HATE ETERNAL Streaming New Track “Pathogenic Apathy”

It feels like it has been a while since we got a new Hate Eternal album. I know that the band produces some killer death metal that I have always enjoyed and I am looking forward to hearing the bands forthcoming InfernusHate Eternal is currently streaming a new track titled “Pathogenic Apathy” and it’s pretty damn rad. Check it out below and get a face full of blast beats.     Continue reading

WEEDEATER Streaming New Album “Goliathan”

It’s time to get doomsludged! Weedeater, kings of crush, have unveiled their new album Goliathan for all to stream! This album is a devastating pulse of pure sludge and it’s magical. I highly suggest you check out this beast and do it more than once. If you partake in the greenage, like I assume some of our readers do, I hear it brings the music to a new light. Regardless, steam Goliathan from the great Weedeater below. They hate your face.       Continue reading

DRUDKH Streaming New Album “A Furrow Cut Short” In Full

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortI love Drudkh. The band is fascinating and they have been crafting phenomenal black metal for a looooong time. Well, they will be releasing their new album A Furrow Cut Short in May and you can now hear the album in full. I have listened to this bad boy one full time all the way through and a few tracks here and there and I gotta admit… I fucking love it. Check out the full stream of A Furrow Cut Short after the jump. All praise Drudkh.     Continue reading

SHINING Streaming New Album “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends”

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverSwedish black metal act Shining will soon release their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends and the band is now streaming the album in full. I’ve been listening to this today and I really dig it. I have always been a fan of Shining and I will always listen to whatever they put out. You can check out a full stream of the album after the jump. Do it. It’ll crush you.     Continue reading

DRUDKH Streaming New Track “Cursed Sons II”

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortFascinating black metal act Drudkh have released a new track today titled “Cursed Sons II” and it is about damn time. I feel like it takes too long in between Drudkh releases. The band’s music is something that has always been on my radar and I love them and their craft. You can check out “Cursed Sons II” after the jump and think happy thoughts.      Continue reading

SHINING Streaming New Track “Framtidsutsikter

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverShining, the SDBM band from Sweden not the jazzy one from Norway, will be releasing their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends at the end of next month and the band has released their third and final single off of the album. The track is titled “Framtidsutsikter” and, after it’s somewhat somber intro, it proceeds to crush and destroy with rage and angst. Check out the track below and get run over. YES.     Continue reading

BEYOND CREATION Streaming New Album “Earthborn Evolution”

betondgreationCanadian progressive death metal act Beyond Creation will be unleashing their new album Earthborn Evolution in two weeks and the band has teamed up with Lambgoat to stream the album in full. I am new to this band, but I really dig what I’m hearing, so I will definitely be giving this a few thorough listens. You can stream Earthborn Evolution in full after the jump. Dig it.      Continue reading

BASTARD FEAST Streaming New Album “Osculum Infame”

bastard feastPortland’s death horde Bastard Feast will be releasing their new album Osculum Infame at the end of the month and the band is currently streaming the album for your listening pleasure. You can check out the album after the jump, courtesy of Lambgoat. If you need some crushing death in your life today, then this is something you need. Check it.      Continue reading

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR Streaming New Album “Mechanical Tides”

cma - mechtidesOne of the UK’s greatest assets is their immense and incredibly talented grindcore and hardcore community. One band that has been a constant staple for me is Corrupt Moral Altar. I adore this band with every fiber of my being and I am thrilled that the band is finally streaming their new album Mechanical Tides in full so that the entire world can enjoy the grinding madness. You can check out a full stream of the album over on Stereokiller right now. The album will be released on July 22nd via Season Of Mist.