MARRIAGES Streaming New Track “Salome”

Marriages have premiered the title track to their forthcoming debut album, Salome, over at Noisey. The gorgeous, radiant track churns out waves of incandescent post-rock that slowly build to an emotional climax. You can stream the track for yourself after the break.

Salome will be released on April 7 via Sargent House. Stream the previously released tracks “Skin” and “Less Than” if you missed them.

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MARRIAGES Streaming New Track “Less Than”

Los Angeles’ Marriages have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut full length and follow up to their 2012 EP Kitsune, Salome, over at Consequence of Sound. The new track, titled “Less Than”, is a radiant, multifaceted tune that baths in psychedelia and is driven by a post-punk-esque chorus. You can swim in the vibrant new track after the break.

Salome will be released through Sargent House on April 7. The band’s upcoming UK/European tour dates can be found below as well.

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MARRIAGES Announce New Album “Salome”, Premiere New Track

Marriages (Red Sparowes ) have announced the release of their debut full length album and follow up to their 2012 EP, Kitsune. The album will be titled Salome and will be released through Sargent House on April 7. The album’s official artwork and track listing can be found after the break.

Stereogum premiered the first official single from the forthcoming effort; the driving, psychedelic and haunting “Skin”. The track can be streamed below as well.

Marriages will be bringing their new material on a co-headlining tour with label mates Helms Alee starting tomorrow in Los Angeles. Those dates can be found below.

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DARKEST HOUR Confirms New Bassist

This morning Darkest Hour released some news that was a long time coming. As most of you who follow the band already know, long time bassist Paul Burnette recently left the group to play in his new project Iron Reagan. For the past few months Darkest Hour has had Aaron Deal (formally of Salome) slappin’ the bass for them in a live setting.

Well it’s now official, Aaron Deal is the new bassist for Darkest Hour. The band released the following statement via Metalsucks

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the official departure of long time friend and bassist Paul Burnette. Paul’s presence on the stage, in the jam room, and everywhere in between will be missed. He has helped us to both conquer the world and develop the sound of the band. For that we’ll be eternally grateful.

“Although Paul will continue thrashing to live in the new powerhouse Iron Reagan, his musical footprint will remain with us forever. We love you, dude!

“As many of you who have seen us live know, Aaron Deal (ex-Salome mastermind) has been doing an amazing job filling in these past few tours. He’s rocked Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America with us and it’s safe to say, he’s a true bro. We couldn’t ask for a more badass addition to the dudes. Of all this craziness Aaron states: “As a long-time friend of all the dudes, I think playing with Darkest Hour is a natural fit. I’ve definitely had a blast playing all over the world with them and I can’t wait to take this party to the next level!”

“Come see us live all over Europe during the festival season. Here are the dates. This next beer’s for Paul!”

Man, hopefully this new blood in the band will revitalize their writing process. I’ve been a big D-hour fan for years, but the last few albums have been kinda lacking. Anyway, I am excited to hear what they put out next.


— Josh Huddleston

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Aaron Deal is In DARKEST HOUR Now? Wha?

So… Did anyone else know that Darkest Hour was having a bassist issue? I sure as hell didn’t, not until Profound Lore Tweeted earlier today that Darkest Hour’s new bassist is Aaron Deal of Salome fame. I honestly had no idea any of this was going on, but I am not really surprised with the recent outbreak of bass-playing WTFs. Some are leaving, some are holding their girlfriends hostage and some are popping out of nowhere. I’m sure Aaron will do well with Darkest Hour, although the styles of Salome and Darkest Hour are quite the opposites. Interesting it is. I had to post this tonight just so I could get the readers opinions and insights. Peace out. Tune in tomorrow for Black Metal Sunday.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.


Ahoy, all of you filthy sonsabitches. How are we feeling this morning? Good I hope. Today I am going to skip over the recap of yesterday’s posts and get right to the meat of this morning’s jams. This morning I have put together a stunning playlist filled with sludge/doom and nothing but. A lot of amazing bands in this and I hope you’re ready to feel the filth. Sit back, relax and enjoy the dirty, dirty music.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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Todays Jam: Salome

Todays jam is Salome’s “Master Failure.” If are unaware of the sheer awesomeness that is Salome, they were a extraordinary, dooming band that was fronted by Kat Katz (of Agoraphobic Nosebleed). They split up not too long ago, but their music will forever live on. Their last record, Terminal was easily a cornerstone of sludgy doom. Sit back and let the filth wash over you.

Review: Dopethrone – “Demonsmoke”

By: Ross Gnarly

After numerous listens over the last few months and countless conversations with vocalist Vincent Houde, I can easily start this review by saying that this band is absolutely amazing. I found them on MySpace quite a while back and tracked them down to gain this album, Demonsmoke. I am very glad I did because it is a terrific doom record and Vincent is a great guy all around. I, personally think Dopethrone deserve their place next to the big names in doom metal. I will now begin my track by track review of Dopethrone’s Demonsmoke.

Starting with the title track, “Demonsmoke,” It is quite evident that this band is heavily influenced by Electric Wizard. Not only by name, but by musical style as well. Deep, devastating riffs chug along slowly with fantastic lead guitar lines running along with them. Slow, steady drumming keeps a killer tempo throughout the track. Soaring over all of that is Vincent’s haunting, hissing vocals. He enunciates very well if you pay attention. Dopethrone are not a band that keeps the vocals louder than the other instruments. Everything is laid out very even and layered. This main riff is extremely catchy and fantastic all around. This is perfect music to jam while throwing back a few beers. Ending the track with a nice bong rip also adds a nice flare to it. Love it. [Continue Reading]

Exclusive: Kat Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Ex-Salome) Interview

As most of you are aware, Kat Katz recently announced the split-up of Salome, the thundering doom project that consisted of Kat, Aaron Deal and Rob Moore. I was a big fan of Salome and I remain a huge fan of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, so I got in touch with Kat to do a quick Q&A.

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Kat Katz and I sing for Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Up until recently, I fronted Salome.

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New Dopethrone Tunes To Make Your Day Blue & Doomy

I’ve been into Dopethrone for quite some time now. I found them on MySpace a while back and I loved their cryptic, haunting, bluesy doom metal. I’ve been a friend with vocalist Vincent Houde on Facebook for a while as well and he recently sent me links to a few new Dopethrone tracks. I’ve listen to these tracks quite a few times and I’m digging it. If you like your doom to have tinges of sludge and blues rock that can somewhat be compared to bands like Thou and Salome, you should check out Dopethrone.

Here are the first two tracks off of Dopethrone’s forthcoming Dark Foil, “Dark Foil” and “Tap Runner.”

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