FULL OF HELL/MERZBOW Streaming Collaborative Effort

full-of-hell-merzbow-600x580Full Of Hell and Merzbow announced a collaborative album a while back and if you, like me, have been dying to hear this monster, the time is now. The bands are currently streaming the album in full over on Pitchfork and if you do nothing else today, let it be this album. Trust me, this is something that you need to hear. Enjoy it here.

Enfolded In A Curtain Of Hell: PORTAL Release New Track

Portal have released a new track from their upcoming album Vexovoid, which is due out on February 19th via Profound Lore. “Curtain” is the name of this six minute hell raiser and it is what you would come to expect from the Australian band, which is not a bad thing. It’s a cavernous, cacophonous swirl of noisy death metal that sounds as if it has crawled out of the lowest level of Hades. There are a lot of very straightforward, dissonant tremolo picked chords that are layered in such a way that it bears a very disturbing vibe. But enough of me jabbering, go check out the track at Pitchfork now!

-Lane Oliver

BELL WITCH Detail New Album; Announce Upcoming Tour

Crushing two-piece doom metallers Bell Witch have recently completed work on their upcoming album, Longing, set to be released November 13th via the forever excellent Dark Descent Records. Building upon the structure of their crushing 2011 demo debut, Bell Witch continue their strictly drum and bass doom metal aural assault on Longing, an experience which has been self-described by Profound Lore as “a slow, time-stretching trodden journey through sounds of darkness, pain, and suffering and serves as one of the saddest, morose, and most despondent, stripped down, doom metal releases of the year.” Additionally, Bell Witch will be supporting the release of Longing with a October headlining tour consisting of support from fellow labelmates LossPallbearer, and Coffinworm(wherein which you can snag a copy of Longing before its official release). Sound brutal? Check out the dates for the tour ,stream an edited and trimmed version of the first cut off of the album, “Bails (Of Flesh)”,all after the jump and decide for yourself. Continue reading

Review: LOCRIAN & MAMIFFER-“Bless Them That Curse You”

By Lane Oliver

Few albums can truly grasp feelings of dread and encompassing darkness without resulting to unintentionally comic musical clichés. These days you can’t frighten someone with blood and copious amounts of evisceration, and Locrian and Mamiffer know this. Chicago based black metal inspired drone project Locrian and the chilling drone duo of Aaron Turner and wife   Faith Colloccia in Mamiffer have come together  to create one of the most unsettling and melancholic albums I have ever heard.

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Blackened Filth In Numbers: BOSSE-DE-NAGE Streaming New Track

Holy fuck balls shit pussy fuck fuck fuck. I haven’t been this excited about a single track in quite a while. Yes, that’s right! Bosse-De-Nage have released a new track off of their forthcoming Profound Lore release III which will be released on June 26th. This track is pure blackened misery wrapped in filth and desperation and it is fucking phenomenal. Don’t wait, stream “The Arborist” below and get fucked. Enjoy.

The End Of Sorrow: Stop What You’re Doing! Listen To The New PALLBEARER!

No, I’m not gonna make a big post about this. I’ve ranted and raved about my Arkansas natives Pallbearer over and over again. I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear the band’s Profound Lore debut and now you and I can do so! That’s right, NPR is currently streaming Pallbearer’s latest effort Sorrow And Extinction. For the love of fucking doom. Go listen now. You must. YOU MUST! Go here!! Sorrow And Extinction is due out next Tuesday!

Withering Away: WORM OUROBOROS Streaming New Track

Oh for the love of god or whatever. The almighty Worm Ouroboros is at it again! After their mesmerizing and beautiful debut in 2009, the band is prepping to release a new album via Profound Lore under the title of Come The Thaw and they are currently streaming a new track over on Pitchfork. This track is nothing short of extraordinary, taking every element from the band’s debut and pushing it way up. Oh, for fucks sake, stop reading this and go listen to “Withered” right now! Now! Come The Thaw will be released on March 20th. Come on, Profound Lore! Hook a brother up with a promo!

Album Of The Week: THE ATLAS MOTH’s “An Ache For The Distance”

There is no doubt that The Atlas Moth seriously outdid themselves with their latest album An Ache For The Distance. It’s a monumental, thundering album that is pretty much untouchable. These dudes are killer and I see An Ache For The Distance as a very high point in their career. You can read my review here. Good work, dudes!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Black Curse Unfold: New VASAELETH In 2012!

Yes! According to the above Tweet made yesterday by Profound Lore, Vasaeleth, the crushing death metal monstrosity will be releasing a new album next year. I seriously cannot express how amazing this is to me. I fucking love Vasaeleth (and I’ve never misspelled their name!) and I have been patiently waiting for their follow-up to 2010’s Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin. That album was unbelievable and since then the band has only put out two split albums (one with Vorum and one with Cruciamentum) both of which only had a song a piece. I need more Vasaeleth! Major props to Profound Lore for always keeping my attention and releasing amazing albums. Get stoked!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Happy Halloween From Gnarly: LEVIATHAN’s “Blood Red And True”

Hello, folks. As you know, we were posting videos every day in celebration of Halloween, but for some reason shit got mixed up and we stopped. Well, today I figured we’d just post whatever we had on out minds that might happen to be scary or what not. I, personally have been listening to the new Leviathan album True Traitor True Whore nonstop. A song in particular that comes off as rather creepy and unsettling is the track “Blood Red And True.” I love this song. It’s not quite my favorite song on the album, but it is quite unnerving. Check out the track below and enjoy your fucking Halloween. True Traitor True Whore will be available on November 8th via Profound Lore. Hail.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Blood Red And True: LEVIATHAN Shows His True Colors

Do you people have any idea how much I am anticipating Leviathan’s True Traitor, True Whore? I mean, seriously. I want this album so bad my sack gets moist just thinking about it. Leviathan, of course, is the controversial one-man black metal project from San Fran., California. What’s that? When you think of black metal you don’t immediately think of California? Well, California is a breeding ground for black metal, including the awe-inspiring Leviathan. I have loved every piece of music Wrest has composed and what I’ve heard from True Traitor, True Whore, this album will be no different. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.

The first track off of True Traitor… was “Her Circle Is The Noose” and now we have the massive, evil “Blood Red And True.” I mean, I cannot stop listening to this song. It’s so dark and haunting. I love it. Again, Profound Lore, hook me up! We would work so well together! Seriously! True Traitor, True Whore will be released on November 8th. Check out “Blood Red And True” here.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It Or Die.