brutalWell, this tour is pretty fucking sweet. You got Cannibal Corpse and Aeon both delivering killer death metal and Revocation thrashing the hell out of everything and you put them all on a tour together? Nice! Well, if you’re in Europe this fall. Yes, that’s right. Check out the dates below and see if this goremachine is headed your way.       Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL & DEVILDRIVER Announce North American Tour

Whitechapel DD Tur
.Whitechapel and DevilDriver have announced a co-headlining tour with immediate support by Carnifex, Revocation, Rivers Of Nihil and Fit For An Autopsy. This is a pretty radical line up for a tour. The metal are sure to come alive on this run. You can check out he full poster and all the tour dates after the jump.     Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Eric’s Favorite Albums Of The Year


Hello again, fellow Aftermathers! My prolonged absence from the American Aftermath world officially ends NOW with this penultimate annual post, a small but personally necessary pittance to the plentiful albums and artists that sustained me throughout this most bountiful year in extreme music. The following thirty item list reflects full-length albums only with an aural adherence to the hardcore and powerviolence realms as per my listening habits this year. A ton of awesome death metal revivals as well as resurgences from other notables in the general metal realm happened this year (Gorguts, Carcass, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ulcerate etc.) of which I listened(or rather actively listened) to practically NONE. I simply wasn’t feeling it at this year and intend to return to survey these releases at another time. Thanks to the Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane “The Machine” Oliver, and Josh Huddleston, the bands and musicians, and last but not least, you, the readers! Peep the list after the jump. Continue reading

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN Streaming New Track “Absorbing Black Ignition”

Cover artwork by Paolo Girardi

Metal Sucks have premiered a new track from technical death metal miscreants Artificial Brain (Revocation, etc). The track in question is “Absorbing Black Ignition” and will be featured on the group’s forthcoming album Labyrinth Constellation, which is out on February 18th via Profound Lore. The track rips through angular, malevolent riffing in Gorgutsian fashion while chaotic vocals gurgle and growl over it all. You should enjoy it. Head over to Metal Sucks to check it out.



Revocation’s cover of Metallica’s …And Justice For All closer “Dyer’s Eve” has surfaced online for your streaming pleasure. The track appears as an exclusive vinyl bonus track on their upcoming self-titled album, due out on August 6th. After the break, listen as Revocation rip the hell out of this track and compare it to the original. Eat your heart out Metallica.

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Stream REVOCATION’S New Self Titled Album

If you cannot wait until next Tuesday, August 6th, for the release of Revocation’s self titled album then do I have a treat for you. Guitar World is streaming the technical thrash metal band’s new opus in full right meow! I’ve never been the hugest Revocation fan, though I do enjoy their sound, but this album kicks it up a notch and may make me change my fan status! Head over to Guitar World and stream this beast right now.

-Lane Oliver

Revocation Debut New Track “Fracked”


Progressive tech thrashers Revocation are currently streaming an all new track entitled “Fracked” off of their upcoming epic fourth full length, the self-titled Revocation, exclusively over at Loudwire. The anti-fracking anthem is definitely my favorite of the teased tracks so far, a more sustained and expansive track that treads along a more progressive inclination, boasting some almost electronic sounding complimentary basswork and an epic solo section. Musings aside, you can stream “Fracked” via Loudwire here and pre-order Revocation via Relapse Records here, out August 6th. Be sure to catch Revocation on the remaining dates of this year’s excellent Summer Slaughter tour.

Enter The Hive: REVOCATION Streaming New Track

These motherfuckers right here! Massive thrash attack Revocation have made their comeback and it’s fucking sweet. These dudes never disappoint and their new album is sure to be no different. If you’ve been worried that maybe Revocation have gotten tame in the time since they released their last full-length. Well let me assure you that these Bostonians have not and will not lose speed. Want proof? Check out the band’s new track “The Hive” after the jump!       Continue reading

REVOCATION Detail New Self Titled Album

Revocation have revealed the dirty details on their forthcoming self titled album. The new album will be released on August 6th via Relapse Records and will contain the following ten tracks:

  1. “The Hive”
  2. “Scattering the Flock”
  3. “Arch Fiend”
  4. “Numbing Agents”
  5. “Fracked”
  6. “The Gift You Gave”
  7. “Invidious”
  8. “Spastic”
  9. “Entombed by Wealth”
  10. “A Visitation”

Also, you can view the album’s artwork, done by Orion Landau, below as well. Be sure to catch the band this Summer on the Summer Slaughter Tour.

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Here Comes The Boom: Summer Slaughter Line-Up Announced

I know there are more than a handful of you who hit up the Summer Slaughter festival every year, even if it’s for a single band. Every metal site looks forward to this tour for the simple reason of wanting to see who has been announced will be a part of Summer Slaughter. This years line-up looks fucking killer, if I say so myself. Check out the full line-up and poster below.     Continue reading


Following up on the recent release of their latest album, Autotheism, progressive death metal act, The Faceless, have just announced a headlining tour with technical thrashers Revocation, and their fellow prog Sumerian mates, The HAARP Machine spanning mostly dates from the U.S. to a select dates in Canada. All of these groups will be supporting their latest releases, The Faceless with Autotheism(Sumerian Records, 8/14/12), Revocation with Teratogenesis(Scion A/V, 9/27/12, free download here), and The HAARP Machine with Disclosure(Sumerian Records, 10/16/12). All in all, this is an excellent package and should make for a rifftastic night on the town. Check out the initial dates below as more dates should be announced soon! Continue reading

Orgasmic Geriatrics: Watch This Fantastic New REVOCATION Video

Good morning, readers! It’s a beautiful Friday and because it’s so nice, I thought you might wanna make it a little more enjoyable by watching this super awesome Revocation music video. The video is for the track “The Grip Tightens” which is on their new FREE EP “Tetragenesis” that you can download here.

For a metal video, this thing has some pretty lavish production. The costumes and make up are amazing. Obviously Scion A/V footed the bill for this. As I mentioned before, It’s a pretty awesome video. I mean when was the last time you saw your favorite modern thrash band in old man make up or having old bitches throw their panties at them? Never!

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– Josh Huddleston


Ex-Revocation bassist, Anthony Buda, was not lying when he said he was leaving the band to pursue pop music interests. Below is a video of the former Revocation member performing an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. I have nothing else to add. If you dare to watch the video you can below. If not, go download the new Revocation EP here.

-Lane Oliver

Download REVOCATION’s New EP For Free Right Fucking Now!


Revocation‘s new EP, “Teratogenesis” is now available for download via their corporate masters  friends, Scion A/V. You can click here for the free stream and download link (requires e-mail address). This five song EP is the groups first album to feature new bassist Brett Bamberger (East of The Wall, Argonauts, The Binary Code).

I haven’t gotten around to listening to this yet cause I am at work, but I did just get the download confirmation in my e-mail. Trust me, I will be jamming this shit when I get off and I suggest do the same. Remember guys, always support underground corporate metal!


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– Josh Huddleston


Ex-REVOCATION Bassist Addresses Recent Departure

I am sure you know by now that Revocation bassist Anthony Buda has left the band. But did you know he left Revocation to pursue “pop music”? Well he formally addresses his departure in a video he uploaded to youtube. Here he explains his passion for pop music was much stronger than his passion for metal. More power to him if that’s what he wants to do. He has since been replaced by Brett Bamberger of East of the Wall. Be sure to download Revoacation’s new EP, Teratogenesis in TWO DAYS!

-Lane Oliver