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Review: JAR’D LOOSE – “Turns 13″

Jar’d Loose’s 2012 debut, Goes to Purgatory, was almost too good to be true. The Chicago quartet expertly combined the driving rhythms associated with bands like Helmet, with subtle noisy debauchery and offbeat vocals. The end result was an eccentric, fresh take on the 90′s-tinged alternative metal and noise rock sound. Goes to Purgatory was pretty straight forward, but was pulled off with finesse and provided the framework for the band’s sound. But a band as odd as Jar’d Loose are not above pushing their own boundaries. Their sophomore full length, Turns 13,  shows the band extending their tendrils into new territories while still maintaining their dirty sound.

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Review: TIGER FLOWERS – “Dead Hymns”

The Brooklynites Tiger Flowers have been making quite a stir in New York in recent years. The metallic hardcore outfit is slowly becoming a household name in Brooklyn, and is really starting to garner attention abroad. Partnering with Deathwish, Inc and Melotov Records for the release of their debut full length is sure to rake in more potential listeners and hopefully get the band the recognition they deserve. Dead Hymns is the name of that aforementioned full length and it is 31 minutes of blistering chaos, grumpy riffing, and emotionality.

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Review: PYRRHON – “The Mother Of Virtues”

The Mother of Virtues cover art

There is very little you can do to prepare yourself for the disorienting madness that is Pyrrhon. You could study the technical death and experimental metal greats for hours on end, but you may still find yourself at a loss for words. The New York experimental metal quartet have unleashed an utterly polarizing, 54 minute behemoth that is sure to perplex and mesmerize those who allow it to enter their ear canals.  The Mother of Virtues is proof that there are still boundaries to be pushed and areas left to explore in metal.

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Review: CULT LEADER – “Nothing For Us Here”

The hype surrounding Cult Leader’s debut release, Nothing For Us Here, has been quite monumental. It’s not surprising considering the popularity of previous incarnation, Gaza, among the metal and hardcore crowd. Gaza’s disbandment was sudden and surprising, as was the formation of Cult Leader, which features 3/4′s of the original members. With Gaza’s popularity and the controversy surrounding their demise,  all eyes are surely on Cult Leader now. Some may wonder if this new outfit will deliver all the goods that Gaza once did. Well, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  Cult Leader is not a far cry from Gaza, but it is also on the verge of becoming something different than its sister band.

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Review: EPISTASIS – “Light Through Dead Glass”

epistasisEpistasis is a New York City experimental metal quartet that aim to make their music as confrontational, polarizing, and plain unsettling as possible. Light Through Dead Glass is the band’s new six track EP and the second release from this fairly new act. Epistasis combine elements of black metal, technical metal, noise, classical and others into a malevolent stew that is unfit for human consumption. But you would be wise to taste this psychotic concoction, because it is far too good to pass up. For the next 27 minutes, you belong to Epistasis.

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Review: ZVI – “Self-Titled”

Zvi cover artZvi is the pseudonym under which guitarist Ron Varod crafts his aching, abysmal dirges. Varod has been linked to his work as the guitarist and vocalist of So is the Tongue and currently swings his axe with the avant-garde heavyweights Kayo Dot. One could attribute the sound of Zvi to the time Varod spent in both of the aforementioned bands. But the overall product is much darker and sinister than a lot of the music put out by both musical outfits, if you can believe that.

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Review: BIRD EATER – “Dead Mothers Make The Sun Set”

It’s been roughly seven years since the release of Bird Eater’s debut EP, Utah; a release that unfortunately flew under the radar as sister band Gaza was making their ascension into the “limelight”. Utah’s blend of death metal, metallic hardcore, sludge, and western influences was a slight contrast to the dissonant chaos of Gaza, of which Bird Eater shares two members. The band’s long awaited, recently released debut full length succeeds in further distancing the band stylistically from their sister band. Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set shows Bird Eater really growing into their sound and harnessing it for the goal of beating you to death.

