WILD THRONE Streaming New Album “Harvest Of Darkness”

Wild Throne will release Harvest Of Darkness next month and the band has now teamed up with Stereogum to stream the album in full. The album is really weird and really wild and I’m digging it. Lane has posted about the band before but I am just now hopping on the wagon. Check out Harvest Of Darkness below and see what’s up.      Continue reading

This Is Always: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Release New Music Video

KillswitchI actually only listened to the new Killswitch Engage album for the first time a week ago. I’m not sure why I put it off so long because I always enjoyed Killswitch when Jesse Leech was at the helm, I just hadn’t gotten to it. I really do like it a lot and I also like the bands latest music video for their song “Always.” This definitely isn’t one of their heavier tracks, but it’s a beautiful song and the video is very engaging and could probably incite emotion from a lot of people.

Check out the video after the jump. You could probably consider this a short film by Ian MacFarland and Mike Pecci, as it truly tells a story. It is probably my favorite music video of 2013. Check it:      Continue reading

Free Shit Friday: GOJIRA / KVELERTAK Live Split & New FREYA EP Free To Download!

FreyaWell, it’s a good day for free downloads! Earlier today MetalSucks unveiled a live split EP from Gojira and Kvelertak, which is pretty intense by itself and now we have a new EP from Freya, the hardcore group headed by Earth Crisis front man Karl Buechner. Now, if I know my readers, at lease ONE of these albums must peak you interests and even if they don’t, the fact that the EPs are FREE should! I mean, who doesn’t love free music?! We all do! Click on over after the jump to find out how to acquire these free jams!     Continue reading

The New Awakening: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Streaming New Song

Yep. They’re back. This is the way I’ve wanted Killswitch Engage to sounds since Jesse left the band back in the day. The grooving riffs are incredible and Jesse’s voice is very welcome with Killswitch‘s all around improved sound.

Wait, what the hell am I talking about? Oh, not much. Just a new Killswitch Engage song that is currently streaming. It’s rad. Check it out…     Continue reading

For The Love Of Boobies: Stream KVELERTAK’s New Album “Meir”

You folks know that I love Kvelertak. You probably also know that there are a lot of people out there right now who aren’t pleased with the bands new album Meir. Well, I don’t know what the deal is with those people, but I’m quite happy with the new album. Maybe some of these people will grow into the album and maybe they won’t. Regardless, it’s time for all of you to hear it!     Continue reading

Spring Fra Livet: KVELERTAK Streaming New Track Via NPR

I love Kvelertak. It has been very well documented that I love them. I have been highly anticipating their latest album although I have seen a few less-than-flattering reviews of it. I don’t care if I’m the only one, I’m sure I’m gonna like Meir when I finally get my hands on it. I am really looking forward to it now that I’ve heard the new song “Spring Fra Livet.”       Continue reading

Norse Gods Don’t Kid Around, But KVELERTAK Do In New Video

A lot of people have been getting excited for the upcoming album from Norway’s Kvelertak, I know because I’m one of them. I absolutely adore their debut, self-titled LP and their new album will hopefully stand up to it or (we can hope) be better. Well, the good dudes in Kvelertak have released a new music video for their track “Bruane Brenn” that shows that they can still have fun.       Continue reading

Bringin’ Metalcore Back: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Posts Teaser For New Album

The mighty godfathers of metalcore, Killswitch Engage, made their return to the forefront of the metal community yesterday when they unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album, “Disarm The Descent“. The announcement was made in the form of what looks to be an iMovie created clip featuring a whole thirty-seconds of new music!!!

This is probably the metal communities most anticipated release as a collective, while it’s probably a release I might check out just to see if it’s as sterile as I remember KsE being. To all our readers that are shitting themselves with excitement over this news, you can watch the new clip after the jump. Oh, and try to contain your gushing, this isn’t Blabbermouth…. Continue reading

All Terrible Sites Will Come To An End: ROADRUNNER RECORDS To Shut Down Their SIGNMETO Website

How many of you guys are familiar with RoadRunner Records promotional website Signmeto? Well it won’t be around much longer, as of October 1st, the site will be no mas.  Since there has been no official statement from the label, it is leading some to speculate why the page is being shut down. Maybe it’s because the page’s interface was garbage, but more than likely it’s because Roadrunner hasn’t been relevant to the underground community since the 90’s.

