Best Of 2013: Lane’s Favorite Releases Of 2013


Hello there! Like my partners in crime, I am here to share my favorite music releases of 2013. I have listened to an ungodly amount of music this year and out of what I had a chance to listen to, these thirty albums/EPs/etc stuck with me well after my first listen. It’s not just heavy music either! I know you don’t care about my opinion, nobody should, but you may find something worth listening to in the following list. Here goes nothing!

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Announce 2014 Tour Dates

Queens of the Stone Age have announced their first round of 2014 touring plans that will take place early next Winter. Support for the tour will come from none other than Chelsea Wolfe; an odd pairing if I say so myself, but enjoyable I imagine. You can check out the tour dates, including current ones,  after the break.

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Release Interactive “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory” Music Video

Queens of the Stone Age’s interactive music video for “The Vampyre of Time and Memory” has arrived online and can be viewed here. A non-interactive version has been uploaded to the Web as well and can be viewed after the break along with their forthcoming 2014 tour dates. Check it out.

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I don’t know much about Arctic Monkeys to be honest, but I do know and love Queens Of The Stone Age, so of course I found it necessary to post about the latter covering the former during an acoustic session on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Queens covered the song “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” and also performed the second single from their new album Like Clockwork, “I Sat By The Ocean.” You can check out both videos after the jump. Pretty rad.     Continue reading

Lane’s Favorite Releases of 2013…So Far


Six months in to this glorious year and I have been bombarded with so much good music that I can hardly handle it and there’s still six months left! My little heart may not be able to make to 2014. So out of all the new releases I have listened to this year, these are the handful that I keep going back to over and over because of their brilliance. Check these albums out before the year is up!

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Announce Fall North American Tour

Queens of the Stone Age have announced a new batch of tour dates in North America for the Fall in support of their new record …Like Clockwork. If you live near one of the following cities, I suggest you get your tickets and GO! Check out the full schedule after the jump.

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Review: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-“…Like Clockwork”

By Lane Oliver

In the years in between the recording sessions of a Queens of the Stone Age record, it always seems like the band spends that time crafting a new incarnation of themselves. Every subsequent album since their self-titled debut has shown the Queens manifesting themselves in a slightly different way each time while still maintaining their signature fuzzy, stoner/alternative rock sound. Their 2007 album Era Vulgaris marked the band’s biggest departure from their humble, desert rock beginnings in favor of a vile, distorted, uneasy and psychedelic sound that was completely brash compared to their previous efforts. It’s been six years since that beast of an album and every Queens fan in the universe has been writhing in anticipation of what the band will do next. …Like Clockwork is the result of a six year silence and marks their biggest departure, even by Era Vulgaris standards, from their core sound. …Like Clockwork can also be labeled as Queens of the Stone Age’s most ambitious and varied release to date, and probably one of the better rock releases this year.

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Compile Recent Videos Into Animated Short Film

All of those weirdly awesome videos were leading up to this. Queens of the Stone Age have aggregated all of animated videos, courtesy of Boneface, into one fifteen minute clip featuring snippets of their music and cartoonish macabre images. Queens of the Stone Age’s new album, …Like Clockwork, is scheduled to be released next month on June 4th. You can view the film directly below.

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Offer More Animated Weirdness

Queens of the Stone Age are offering more odd animated videos set to portions of new tracks in promotion of their upcoming album …Like Clockwork (June 4th). These new videos are for pieces of the tracks “Kalopsia”  and “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”. These tracks follow the events of the first video for “I Appear Missing” which I have posted below as well. These videos are creepy, macabre, and completely surreal. I love them! Check out each video in order below.

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Queens of the Stone Age have released the follow up single to “My God is the Sun” (which can be streamed below as well) with an accompanying animated music video entitled “I Appear Missing”. The track is more on the mellower side and is dripping with QOTSA style psychedelic flare. The accompanying video shows a floating bandage man who floats across the desert and ascends towards the sun only to fall to his splattering death. It’s quite odd. You can check out both …Like Clockwork singles below.

…Like Clockwork will be released on June 4th.

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My God Is The Sun: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Perform New Song Live

While performing at Lollapalooza in Brazil, stoner rockers Queens Of The Stone Age were caught playing a new track called “My God Is The Sun.” The song is pretty cool, but I know a lot of Queens fans, like me, ache for the return to Songs For The Deaf days. This ain’t that, but it also ain’t bad at all.       Continue reading


Queens of the Stone Age have officially revealed they are working on a new album on their Facebook. Here’s what they had to say: “…Yep. the Queens are deep into makin the new album. Locked away in the desert. & shit yeah. it. sounds. fuckin. killer. “ I am pretty excited. Their last album, Era Vulgaris, was astounding and I hope this next effort will top it.

-Lane Oliver