PALLBEARER Streaming New Track “The Ghost I Used To Be”

15036_4PAN_TUBEMy homestate doom-crushers Pallbearer are amazing, always have been amazing and will remain amazing for all time. We all know this, right? Of course we do. Well the band will be releasing their new album Foundations of Burden in August and the band has released the amazing “The Ghost I Used To Be” over on National Public Radio. The track is brilliant, as we knew it would be. Check it out and then come back here and let us know what you think in the comments. Foundations Of Burden will be released on August 19th via Profound Lore Records.

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WOLVHAMMER Streaming New Track “Death Division”

WLVHMMR1This has been a good few days for music by bands that I love. The latest in this comes from the blackened crust entity Wolvhammer.  These guys are holding one of the most coveted spots on my most anticipated albums list this year and based off the one song I’ve heard now, the bands new album definitely will not disappoint. The debut track from Clawing Into Black Sun is “Death Division” and it is an all-expansive beast of a track that harnesses every sound that Wolvhammer have ever experimented with. So, yeah. Basically, it rules. Check it out below courtesy of Decibel.       Continue reading

WOLVHAMMER Release New Album Teaser

Wolvhammer PortraitsI don’t know if any of you are as excited about the prospect of new Wolvhammer as I am, but if you’re not, you totally should be. This band is destruction incarnate. Pure blackened crust filth from a band that does absolutely no wrong. After the jump you can check out a teaser for the bands new album Clawing Into Black Sun as well as the bands last album. Check it.      Continue reading

COFFINWORM Complete New Album And Share New Track

coffinwormMonstrous doom band Coffinworm have finished their new album “IV.I.VIII” and is slated for a March 19th release date through Profound Lore Records. Want to hear the new track? Enjoy the new song “Lust vs. Vengeance”  after the break. Track list is shown below. I know I am picking up this album!

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Odori Sepulcrorum: GRAVE MIASMA Streaming New Album In Full!

Boy, do I love the filthy British death dealers Grave Miasma. These guys have one of the largest cult followings of any newer OSDM bands around and for good reason. With just two EPs under their belt to date, Grave Miasma have spewed forth disgust and raw impurity over and over and now the band is prepping the release of their debut full-length album Odori Sepulcrorum.

And for all of you dying to hear the beast within, Odori Sepulcrorum has been made available to stream over on Pitchfork, but the link will go dead tomorrow. If you want to stream this monster, you can do so via the YouTube widget below. Trust me, you want to dirty your hands with this one.     Continue reading

Seething Ovation: GRAVE MIASMA Streaming New Track

Filth-ridden British death metal act Grave Miasma, who are planning to release their new album next month, have just unleashed a monster of a new track. This blistering hunk of death metal is phenomenally crafted and loaded down with distortion, pain and misery. I mean, of course it is. It’s fucking Grave Miasma! Check out the new track “Ovation To A Thousand Lost Reveries” below. You’ll love it.     Continue reading

Bummer Alert: ALTAR OF PLAGUES Calls It A Day

First we lost A Life Once Lost and now we’ve lost Altar Of Plagues, both called it quits after releasing incredible albums, the latter of which is in the running for one of my favorite albums of the year. Teethed Glory And Injury is a stunning black metal release by a band who knows what the hell they are were doing. James Kelly, the bands vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, has released a statement, in which he tells the world that Altar of Plagues is no more.       Continue reading

Glory And Decay: ALTAR OF PLAGUES Streaming New Album

Altar Of Plagues are one of the most fascinating bands I have ever gotten into. These Irish black metallers have blown me away ever since I heard their debut album and each of their subsequent releases since. The band is prepping the release of their new album Teethed Glory And Injury and in anticipation of it’s release, the band is currently streaming this beautiful release! Click through to find out where!     Continue reading

God Alone: ALTAR OF PLAGUES Releases New Music Video + Album Details

This is another case of “I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on-in-this-video” for me. What am I talking about? Why, the new music video from Ireland’s blackened visionaries Altar of Plagues. This video is fucking odd, but the song is beyond spectacular. Check out the video after the jump.     Continue reading

So Cold, So Cvlt: New Albums From BELL WITCH And DOOMSDAY Now Streaming

I can’t count how many times I have praised the good people of CVLT Nation for constantly posting amazing, dark music. At least a few times a week I find something new and astonishing on that site and I fucking love it. Recently the site premiered full album streams by Seattle’s Bell Witch and Chicago’s Doomsday. Both, fucking incredible releases from two very, very different bands. If your in the mood to start your day with some crusty death metal and/or crushing doom, this is your lucky day. Continue reading

PALLBEARER And ENSLAVED Announce North American Tour

Metal legends Enslaved and doom stalwarts Pallbearer have announce that they will be hitting the road together in late January and February for a 20-date tour of North America. This tour should not only be highly anticipated, but fucking destructive. Both bands excel in their own genre and the difference in style should make for a fantastic show. It has been announced that Ancient VVisdom will be tagging along as support for the entire tour. You can see the dates after the jump. Continue reading

Years Past Matter: KRALLICE Offer Update On New Album To Be Released Next Month

Krallice has just released the above information via their Facebook page. In case the image doesn’t show up, here the text of the message:

We have finished our fourth album, “Years Past Matter” and will self-release CD and digital formats in late August. Vinyl on Gilead Media shortly thereafter.

Well, this is some exciting news for fans of Krallice and their brand of black metal in general. The band released not only their third full-length album last year but also an EP of Orphan cover songs and an exclusive Rorschach cover for Decibel Magazine’s Flexidisc series. So, the band has kept themselves busy recording-wise. We all knew it was only a matter of time before they spat out their next LP, which will apparently be out next month. I am very excite for the released of Years Past Matter as I am a long-standing Krallice fan. This album is sure not to disappoint. Stream the band’s last LP Diotima below to get you excited. Enjoy and you’re welcome for the news.