HOT LUNCH Release New EP For Free Download

hot lunchI love Scion A/V because every once in a while they release some killer music for free download. We’ve gotten albums from Revocation, Corrosion Of Conformity, Phillip H. Anselmo and The Illegals and more in the past and now I would like you introduce you to a killer band by the name of Hot Lunch. The band produces filthy acid rock worship of the greatest sort. It’s dank and smelly and I love it. You can check out a stream and download the album below. For free. Thanks, Scion!     Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Shadows”

7inch_TemplateNot too long ago I told you about that new track from Red Fang that I was digging. You remember, right? Well that track was the a-side of the bands newly released Scion A/V 7″, which Scion will be handing out for FREE at upcoming shows. Well, the band has now released the b-side to said 7″. This track is titled “The Shadows,” as opposed to the previously released track “The Meadows.” Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Meadows”

red fangRemember that Weedeater track from last week? The one about doughnuts? Well, I mentioned that Scion A/V released that as a 7″ to give out at future shows and it seems they are doing the same thing with a new Red Fang track. As always, Red Fang fucking kill it. Check out their new track “The Meadows” after the jump.       Continue reading

WEEDEATER Love Hot Doughnuts Now

weedeater3Why am I not surprised that Weedeater love doughnuts? I mean, everyone loves doughnuts so why wouldn’t a stonerdoom band love them?! Well, Weedeater want to show you exactly how much they love the sweet delectables in their new track “Hot Doughnuts Now.” The track was recorded after Weedeater performed at one of Scion A/V’s shows at the Satellite in L.A. Apparently, every band that plays records a track that is then pressed onto 7″ vinyl which is then distributed for free at future shows.

Check out the track below.     Continue reading

ASG Streaming New Track: “Comet Drop”

ASGHeavy rocking heavyweights ASG are an amazing band that never disappoints. The band released their Relapse Records debut last year, Blood Drive and the band has just done something to rock your heads into… Something else. And by that, of course I mean the band has released a new track. This track is called “Comet Drop” and it was premiered over on MetalSucks, but you can check it out after the jump if you like. Enjoy, kiddos. Continue reading

Slave The Hive: HIGH ON FIRE Release New Single. For Free!

high-on-fire-slave-the-hiveThe good people over at Scion A/V deliver once again, this time with the release of a new single by the sludge legends High On Fire. The single will be pressed on 7″ vinyl and available on the bands upcoming tour with Kvelertak. The vinyl pressing will be limited, so be sure to grab one if one of the dates is coming near you. After the jump you can stream and download the new track “Slave The Hive” and check out the bands upcoming tour dates.     Continue reading

MELVINS Streaming New Track “Dr. Mule”

Scion A/V have released a new digital compilation celebrating their ten year anniversary, which features tracks from artists such as ASG, Chromatics and the Melvins. The latter of which has offered their track as a free download and stream. The Melvins are proud to give you their rockin’ song “Dr. Mule”, which is one big hard rock hoof to the face. You can stream the new song at this location.

-Lane Oliver

Walk, The Death March: THE GATES OF SLUMBER Release New EP + Video

Man, fuck that Meshuggah EP released earlier this month by Scion A/V. What I’m more excited about, which happens to be something that I just learned about, is this new The Gates Of Slumber EP. Ho-lee-shiiiiiiit. I fucking love this band and I had no idea that they released a new EP through Scion late last month. Why the hell didn’t this make news everywhere?     Continue reading

No, Not The Shitty Vin Diesel Movie: MESHUGGAH Release “Pitch Black” EP

Meshuggah have partnered with good ol’ Scion A/V to bring you a new two track EP entitled Pitch Black. The EP features the previously unreleased title track and a live recording of “Dancers to a Discordant System”, which was recorded live at Distortion Fest, Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2012 “Pitch Black” is a six minute, hypnotic and atmospheric track that was recorded back in 2003 at Fear and Loathing in Stockholm by guitarist Fredrik Thordendal. I personally do not care for the track but my opinion doesn’t matter to you Meshuggahnauts. You can check out both tracks below and pick up the EP for free at this location.

Continue reading

Carving A Ballerina: Check Out New Videos From FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE And ARSIS

I’m a little behind on my posting about music videos lately. So let’s just hop right into this one, eh? The two videos I’m talking about in this post are the new one from Fleshgod Apocalypse and Arsis. I really enjoy bands making good music videos that are enjoyable to watch. Especially if the tracks they are going with are top-notch tracks. Let’s start with Fleshgod Apocalypse, who have released an… Interesting video for their track “The Forsaking.”     Continue reading

Lepers Caress: ARSIS Release New Free EP Via Scion A/V

I love Arsis. You love Arsis. We all love Arsis. So why would we not want new material, you know, now? I mean, Starve For The Devil was a fantastic, rocking good time and I still jam out to that slab of killer metal. I know I’m not the only one who has been dying for new material from this band who switches out members more than Power Rangers post-1994. It’s been over two years since Starve For The Devil was released and finally the band has released something new! Continue reading

Feeding On Sludge: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Release New Music Video

Wow. It was just about a week ago that I told you about that gnarly new Corrosion Of Conformity album that was released (FOR FREE) by Scion A/V. Well, that thing rules and now the band has released a new music video for the track “Feed On” which proves that CoC can still be destructively heavy and… weird as fuck. It’s a strange video to say the least, but I will leave that up for interpretation. Check out the video below and download Megalodon here for free. Enjoy! Continue reading

Rise Of The Megalodon: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Release Free EP

Legendary sludge rockers Corrosion Of Conformity have just released their latest offering, an EP by the name of Megalodon. Riding on the coattails of the band’s latest, self-titled LP, which was released this February, Megalodon is a fantastic, short record and it’s just an all-around rocking good time. I try to keep my head up on Scion A/V’s releases because they put out a lot of great heavy metal releases, but this one almost slipped past me. So yeah, if you didn’t get enough CoC this year, grab this monster now. It’s fucking good, kids. Check out a sample after the jump. Continue reading

MESHUGGAH Release “Demiurge” Music Video

As expected , Meshuggah’s live performance video for “Demiurge” has arrived online. The Scion A/V sponsored clip was filmed by Anthony Dubois at their New York show at Terminal 5 this past May. I admit the video is very well shot but to me, like a performance videos, it’s boring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ‘Shug. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

Orgasmic Geriatrics: Watch This Fantastic New REVOCATION Video

Good morning, readers! It’s a beautiful Friday and because it’s so nice, I thought you might wanna make it a little more enjoyable by watching this super awesome Revocation music video. The video is for the track “The Grip Tightens” which is on their new FREE EP “Tetragenesis” that you can download here.

For a metal video, this thing has some pretty lavish production. The costumes and make up are amazing. Obviously Scion A/V footed the bill for this. As I mentioned before, It’s a pretty awesome video. I mean when was the last time you saw your favorite modern thrash band in old man make up or having old bitches throw their panties at them? Never!

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— Josh Huddleston