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Despise The World: SUFFOCATION Announce North American Tour

Death metal enthusiast everywhere, rejoice! The mighty Suffocation has announced an extensive North American tour that will take place in the Spring in support of their new record, Pinnacle of Bedlam. The band will be aided in their face-melting by Rings of Saturn, Jungle Rot, Exhumed, Admiron and Lord of War (on West Coast dates only). Check out the full schedule of the Despise the World Tour and stream their new album in full!

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RINGS OF SATURN New Album “Dingir” Streaming In Full


In an amazing turn of events, the gargantuan prog deathcore and self-denominated “aliencore” group, Rings of Saturn, have decided to begin streaming their long awaited sophomore effort, Dingir, now! The expected November 20th album has begun stream as a result of a culmination of reasons summarized here: a) legal issues have actually barred the group from releasing the album till February 5th, b)a poor quality leak of the album has been passed widely around the internet and the group do not want an inaccurate opinion to be based off of that release and c)hell, it’s about damn time. Exploding onto the scene with their mind numbing and organ eviscerating debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, Rings Of Saturn hit hard with their wide array of hooks, sweeps, and straight extraterrestrial atmosphere and now they are fucking back. For those of you familiar with the Alien film series, consider Dingir to be the “Aliens” to the group’s catalog, the sonic equivalent of that awesome 1986 gore soaked, pun filled, and ass kicking sequel. Stream the album in full high quality below and feel free to pass the word around. Expect pre-orders late Winter from Unique Leader Records.  Continue reading

Photo Gallery: RINGS OF SATURN, 8/3 @ Mojo 13 (Wilmington, DE)

Not too long ago, we here at American Aftermath acquired a very skilled photographer by the name of Maclyn Bean. Maclyn is very skilled at what he does and what he does is get fantastic shots of bands in a live setting. Check out the gallery below to see the first set of photos that Maclyn got from the Slaughter Survivors Tour on August 3rd. This gallery contains photos of Rings of Saturn. Check ‘em out and enjoy. All photographic credit goes to Maclyn Bean Photography.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
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What Happens When You Don’t Make The Cut For SUMMER SLAUGHTER?

You say to hell with ‘em and do your own tour. A while back fans were given a chance to vote on who the opener would be for Summer Slaughter this year. The winning band was the (god awful) Within The Ruins. A deathcore band being picked to open up for Summer Slaughter. I gotta say I am not surprised. Anyway, I will not be attending Summer Slaughter and I highly doubt we will be covering it whatsoever, but I figured some of you might find it interesting that the bands that didn’t win the opener spot on the tour but were nominated decided to go it alone.

Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit, Rings of Saturn, Volumes and Structures are the bands that will be hitting the road as the Summer Survivors tour. Some of these bands I am familiar with, some I am not. Few I have actually listened to. I know Conducting From The Grave. Typical deathcore turned metalcore band. Scale The Summit are a pretty interesting progressive metal band that I actually enjoy. The Contortionist, as I understand are a technical deathcore band. I didn’t even know that was a specific genre. I think I’ve listened to them before. Apparently they didn’t interest me enough to remember who they are. Rings of Saturn are not terrible. I can actually get into their sound. Volumes and Structures I have no idea about and I am honestly too lazy to look them up.

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