SUMAC Streaming New Album “The Deal”

12" Glued SleeveYou know SUMAC, that killer supergroup that we have been harping on about? Well, the time has come for you to stream the bands entire debut album The Deal! The band has teamed up with MetalSucks to bring you a full stream and trust me, it’s fucking tits. Do you like your music slow and noisy with dooming sludge droning madness? Well, SUMAC is the band for you. Boasting former members of ISIS and current members of Baptists and Russian Circles, this shit is bananas. Check out the album below.      Continue reading


Ex-Isis member Aaron Turner recently announced his newest musical venture between himself and Baptist drummer Nick Yacyshyn. The duo are calling themselves Sumac and have recently completed their first record, The Deal, which will be released via Profound Lore and SIGE Records in February 2015. The album was recorded by Mell Dettmer and the band themselves and was mixed by Kurt Ballou. Turner stated that he wanted to pursue Sumac as a fully functional band, with plans to play live in the near future and continue writing/recording thereafter. The bass work on the album was provided by Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch, etc), who will hopefully become a touring member of the band when possible.

Turner also provided the track listing to the record, which can be seen below. Audio clips are expected to be released sometime next month.

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INTER ARMA Announce US Tour & European Tour

Inter ArmaInter Arma, one of the raddest doom bands to come out in the last few years, has announced not one, but two separate tours coming your way very, very soon. Kicking off early next month, Inter Arma will trek across the US alongside Russian Circles and KEN Mode and in April the band will head across the pond and tackle a ton of European dates (including a stint at Roadburn Fest) alongside the likes of Indian and Windhand.

Either of these tours are a must-see for anyone and everyone. Wherever you are in the world, go see Inter Arma! Check out all of the dates after the jump.      Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

2013bestThis has been an amazing year for music. Not just metal, but a great year for all styles and genres. I have enjoyed so many different styles of music this year as well as many, many artists within each style and it was a real pain for me to make this list. I keep this list simply to full-length albums (or LPs, kids). I used to keep it strictly metal when it came to this list and I would weed out rock for its own list, but this year I included non-metal stuff on my list as well. Not a lot of non-metal, but some nonetheless.       Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Lane’s Favorite Releases Of 2013


Hello there! Like my partners in crime, I am here to share my favorite music releases of 2013. I have listened to an ungodly amount of music this year and out of what I had a chance to listen to, these thirty albums/EPs/etc stuck with me well after my first listen. It’s not just heavy music either! I know you don’t care about my opinion, nobody should, but you may find something worth listening to in the following list. Here goes nothing!

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CHELSEA WOLFE Performs With RUSSIAN CIRCLES, Footage Available

Fan-filmed footage captured Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles performing their track “Memorial” together at their show in Prague this past Saturday during their current European tour. You can watch the video below but be sure to have a shoulder to cry on afterward.

Chelsea Wolfe’s Pain is Beauty is available now and Russian Circle’s Memorial will be available on October 29th.

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Russian Circles have premiered the title and closing track to their forthcoming album, Memorial (October 29), over at Rolling Stone. “Memorial” is a beautifully melancholic track dripping with luscious ambiance that is only heightened by the inclusion of Chelsea Wolfe’s vocals. Bassist Brian Cook had this to say about the track:

We’ve toured with Chelsea and are all big fans,” Cook says. “We felt like her work and what we do is stylistically different, but thematically it fits. We’re both more sad and grind-you-into-the-dirt-with-misery. We went through so many permutations of that song, we got into this idea of doing a reprise like one of those albums that starts off and ends at the same spot. Like Pink Floyd’s Animals: open with a stripped down version of the song and end with the full band song.

Head over to Rolling Stone to check out the track now and be sure to have tissues handy.