and their upcoming Spring tour dates with Xibalba and Early Graves below!

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KOWLOON WALLED CITY’s New Song Could Sink “Container Ships”

On December 4th, Kowloon Walled City will unleash their barbaric new album Container Ships via Brutal Panda. We’ve already heard “Cornerstone” and now Pitchfork are streaming the nearly eight minute, Godzilla sized title track. “Container Ships” could quite possibly sink the aforementioned ships. A reverberating mass of feedback gives way to a massive riff that is continually hammered out upon the listener and eventually opens the gate for a ridiculously heavy and melodic outro. In short, this song demolishes me. I cannot wait for this album to drop. Check out the song ASAP!

-Lane Oliver

Stream The New FLYING LOTUS Record

The highly anticipated new album from electronic artist Flying Lotus is available for streaming over at Pitchfork. As I had hoped for, this record is catchy, trippy and an all around fun record to listen to. But this is like most of Flying Lotus’ material. Until the Quiet Comes features eighteen sweet tracks that feature contributions from Eryka Badu, Thom Yorke, Thundercat and more. If you are interested in stellar electronic music that defies convention then stream it above and pre-order it here. The record will officially be released next week on October 1st.

Also, check out this little Pitchfork mini-documentary on Flying Lotus below:

-Lane Oliver

Shame in the Way: CONVERGE Release New Track

“Shame in the Way” is our second taste of new music from Converge and it tastes so good. It’s a chaotic bastard of a track that succeeds in destroying you in its short two minute duration. “Shame in the Way’s” catchy and deadly sounding main riff will make YOU feel shame for not having wrote something of this magnitude. The track will obviously featured on the band’s upcoming record, All We Love We Leave Behind, which will be released on October 9th via Deathwish. “Shame in the Way” can be streamed at this location along with “Aimless Arrow” and a nice interview with front man Jacob Bannon. You can pre-order the new record here and here.

-Lane Oliver

A New MY BLOODY VALENTINE Release In The Works?

In a recent short Pitchfork interview, Kevin Shields of the legendary My Bloody Valentine teased the possibility of releasing a new album. He’s hinted at the possibility of a new record for awhile now but according to this interview, this time it might be official. If you haven’t heard of My Bloody Valentine before, I suggest you give their album Loveless a listen. It is regarded by many as a landmark in the shoegaze genre. Who knows, maybe we will see new MBV this year. I hope so.

-Lane Oliver

LOCRIAN And MAMIFFER To Release Collaborative Album

On March 6th (2x LP out earlier on February 21st), Chicago experimental rock band Locrian and Mamiffer (pianist Faith Coloccia and husband Aaron Turner of Isis) will release a collaborative album. The album will be called Bless Them That Curse You and will be released through Profound Lore. Thankfully, Pitchfork is streaming the first track from the album! The song is called “In Fulminic Blaze” and is a slow building, atmospheric track with little acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment that builds up a lot of tension before finally exploding with mammoth like proportions near the end. It’s quite the aural experience. I have another album to look forward to! Check out the track!

-Lane Oliver

RUE’s New Song Will Punish You For Thousands Of Years

Pitchfork has a new song from the sludge gods, Rue available for streaming. “For Thousands of Years” is a crushing piece of sludge that also dabbles in psychedelic elements. This beast of a song is on their new album, Thorns which came out today! Be sure to check that out guys!

-Lane Oliver

Oh HULL No! It’s A New HULL Song!

Brooklyn  sludge metallers , Hull,  have a brand spanking new song up for streaming over at Pitchfork. “Beyond the Lightless Sky” is the title track from their upcoming album that will be released October 11th. Hull can offer you some of the best sludge metal around, and this track is no exception. It’s a heavy hitting,  sludgy masterpiece that will have you banging your wee little head. Check it out!

-Lane Oliver