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To Fear The Sun God: DAWNBRINGER Release Album Artwork

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American metal unit Dawnbringer are preparing to release their fifth studio album on May 29th via Profound Lore Records and they have released the album artwork for this album, titled Into The Lair Of The Sun God. The artwork was done by Christina Casperson and it looks amazing. The original image I found for the artwork was rather small, but Christina posted it on Dawnbringer‘s Facebook page so I just did a little tweaking and now we have a large image! Check out the artwork above and stream Dawnbringer‘s last offering, Nucleus below.

Creatures Of The Night: HOODED MENACE Mourning Jam

Hello, faithful Aftermathletes. How are we all feeling today? By the time this post goes up I will be long gone. No, I won’t be dead, you crazy kids. I’ll be at work. You see, I have to work in order to pay to keep this website going, you know? If any of you would wish to donate to American Aftermath, you can contact me and discuss it. Of course, we will remain a free website regardless of you donating or not, but sometimes a little extra cash can help.

This isn’t the point of this post, however. No, this post is to start you fuckers off with something to listen to. Today I thought Hooded Menace seemed like an amazing idea for morning tunes. Am I right? You can bet your ass I am. Check out a stream of the Finnish doomster’s sophomore album Never Cross The Dead below. Get fucking fuzzy.

Praise The Redeemer: PALLBEARER Streaming New Track

Wow. I’ve been mentioning Arkansas bands more than normal lately, haven’t I? First there was that post about Jungle Juice and now I’m writing about Pallbearer. Hmm.. No issues here.

Pallbearer are preparing to release their Profound Lore Records debut Sorrow And Extinction on February 21st and thus far the band has unveiled a new song and more recently Brooklyn Vegan started streaming a re-recorded version of the song “Devoid Of Redemption” which was originally released on the band’s 2010 demo. This new track is absolutely crushing. 100% doom, no fillers, no bullshit. I am so stoked to get my hands on this album. Sorrow And Extinction is definitely one of my most anticipated album this year. Check out the new tracks below thanks to Brooklyn Vegan who also have a killer interview up with Pallbearer bassist Joe Rowland. Check it out. Enjoy.

All Natural Doom: PALLBEARER Offering Up Some Grief

Arkansas doom metal entity Pallbearer are currently streaming a track from their forthcoming album Sorrow And Extinction which will be released on February 21st via Profound Lore. I knew Pallbearer were planning to release a new album next year but I had no idea it would be out in February. I am super excited about this. Alongside Pilgrim’s forthcoming record, which will be out next year on Metal Blade Records, Pallbearer are right at the top of my list for most anticipated albums of 2012.

This track is absolutely amazing. Melodic and crushing at the same time. Vocalist Brett Campbell has an extraordinary voice that totally compliments the bands sound. All of you should stop what you’re doing and go listen to “An Offering If Grief” right here. Thanks to Pitchfork for the stream. Dooooooom!

The Largest Silence Known: LUDICRA Morning Ritual On #BlackMetalSunday

Good mourning. No time for an intro or description, although I don’t think this band calls for one. It’s Ludicra, you already know and loved them. If not, continue about your day. If you do know and love this band, then enjoy this morning ritual.

~R. Gnarly//#BlackMetalSunday


31 Days Of Halloween: Day Six

Well, it’s my turn again and today I have chosen a song that truly creeps me out every time I hear it. Actually, it’s not just this song, but his entire album. The song I have chosen is “Shallow Pulse” and it is a very dark and unnerving track off of the shockingly evil Despond. The song structure is very slow and misanthropic while the vocals are extremely slow and hollow. Basically, if you want a song that could quite possibly put an abrupt halt to the wellness factor of any setting you happen to be in, Loss is the band for you and this song just might do the trick. Enjoy or cower in fear.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

WOLVHAMMER Are Seeing Ghosts In The Water!

