Review: EVERY TIME I DIE – “From Parts Unknown”

Seven full length albums in and Every Time I Die show no intention of slowing down and mellowing out. The band’s has changed their sound in small increments throughout the course of their existence, but have never once sacrificed their heavy and creative edge. The band were once more chaotic and unhinged than they are now, as heard on the The Burial Plot Bidding War and their first full length, Last Night in Town. The chaos carried over a little bit  into their second and breakout album, Hot Damn! Songs like “I Been Gone A Long Time” showcased a more hard rock inspired sound that would start to appear more in subsequent albums. Gutter Phenomenon took that hard rock style, injected it with some southern swagger, and poured all over the band’s already unique sound. The Big Dirty continued along this path but showed the band experimenting with more “traditional” rock structures, as seen in songs like “Buffalo Gals” and “INRIhab”. The band continued to experiment with different styles and structures while simultaneously returning to the more violent aggression of their earlier albums on New Junk Aesthetic and more so on Ex-Lives. From Parts Unknown, their most recent effort, is the culmination of what the band has been inspiring to do on their past two records. It’s a solid 30 minute aural assault that may be one of the finest records that they have crafted in their roughly 15 year career.

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Review: MALADJUSTED – “Death Is The Only Relief”

This review is far from unbiased. I confess I’ve booked this band before so I can personally attest to their awesomeness. But biased or not this review will give light to one of the most promising up-and-coming punk acts in So Cal or anywhere.

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Review: BULBUL – “Hirn Fein Hacken”

Hirn Fein Hacken cover art

The phrase “hirn fein hacken” translates from German to “get your brain chopped into pieces”. When a band names an album something of that caliber, they have a lot to live up to. Thankfully, the Austrian racket-makers Bulbul do just that. In the six-year gap between their last album, the eccentric trio have crafted a collection of 10 multi-faceted jams that are bursting with creativity and mild-schizophrenia. Hirn Fein Hacken is a gleefully weird, colorful and erratic album that defies categorization and places Bulbul at the forefront of all things weird.

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Review: LORD MANTIS – “Death Mask”

Death Mask cover art


The world is not a very pretty place, and Lord Mantis knows this. Even if you cannot fully decipher their scathing lyrics, their music alone can attest to that sentiment. These Chicagoans have always had a penchant for the dark and bleak, as previous album Pervertor showcased. So it is not a complete surprise that the group’s new full length, Death Mask, sounds like the soundtrack to the end of the world, or at the very least, a horrendous genocide. Lord Mantis up the ante for their third full length and Profound Lore debut, resulting in what is quite possibly their most sickening display to date.

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Review: JAR’D LOOSE – “Turns 13″

Jar’d Loose’s 2012 debut, Goes to Purgatory, was almost too good to be true. The Chicago quartet expertly combined the driving rhythms associated with bands like Helmet, with subtle noisy debauchery and offbeat vocals. The end result was an eccentric, fresh take on the 90’s-tinged alternative metal and noise rock sound. Goes to Purgatory was pretty straight forward, but was pulled off with finesse and provided the framework for the band’s sound. But a band as odd as Jar’d Loose are not above pushing their own boundaries. Their sophomore full length, Turns 13,  shows the band extending their tendrils into new territories while still maintaining their dirty sound.

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