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Review: GODHUNTER – “City Of Dust”

City of Dust cover art

The majority of the nation is freezing. Flurries of white powder from Hell are accumulating in mass quantities in certain corners of the U.S. It’s become so cold in those areas that the snuggie your significant other bought you (the things you always thought were a joke until you realized how comfortable they are) cannot bring you any solace. You’re wondering what you can do to stay warm without running up your electricity bill? An easy answer; listen to Godhunter. Tuscon’s purveyor’s of sludgy goodness have harnessed the intense Arizonian heat within every note. Godhunter’s debut full length, City of Dust, is so thick with heaviness that you will forget about the severity of the weather for a good 50 minutes.

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Review: INDIAN – “From All Purity”

It’s always refreshing to see sludge or doom metal bands thinking outside of the box and not rehashing the familiar nuances of many bands before them. Chicago’s Indian is one of those bands who stand out of the doom pack for sure; always verging on the edge of blackened malevolence. The band’s 2011 album Guiltless showed the band’s first voyage into a more darker realm than heard on their previous releases. This year’s From All Purity is next step in their blackened exploration and makes Guiltless sound weak in comparison. From All Purity is a 40 minute, debilitating monstrosity that will envelop you in choking blackness.

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Review: MOGWAI – “Rave Tapes”

File:Rave tapes cover.jpg

As far as instrumental rock is concerned, Scotland’s Mogwai have always been in the upper echelon. The band’s continuing stylistic evolution helps them distance themselves from your average post-rock categorized band. Album after album, Mogwai add something new to their musical repertoire and create a full length that is alien and familiar at the same time. 2011′s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will represented yet another new chapter for the band. Compared to 2008′s The Hawk is Howling, the instrumentation was more on the subdued side, but without sacrificing any of the band’s lavish songwriting. The bursts of heavy guitar mastery were replaced, for the most part, by bright selections of melody and driving, alternative rock rhythms. It was a little different but something you would expect to hear Mogwai do. With this year’s Rave Tapes, the band takes a step in a slightly new direction. Forget what you heard on Hardcore Will Never Die, because Rave Tapes is a new animal all together.

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Review: EL DRUGSTORE – “Plague Ship”

El Drugstore

El Drugstore formed around 2008 by past and present members of New Jersey progressive outfit East of the Wall and have remained a rather silent entity since their inception. The trio of riff-manglers have released a handful of stand alone tracks and a split EP with noisy duo A Fucking Elephant, but are still relatively unknown despite being attached to East of the Wall, whose notoriety is slowly growing. But El Drugstore are bound and determined to change that with their mind-boggling full length debut, Plague Ship. The common brain is not prepared for this massive forty-five minutes of eccentric complexity and intricate musicianship.

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Review: GIGAN – “Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science”

With two solid full length under their belt (The Order of the False Eye and Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes), Gigan can either release another brain-splitting opus or a big flop. If Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes was any indication, then a big flop is out of the question for these tech-metal miscreants. How do you follow up an adventurous, maddeningly complex record? With another even more adventurous and maddeningly complex record! Enter Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science, the third and possibly most exciting Gigan album to date. These eight new tracks continue to place Gigan as one of the more interesting technical metal bands of recent years.

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Review: SEIZURES – “The Sanity Universal”

The Sanity Universal (2013) cover art

Excuse me, but how would you like your brain demolished this evening? Well, Seizures prefers to deep-fry the brain in abrasive song structures,  beat it to a paste with the finest riffs that chaotic hardcore can buy, and served with a side of experimentation. Cheesy restaurant metaphors aside, that is the gist of what California’s hardcore quintet Seizures has to offer. The Sanity Universal is the group’s sophomore album and follow up to 2011′s Antipathy. Antipathy was a good album, but nothing that really enthralled me personally. The Sanity Universal is an entirely different story. I do not know what happened or who lost their mind during the years between the two albums but this record is absolutely viscous. There are a number of “chaotic hardcore”/”metallic hardcore” bands that are derived from the sounds of Botch and Converge but Seizures are shaping up to be an entirely new beast. Prepare your body because the next hour you belong Seizures and you are not going to escape without a few bruises. 

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