BLACK ANVIL Streaming Cover Of KISS’ “Under The Rose”

black anvilBlack Anvil have a penchant for being a dark and brooding band but it appears that there is more to the band than meets the ear. The band has unleashed their cover of Kiss‘ “Under The Rose” and it is phenomenal. While the guitars remain heavy, the clean vocals add something interesting to the mix. Although I will say that said clean vocals are very haunting. All in all, I think the cover is a success. Check it out after the jump and tell us what you think in the comments.      Continue reading

ULTRAMANTIS BLACK Release New Video “Biomonster DNA”

4pnl_folderUltraMantis Black, the professional wrestler-fronted band formed with members of Pissed Jeans just popped up on my radar in the last few days. I had no idea what to expect of the band, but I am totally digging the beat-down that comes with the bands debut, self-titled album which was recently released through Relapse Records. The band has also just released their music video for the albums first track “Biomonster DNA.” The video is fun and features The UltraMantis in the ring kicking ass. Check out the video after the jump.     Continue reading

IRON REAGAN Streaming New Track “Miserable Failure”

iron reaganHardcore punks Iron Reagan, which features members of crossover thrashers Municipal Waste  will be releasing a new album The Tyranny of Will and the band has unleashed the monster that is “Miserable Failure.” This track is a phenomenal portrayal of hardcore madness deeply dyed in the wool. Check out the track after the jump.      Continue reading

IRON REAGAN To Release New Album In September Also

iron reaganIn other soon-to-be-released news, Iron Reagan have announced that they will be releasing their new full-length in September as well. This album is destined to be rad-as-fuck and I cannot wait to hear this bands massive aggressiveness once more. Just as a reminder, the band features members of Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse, so that should give you some vibe on how rad these punks can be, that is if you haven’t already caught on to them. Which you should have. Not much else has been announced other than the title, which is The Tyranny Of Will and the track list, which you can see after the jump. Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: COLUMNS Premiere “Punching Nancy Grace”

columnsRecently I was informed about an amazing grind band that features members of Hemdale (swoon!) called Columns. The band absolutely crushed my world when they premiered “Mudfucker” (see here) and now I have the distinct pleasure of streaming another amazing track from the bands forthcoming record Please Explode. Trust me, you have got to hear this track. The song is titled “Punching Nancy Grace,” which is something that all of us have wanted to do at least once in this life. Check it out after the jump or get fucking bent.     Continue reading

BLACK TUSK Streaming New EP “Vulture’s Eye”

Black-Tusk-Vultures-EyeSouthern sludge lords Black Tusk have been a long standing favorite of mine and I get so pumped every time the band release new material. When I started reading the news sites today, I found out that Black Tusk were streaming their new 7″ Vulture’s Eye, which totally kills (and is totally available today!). This band keeps getting better, I think and this 7″ proves it. Check out the two heavy punches after the jump courtesy of MetalSucks.       Continue reading

BLOCKHEADS Release Music Video For “All These Dreams”

blockheadsBlockheads released one of the most phenomenal grind records of the last few years in the form of This World Is Dead and now the band has followed it up, a little late if I say so myself, with a rad music video for their track “All These Dreams.” The video is fast-paced and there a lot of flashing lights, so go into this with caution if you happen to be epileptic. Check out the video after the jump to get a face-full of grind.      Continue reading

COLUMNS Streaming New Track “Mudfucker”

columnsColumns, which is headed up by Glass Casket/Wretched vocalist Adam Cody, is a band that has just be brought to my attention and holy hell, am I glad they were. This band will be releasing their new record Please Explode in August and they have just unleashed a new track to get everyone excited. Or, at least I would assume people were getting excited. The mass majority of the comments on the track are negative, but I hear only positives in the song. The track is called “Mudfucker” and based on the title alone you’ll be clicking over to listen to it right now.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Release NSFW Video For “Antietam”

PMPrimitive Man are a force to be reckoned with, this has been proved over and over again. The band has now released the first (to my knowledge) NSFW metal video of the year. Of course, I could be wrong and you can correct me in the comments. Among the amazing music, the video features very graphic violence, dismemberment and nudity, which is why it was given it’s raw rating. The video is spectacular and you should check it out immediately. Check out the filth:     Continue reading

BLACK ANVIL Streaming New Album “Hail Death”

Black-Anvil-Hail-Death1New York’s black metal act Black Anvil will release their great new album Hail Death next Tuesday and you can now stream the album in its entirety. I highly suggest checking it out if you’re into a brash, aggressive brand of black metal. After the jump you can check out a track off of Hail Death and then you can go listen to the album in full over on Pitchfork. Do it, fool.     Continue reading

TOMBS Streaming New Track “Spiral”

Tombs-Savage-Gold-620x620Black metal act Tombs have graced our ears a few times already with new material from their forthcoming Savage Gold and now we are getting another tasty dose of the bands unique brand of blackened madness. This time around we get the track “Spiral,” which might be my current favorite track on the new album. It’s raw, it’s vicious and it destroys. Check out the track after the jump and you’ll see what I mean.       Continue reading

BLACK ANVIL Streaming New Track “Until The End”

Black-Anvil-Hail-Death1Black Anvil, who will release their new album Hail Death very soon, is currently streaming another new beast of a track titled “Until The End.” I have been all over this record lately and I have been loving it, with this track being a regular listen. It’s slow and haunting and… You know what? Just listen to it yourself and see what you think. The track comes courtesy of Stereogum and you can stream it after the jump. Get a face full.      Continue reading

TOMBS Streaming New Track “Deathtripper”

Tombs-Savage-Gold-620x620We’ve already gotten one bite at the new Tombs album and now the band is offering us another. This time around, the band has treated us to the track “Deathripper,” which is pretty rad. For the majority of the track, it’s pretty mellow and haunting but towards the end things really pick up. Check out the track after the jump and get yourself a sweet dose of Tombs.     Continue reading

BLACK ANVIL Streaming New Track “Still Reborn”

black anvilNYC blackened horde Black Anvil will be releasing their latest and (possibly greatest) album Hail Death and the band is currently streaming a new track titled “Still Reborn” and you can check it out below. And for those of you in and around Brooklyn, Black Anvil will be playing Hail Death in full at the famed St. Vitus bar on July 20th with support from Yellow Eyes, Psalm Zero and Fantom Warrior. Rad. Now, on to the stream:     Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Meadows”

red fangRemember that Weedeater track from last week? The one about doughnuts? Well, I mentioned that Scion A/V released that as a 7″ to give out at future shows and it seems they are doing the same thing with a new Red Fang track. As always, Red Fang fucking kill it. Check out their new track “The Meadows” after the jump.       Continue reading