THE SWORD Release Lyric Video For “ARCANE MONTANE”


Stupid, low-quality videos…

I still don’t get bands releasing lyric video not months, but years after the release. With this one I somewhat understand because The Sword recently released a group 7″ releases, one featuring the track “Hidden Masters” with a remix of the song on the b-side and the second featuring the track “Arcane Montane” with a remix of the track on the b-side. So, The Sword decided to release a lyric video for “Arcane Montane.” This isn’t the first time this band has waited a long time to release a lyric video however. Anyway, check out the video after the jump. Rad song regardless.     Continue reading

THE SWORD Release New Lyric Video

TheSwordI keep saying it, but I still don’t get it. Why do bands wait so damn long to put out lyric videos? I mean, put them out leading up to the albums release and maybe one or two in the weeks to follow. Don’t wait six months or, in this case, a year-and-a-half. Yeah, The Sword released their latest album Apocryphon in October of 2012 and they have just released a lyric video for the song “The Hidden Masters.”

Jesus, that’s a long fucking time to wait for a lyric video. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

Drumhead Trials & Tribulations: PROTEST THE HERO Stream New Track

VolitionI honestly haven’t been paying a lot of attention to Protest The Hero‘s new music, but after listening to the bands latest song “Drumhead Trial,” I’m in. This track is extremely catchy and… Well, it’s just really good. So yeah, this track has seriously got me excited to hear the rest of Protest The Hero‘s new album Volition.

Speaking of the album, you can check out the official artwork at the top of this post. Interesting eh? Also, as this track wasn’t intended to be released at this time, the band has explained why they decided to put it out:     Continue reading

Honor Never Dies: Stream HATEBREED’s New Album Now

I told you back in November that Hatebreed had put out a new track that I didn’t hate. I’ve listened to that track quite a few times and it have come to like it a lot. I have been wondering how the rest of Hatebreed‘s new album The Divinity Of Purpose was going to sound, hoping to myself that “Put It To The Torch” wasn’t going to be the only good track. Well, it’s not the only good track, take my word for it.     Continue reading