As you all should know by now, I love Wolvhammer. They fucking rip and I’ve been loving the tracks I’ve heard off of their new album The Obsidian Plains here and here) and now the good folks over at Cvlt Nation are streaming another one. This track is slow and gloomy and it sounds oh, so good. Don’t fret! Wolvhammer haven’t gone doom on us! This track also contains heaping helpings of their blackened crust sound. This album will be amazing, I can see the future and tell you this. I really wish Profound Lore would return my e-mails! I need a promo of this album! Hook me up. Anyway, head on over to Cvlt Nation and stream “Ghosts In The Water.” The Obsidian Plains will drop on October 25th. Get pumped!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Morning Jams: PALLBEARER

In honor of Arkansas’ own doom four-piece Pallbearer’s signing to Profound Lore Records, this morning’s playlist is Pallbearer and nothing but. They are an amazing traditional doom band from the town of my birth, Little Rock and I have loved them since I first heard their 2010 demo (which can be downloaded (which can be downloaded here for free). If you haven’t already checked these guys out, do so. The band had this to say about their signing:

“We are proud to announce that we have allied ourselves with Profound Lore Records for the release of our debut full length Sorrow and Extinction.

“In addition, the vinyl release of the album will be handled by our comrades at Contagion Releasing. Doom descends in February 2012!”

“Like” Pallbearer on Facebook and congratulations, guys!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.



Welcome to an all new edition of Black Metal Sunday. As always, my posts today will be dedicated to my favorite genre of music, black metal and all of my posts will go towards that. We will start today off with the Black Metal Sunday playlist (as always) before moving on to the news and other shit. This morning, I was in the mood to listen to Krallice, so that is what we will be hearing. Also, don’t forget to download Krallice’s latest EP Orphan of Sickness here if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly Doom Occvlta//#BlackMetalSunday


WOLVHAMMER Are Walking Through The Obsidian Plains

Holy hell. Wolvhammer are back with a vengeance! This blackened, crust-filed monstrosity has been blowing my mind for the last few years and I have found nothing but flawless integrity in this band. I love the black metal atmosphere coupled with the pure, pissed off crust punk vibe. This song is absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to hear this new album.

The new album, The Obsidian Plains is the follow-up to the extremely extreme Black Marketeers Of WWIII which came out last year. The album is set to be released on October 25th via Profound Lore Records. You can see the album art at the top of this post and the track listing after the jump. And, if that’s not enough to get you moist, the new track, called “Writhe,” is streaming right here. Here is what Profound Lore had to say about The Obsidian Plains:

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
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Exclusive Interview: Stavros of THE ATLAS MOTH

It was just today that I was talking about The Atlas Moth’s new album.Vocalist/guitarist Stavros e-mailed me about my post and I ended up getting to have a nice little Q&A with him about the new album and the band’s plans for the remainder of the year. Read on to learn some things about Stavros that you might not have known before, a bit about the new album, future touring plans and his thoughts on Odd Future. Remember, An Ache For The Distance comes out September 20th via Profound Lore. ~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Photo by Markus Shaffer

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Prepare The Ground For YOB’s Upcoming Album

Eugene, Oregon’s very own stoner-riff-laden doom three-piece, YOB are preparing to release their fifth album entitled Atma via Profound Lore. The album is due to be released August 16th but don’t you worry, the good fellows over at Stereogum are currently streaming the track “Prepare The Ground” on their “Haunting The Chapel” column. Considering I have never really been into the band, this track alone is making me want to take a serious look into their back catalog.

Atma has been stated as being a five track, 55 minute and “It’s a crustier, sludgier, dirtier, more in-your-face and sorta “heavy rock” collection that manages to feel both down-to-earth intimate and outer-realms airy by the time you reach the end of closer “Adrift In The Ocean.”” Well, that sounds good to me! I’m stoked to hear this monstrous album, no doubt. While typing this, I am currently jamming “Prepare The Ground” and with every minute that passes (and there are 9 of them in this track alone!) I fall more in love with this band. This is some seriously killer jams that I should have been all over a long time ago. So, go on. Mosey on over to Stererogum’s Haunting The Chapeland take in the pure awesomeness that is YOB.

~R. Gnarly//Dig it or Die.