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Earlier this week, label Cricket Cemetery revealed teaser tracks and plans for a two-pronged assault between two of my favorite entries in the former Cryptic Passages column, Pittsburgh grinders Purge. and the Full Of Hell-affiliated Ocean City slashers Jarhead Fertilizer. To say the least, the devastating initial results show both groups have stepped up their game hard. From their sludgier origins, Jarhead Fertilizer have undergone a huge stylistic change for the better, embracing more grindiness, speed and rhythmic variety, while the solid Purge. are continually increasing the aggression and impact of their Discordance Axis meets Disembodied grind assault. Listen and decide for yourself with both teaser tracks streamable below via Cricket Cemetery’s bandcamp and an additional two tracks also streamable below as background music via a video tour promo detailing an upcoming mini-tour between the two which will span January 10th through the 12th. Follow Cricket Cemetery on Facebook here for further announcements.   Continue reading

Yes Way: WEEKEND NACHOS Streaming New Album


The time is here: the long anticipated new album from Chicago-based powerviolence quartet Weekend Nachos is being streamed via SoundCloud thanks to good ol’ Relapse Records! Get some of this blisteringly heavy, beat-you-in-the-face hardcore for yourself after the jump!

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On this split LP, released by the legendary Deep Six Records, Boise fastcore band Hummingbird of Death join forces with Austrian thrashcore band Cold World. Interestingly enough this release marks the 25th anniversary for Cold World. Initially active from 88′-94′, Cold World reunited in 2008 and have returned to cranking out extreme jams for old fans and the uninitiated alike. While the long running Hummingbird of Death need no introduction to some but for those unfamiliar the roots of HOD lie in the spring of 2004 and after a demo, 2 EPs, 7 splits, and 2 LPs, Hummingbird of Death continue to lay waste to sore eardrums the world over with this split LP.

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Review: SEX PRISONER – “State Property”


Powerviolence has always been an anomalous and challenging realm for me. Its multitude of songs, all brandished with unique titles, themes, and riffs and A.D.D. like assault require an almost encyclopedic type of memory and a keen ear to attention. For years, though, I mocked its brevity, consistently placing bands under the powerviolence monikers into a category I denominated as “if you missed the first ten minutes, you missed the whole show” as if length somehow meant quality. All in all, it was novelty. Enter Sex Prisoner. The Tucson, AZ group’s punishing brand of heavy hardcore embellished powerviolence was definitely one of the first to give me the set of ears to be able to appreciate the genre. Their TLAL debut EP gave to powerviolence’s blasts of fury a much needed sludged out metallic hardcore low end undercurrent. Spasticness was given focus and a genre overlooked was given a second chance. After three years, Sex Prisoner’s long awaited effort comes in the form of State Property, a ten track behemoth of an effort that integrates the brooding yet monotonous sledgehammer assault of their excellent debut with the finer touches and technical details of their latter ACxDC/Magnum Force split, crafting the group’s most cohesive and well-written release to date. Continue reading

23 Reasons To Play Grindcore: BUCKET FULL OF TEETH Discography Up For Free Download

Experimental powerviolence band Bucket Full of Teeth have put their entire output; EPs I, II, III, and LP IV, up for free/name your price download on their bandcamp. So now instead of scouring the internet for crap quality rips of their utterly revolutionary take on the powerviolence genre you can conveniently download high quality versions of all 4 of their releases in one place and since the band if offering it them free you can do so guilt-free.
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Review: CHILDREN OF GOD – “We Set Fire To The Sky”

I’m going to be blunt with you. This review will be entirely biased. I was very familiar with Children of God before taking on the job of reviewing their new self released LP, We Set Fire To The Sky. They played my festival this past Labor Day weekend and to be honest, I found it very hard to divest myself of my own personal feelings when I chose the task of attempting to put down in words, my thoughts on their record. So instead of trying to fool myself and you, I’ll be blunt. I love this band more than any other hardcore band currently active the world over. Now on with the review.

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Review:BURIED AT BIRTH – “Pestilent Hallucinations”

San Jose band Buried at Birth have made a name for themselves by trafficking in the kind of female fronted grindcore that fans of both punk and metal can enjoy guilt-free. They don’t bullshit around. No clean singing, no self indulgent guitar licks, just grinding riffs, pummeling drums and some of the most ferocious vocals you’ll hear from either a guy or girl.

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Knee Deep: SEA OF SHIT Debut Two New Tracks



Chicago powerviolence group, Sea Of Shit, are currently streaming two new tracks from their upcoming debut self-titled 10″ LP, out soon on Diseased Audio Records. Taking the band’s gruff vocals, bass heavy, fuzzed out production and sharp powerviolence tact to new heights, the Sea Of Shit tidal wave is as pulverizing and vile as ever on these new slabs. Stream the two new tracks below and be sure to catch Sea Of Shit on their upcoming tour with grind brothers, Sick/Tired, where they will have a limited to 80 tape copy of the imminent record.