GRUESOME Streaming New Track “Hideous”

gruesome savage landI recently posted about the new super group Gruesome, which is an amazing act. The band is truly harnessing old school, ’90s death metal and they do it so fucking well. The band has just released their first single off of the forthcoming Savage Land, which you can hear below. The track is titled “Hideous” and It’s fucking sick. Check it out .      Continue reading

MINSK Streaming New Track “To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure”

minsk-the-crash-and-the-drawExperimental metal outfit Minsk will be unleashing their new album The Crash & The Draw in April and the band has just unleashed its first track off of the highly anticipated record. The track is titled “To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure,” and if you want to have your mind absolutely blown, this is the track to do it with. Check out some mad Minsk action after the jump.      Continue reading


gruesomeGruesome, a new supergroup featuring Matt Harvey of Exhumed and Gus Rios (formerly of Malevolent Creation) will be unleashing their monstrous debut via Relapse Records in April and they have given us all a little teaser to mull over. After hearing these two minutes, I am beyond stoked to check out what this band has to offer. This is straight up OSDM and it’s damn fine. Check out the teaser below.      Continue reading

MAGRUDERGRIND Sign With Relapse Records; Label Debut To Arrive Later This Year

Two titans of grind joined forces the other day with the most trusted name in grind , Relapse Records, signing hardcore/grind/powerviolence marauders Magrudergrind. With their impending label debut set for release later this year.
Follow after the break for the details.

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PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New EP “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”

primitive-man-home-is-where-the-hatred-isWe fucking love the sludge menace that is Primitive Man. The band is a beast of epic proportions and if you’re late to the party, you can now hear the bands new EP Home Is Where The Hatred Is, which saw it’s release today. MetalSucks premiered the EP for all to hear and you seriously have to hear it. It’s fucking phenomenal. And I don’t even get paid to say that. Enjoy.      Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Album “Restarter” In Full

Torche_Restarter-600x600Well, thank god. I was growing tired of posting about Torche singles. The band has finally made Restarter available to stream online. Trust me, fuckers, you want to hear this. This is definitely one of the raddest albums you will be hearing all year, so keep a close watch on it. Torche never do anything nice and easy and this album is a crusher of souls. Check out a full stream below.      Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Barrier Hammer”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Torche are on a roll this week. The band has unloaded numerous tracks and today have graced us with “Barrier Hammer.” The band is killing it and I cannot wait for all of you to hear the bands new album Restarter. This is one of the greatest albums of the year by far and you all better take notice. Check out “Barrier Hammer” below and see for yourself.     Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Restarter”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Dudes, this new Torche album is easily one of the raddest albums of 2015. Wait, you don’t believe me? Well, you will after you listen to the title track off of the bands new record Restarter. This track is heavy, rumbling metal of that filthytorchestonery variety. Trust me, you will definitely be seeing this album on numerous year end lists when the time comes. Now, get crushed by “Restarter” below.      Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Track “Forget You”

royal thunder - crooked doorsLast week Royal Thunder released a teaser for their new album Crooked Doors, which got me very excited. Well, the band has just released the first official single from the new album and it’s pretty amazing. The track is titled “Forget You” and it is seriously soooooo good. I love Royal Thunder and this track shows you why. Click on over after the jump and get a dose.      Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Release Teaser For New Album “Crooked Doors”

royal thunder - crooked doorsI’ve been digging female-fronted heavy rockers Royal Thunder for a good while now and I was very excited earlier when I learned that the band would be releasing a new album. The bands new record is titled Crooked Doors and it currently has an April release date. The band has issued a teaser for the album, which you can hear below. It’s sounds pretty damn rad to me. Check it:      Continue reading

CALL OF THE VOID Streaming New Album “Ageless”

call of the void - agelessWait, another KILLER album streaming today? First Retox‘s Beneath California and now Call Of The Void‘s Ageless! I fell head over heels for Call Of The Void back in 2013 when they released Dragged Down A Dead End Path and now Ageless is kicking me in the teeth. Trust me, if you’re digging crusty hardcore, today is your day. Stream away below, thanks to dB Magazine.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New Track “Bag Man”

primitive-man-home-is-where-the-hatred-isWe love Primitive Man around here and the bands imminent new EP Home Is Where The Hatred Is is coming soon, so it’s not surprising that the band would unload (at least) one more new track in the two weeks leading up to the albums release. “Bag Man” is the track that CVLT Nation premiered today and it’s a phenomenal slab of unholy thunder. The band has truly outdone themselves on Home Is Where The Hatred Is, as has been proved with both of the bands new tracks. Stream “Bag Man” below for fucks sake.     Continue reading

LORD DYING Streaming New Album “Poisoned Altars”

lord dying - poisoned altarsI have been praising Lord Dying and their new album Poisoned Altars for a while now and I have gotta say that it is one of the best albums that will be released this year. If you have been aching to listen to this slow-churned, brutalizing beatdown, then the time is now. Lord Dying is currently streaming Poisoned Altars right now and you can listen to it. You better fucking listen. It’s so fucking good. Enjoy.      Continue reading

LORD DYING Streaming New Track “Offering Pain (And An Open Minded Center)”

lord dying - poisoned altarsI have been loving this new Lord Dying album and if you think you’ve heard the best of it, you ain’t heard nothing yet. The band is most definitely saving the best for last, but if you want to hear some more of the crushing trios new record, get a dose of “Offering Pain (And An Open Minded Center)” after the jump. Trust me. This will destroy you.     Continue reading

RWAKE To Release 1998 Demo “Xenoglossalgia”; Streaming Remastered Tracks

rwakeThere are some killer bands here in Arkansas. Pallbearer, Living Sacrifice and Rwake all come to mind right off the bat and the latter is planning a re-release of their debut 1998 demo Xenoglossalgia in February and trust me, if you’re not holding onto that dem0 at this exact moment, or if you’ve never heard it, you’re about to lose your shit.

Xenoglossalgia is a legendary artifact in the Arkansas metal community. Think of the sludge version of the Ark Of The Covenant. Holy fuck, is this heavy. Check out a few tracks from the re-release after the jump. The remaster is so fucking crisp. Enjoy.      Continue reading