Just in case you weren’t familiar with this site, it was basically Roadrunner’s version of Myspace. It was particularly ran as an interactive way for band to submit their demo’s to the label. I’m not exactly sure if anyone ever got signed, but the fact that I’m not sure shows how good of a job RR does with promotion.

Signmeto didn’t last long, and with the recent troubles in the Roadrunner camp, I bet the label will soon be a thing of the past too.


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— Josh Hudleston


Make, Total, Destroy: PERIPHERY Release Very Nice New Video

Well, I really like this music video. I dig the fast pace of the video, the stellar execution and the song overall. Very well played, Periph, very well played. I’ve already stated that I really dig Periphery’s sound these days, as they have finally matured into a fully-functional band. Bravo, dudes. Check out the video below and be sure to grab Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal which was released today! Pick it up on iTunes here. “Facepalm Mute” owns.

Shit Just Got Peripheral: PERIPHERY’s New Album Now Streaming In Full

I have stated in my previous posts that Periphery have pleasantly surprised me with the singles released from their new album Periphery II. The first single “Make Total Destroy” was pretty great, if I do say so myself. I wasn’t digging “Scarlet” as much, but thanks for modern technology, Periphery now have their new album streaming in full right here.

This album just seems a lot more mature to me. Their first album was pretty sloppy, the Frak The Gods EP was a step in the right direction, showing a bit of improvement but with Periphery II, I can say they have finally found their sound. Check out the stream here and then leave a comment below. I will say “Facepalm Mute” is not only a very clever song title, it’s also a pretty dj’raging track. Enjoy. Periphery II will be released by Roadrunner Records on Friday.

Scum Enslaved: SOULFLY Offering Single For Free Download

Woah. What the fuck happened to Soulfly? What happened to the nu-metal band who did “Jumpdafuckup?” What is going on?! This doesn’t sound like the Soulfly I remember. I was never a Soulfly fan per say. I mean, everyone heard the band back in the day but this new shit is almost tolerable. I don’t really see myself listening to the new album Enslaved which will be released on March 13th via Roadrunner Records, but for a song that I went into thinking would blow balls, I’m surprised.

You can download the new track, titled “World Scum” from Soulfly‘s Facebook page if you dare. So that is that. Yeah.

In Pools Of Crimson: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD Mourning Jam

Good mourning, folks. Today I chose to listen to 3 Inches Of Blood. I used to listen to this band like crazy and for some strange reason I just stopped listening to them. I lost my Advance And Vanquish album a while back, so that might have something to do with it. Anyway, I used to love this band. Not as much after Jamie Hooper left, but I may try to listen to some of their more recent stuff. Any recommendations? Enjoy.


Walking With Ghosts: LAMB OF GOD Release Single

And Lamb of God are fucking back. The band’s last two albums (2006’s Sacrament and 2009’s Wrath didn’t really stand out to me. I have been digging Lamb of God since the first time I heard the “Black Label” single back in the day. The band has always had a penchant for making steady, grooving tracks that I love. Like I said however, the last two records didn’t feel the same way to me. This new shit is a different story.

With the release of the first single from Resolution, it is obvious to me that Lamb of God has reverted back to their old ways and started making killer songs again. I am excite. This track sounds like something off of Ashes Of The Wake which is absolutely a good thing. I’m into it. Get into it. The track premiered over at MetalSucksbut was also released as a digital single here and so, by the power of the internet, you can skip over the middle man and just stream the song below. Of course, you should still visit MetalSucks because those dudes make with the comedy. Check out “Ghost Walking” and get ready for Resolution‘s January 24th release.

LAMB OF GOD Are Seeking Resolution

Yeah, I know I am a day behind. All of the real news sites blew up yesterday when the title, track list, album art and trailer for Lamb of God’s forthcoming record Resolution made it’s way into the interwebs. The album will be released on January 24th here in the states via Roadrunner Records. Not much else is known as of yet aside from the aforementioned trailer and album art. You can see the art above and the trailer after the jump.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.