WINDHAND Streaming Radio Edit Of New Track “Two Urns”

I’m going to get the “Between Two Urns” joke out of the way right at the top. Okay. We’re good. The doom-sters Windhand will be releasing their new album Grief’s Infernal Flower this Fall and the band has released a radio edit of their new track “Two Urns.” Seeing as this radio edit is over six minutes, I’m gonna assume that the actual track will be almost twice this length. The track itself is spectacular and it’s the Windhand I want in my life right now. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS Streaming New Track “On The Road”

christian mistress tydLoud rockers Christian Mistress will release their new record To Your Death in September. If that isn’t news enough, the band has premiered the first track off of the record. The track is titled “On The Road” and it is an up-beat, powerful, rocking song. I have always been hit or miss with Christian Mistress, but this song is too damn good. Check it out below and see if you’re into it.      Continue reading

MYRKUR Releases “Onde Børn” Music Video

UntitledOne-woman black metal act Myrkur will soon release its debut LP M for all to hear. It has been a hard wait on me because I love Myrkur and I look forward to hearing the album in full. I also like the visualizations that come with her music. Most recently a music video of the song “Onde Børn,” which comes off of M, surfaced and it is beautiful. You can check out the video for yourself below.     Continue reading

LOCRIAN Streaming New Track “Heavy Water”

So, you remember when I was really stoked about that last Locrian track I heard? Well, guess what, I am suuuuper excited about latest track that emerged today. The track is titled “Heavy Water” and it is weird, spacy, loud and powerful. Locrian were a late find for me, but I am totally looking forward to the bands new record Infinite Dissolution. Check out “Heavy Water” below, thanks to Noisey. It’s sick.      Continue reading

OBITUARY Release Animated Music Video For “Violence”

obituaryI enjoy a band that can take the piss out of themselves. When a band can have fun and seem legitimate in the process, that’s something I really dig, so when I see that Obituary, the death metal legends, have released an animated music video it makes me smile. Then I watched the video. It’s brilliant. The video shows the band dealing with zombies, dragons, cops and much more. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

GRUESOME Release Lyric Video For “Gruesome”

gruesome savage landOh, the savagery. Gruesome are one of the sickest bands to emerge this year and their Death-worship knows no end. The band has already released their fantastic debut album Savage Land and it is one of my favorite albums of the year already. Well, Gruesome want to remain in the light, so they have released a rad lyric video for their self-titled track “Gruesome.” Check out the video after the jump. So damn good.      Continue reading

MYRKUR Streaming New Track “Hævnen,”

Myrkur made her way into our hearts last year with her debut EP and now the one-woman black metal act will release it’s debut full length this fall. The album will be titled M and it will feature contributions by members of Mayhem, Dodheimsgard, Ulver and Arch Enemy, which is all very exciting. To make your day even better, Myrkur has released a new track titled “Hævnen,” which you can hear below. It’s great. Enjoy it.      Continue reading