MARUTA Streaming New track “Slaying Jehova”

maruta - remainFour days, four tracks. Maruta continue on their killing spree (so to speak) and unload another new track today. This track, also off of their upcoming record Remain Dystopian, is titled “Slaying Jehova” and I don’t think I need to explain the ins and outs of the songs subject matter. Maruta are killing it (so to speak) and that’s all you need to know. Check out “Slaying Jehova” below.     Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Track “Erode,” JR Hayes (PIG DESTROYER) Guests

maruta - remainAs promised, Maruta have unveiled another new track on this fine hump day. The track premiered today is titled “Erode” and it is a blistering badass of a track. While listening to this track, I found myself lost in the grinding madness. The only thing that could make this track better is if JR Hayes from Pig Destroyer guested on it. Wait. What? Maruta + Pig Destroyer? Holy shit! CRUSH!      Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Track “Protocol For Self Immolation”

maruta - remainIn their run of five tracks in five days which started right here with us yesterday, Maruta have released their second track of the week. This track, a little ditty titled “Protocol For Self Immolation” is a grinding slab of awesome off of the bands upcoming record Remain Dystopian and… Yeah. It rules. Maruta will be premiering another new track tomorrow, but for now, get a dose of the “Protocol For Self Immolation.”      Continue reading

SKINLESS Streaming New Track “Barbaric Proclivity”

skinlessonlyDeath metal titans Skinless are making their highly anticipated return to the fold this year and their new album Only The Ruthless Remain is shaping up to be beyond killer. These slashers don’t play around when it comes to their vicious brand o’ death metal and if you go into this with a weak stomach, you will regret it. Skinless never do anything nice and that is very evident in their latest offering, “Barbaric Proclivity.” Check out the beast of battery below.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Release NSFW Music Video For “Loathe”

loath videoWe know that Primitive Man are pretty fucked up, right? The band is gruesome and brutal and crushingly good. The band has released a new music video and it is extremely fucked up. The NSFW video is for the bands track “Loathe” and, for the love of humanity, don’t watch it around your mom or religious representative. Like, seriously. The hell is wrong with you, Ethan? Check out some Primitive Man visuals below.      Continue reading

MARUTA Release “Hope Smasher” Music Video

maruta - remainRemember that killer Maruta song “Hope Smasher”? The first song that the band released off of their upcoming album Remain Dystopian? Well, it was killer and now the band has released a music video for said track. I love this video. It’s simple and effective, not to mention it’s fucking Maruta. Check out “Hope Smasher” below.      Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Track “Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth”

maruta - remainThe endless cycle of grind coming from Maruta chugs on and on. The band has unloaded a new track titled “Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth” and it features At The Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg. Now, I love Tompa and I love Maruta so this is fucking phenomenal. Maruta have honestly never sounded better and you absolutely need to hear this beast of a song.     Continue reading

GRUESOME Release NSFW Music Video For “Savage Land”

Now, I am not a fan of music videos that simply take clips from old, b-movies and interlace it to fit their needs. That being said, I do love Gruesome and I have a soft spot for cheat cannibal films, so the bands new video for the title track off of their new album sits perfectly with me. In some aspects, it goes against what I prefer in music videos, but in others it is pretty rad.

The video compiles clips from the 1980s cannibal horror films Eaten Alive! and Cannibal Apocalypse, both of which are gory, vicious and unwavering. You can check out Gruesome‘s very NSFW video after the jump. If you haven’t, be sure to pick up Savage Land, out now on Relapse Records.    Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Release Music Video For “Time Machine”

One of my favorite albums of the year comes from rockers Royal Thunder. Their new album Crooked Doors has taken me by storm and rocked my world. I love Royal Thunder and they have released a really cool music video for their new track “Time Machine,” which is one of my favorite tracks on Crooked Doors. Check out the video after the jump. Do it if you know whats good for ya, ya hear?     Continue reading

UNEARTHLY TRANCE Announce New Album + Live Dates

After calling it quits a few years back, I am THRILLED to announce that Unearthly Trance are making their comeback! These dudes are seriously one of my all time favorite bands and them getting back to create more filth after all these years excites me to no end. The one thing that worries me is this: Serpentine Path was formed after Unearthly Trance concluded in 2012. Now that UT is back, will Serpentine cease? Regardless, we are getting back one of the fiercest bands and it’s coming to Relapse Records! Excite!      Continue reading