RINGS OF SATURN New Album “Dingir” Streaming In Full


In an amazing turn of events, the gargantuan prog deathcore and self-denominated “aliencore” group, Rings of Saturn, have decided to begin streaming their long awaited sophomore effort, Dingir, now! The expected November 20th album has begun stream as a result of a culmination of reasons summarized here: a) legal issues have actually barred the group from releasing the album till February 5th, b)a poor quality leak of the album has been passed widely around the internet and the group do not want an inaccurate opinion to be based off of that release and c)hell, it’s about damn time. Exploding onto the scene with their mind numbing and organ eviscerating debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, Rings Of Saturn hit hard with their wide array of hooks, sweeps, and straight extraterrestrial atmosphere and now they are fucking back. For those of you familiar with the Alien film series, consider Dingir to be the “Aliens” to the group’s catalog, the sonic equivalent of that awesome 1986 gore soaked, pun filled, and ass kicking sequel. Stream the album in full high quality below and feel free to pass the word around. Expect pre-orders late Winter from Unique Leader Records.  Continue reading

Check in with THE FACELESS: Studio Update #2

As a fan from the start, I am fucking stoked to hear some news from some of my favorite progressive death metallers The Faceless. The band have just released a new studio update for their long delayed and upcoming album, Autotheism, due out sometime later this Fall. Check out some vocal tracking from vocalist Geoffrey Ficco and some words on what to expect on the upcoming album from The Faceless’s headhoncho Michael Keene.  Be sure to catch them on the upcoming Summer Slaughter tour.