BEYOND CREATION Streaming New Album “Earthborn Evolution”

betondgreationCanadian progressive death metal act Beyond Creation will be unleashing their new album Earthborn Evolution in two weeks and the band has teamed up with Lambgoat to stream the album in full. I am new to this band, but I really dig what I’m hearing, so I will definitely be giving this a few thorough listens. You can stream Earthborn Evolution in full after the jump. Dig it.      Continue reading

BASTARD FEAST Streaming New Album “Osculum Infame”

bastard feastPortland’s death horde Bastard Feast will be releasing their new album Osculum Infame at the end of the month and the band is currently streaming the album for your listening pleasure. You can check out the album after the jump, courtesy of Lambgoat. If you need some crushing death in your life today, then this is something you need. Check it.      Continue reading

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR Streaming New Album “Mechanical Tides”

cma - mechtidesOne of the UK’s greatest assets is their immense and incredibly talented grindcore and hardcore community. One band that has been a constant staple for me is Corrupt Moral Altar. I adore this band with every fiber of my being and I am thrilled that the band is finally streaming their new album Mechanical Tides in full so that the entire world can enjoy the grinding madness. You can check out a full stream of the album over on Stereokiller right now. The album will be released on July 22nd via Season Of Mist.

BASTARD FEAST Streaming New Track “The Rat Through Our Veins”

bastard feastPortland’s deadly sludge act Bastard Feast has already won me over with two previously released tracks from their forthcoming record Osculum Infame and now they are crushing me once more. The band has unleashed the ripping “The Rat Through Our Veins” for your listening pleasure, and oh, is it a pleasure. The band creates a wall of sound that cannot be broken and it is amazing. Check out the track after the jump and get your face ripped off.       Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Release Music Video For “The Calling”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-Gods-CDDeathgrind horde Misery Index released their amazing new album The Killing Gods last month and the band has unveiled their new music video for their track “The Calling.” The video is really cool, shot completely in contrasted black and white. It has a very dark and bleak feel to it as a whole. Not to mention, the track is phenomenal. You can check out the video for “The Calling” after the jump.       Continue reading

BASTARD FEAST Streaming New Track “Bloated City”

bastard feastBlackened hardcore band Bastard Feast, whom I have championed in the past, have made their grand return! The band formerly known as Elitist will release their new album Osculum Infame in July and the band has unleashed one hell of a track to get you pumped for the album. The track is titled “Bloated City” and it totally destroys. Vicious, fast and brutal, Bastard Feast prove that they aren’t fucking around. Check out “Bloated City” after the jump.      Continue reading

MAYHEM Streaming New Album “Esoteric Warfare” In Full

mayhemesotericcdI’ve been touting the new record from black metal legends Mayhem for a while now and the album has finally been made available for the whole world to enjoy. Ahead of the albums release on June 10th, you can currently stream Esoteric Warfare over on Pitchfork. Be sure to check this record out either as a longtime fan of Mayhem or as someone new to the band, it’s phenomenal. Head over and stream this beast! NOW!

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR Streaming New Track “Die Glocke”

cma - mechtidesSo, I’m pretty sure I’ve talk about my love of Corrupt Moral Altar and drummer Tom Dring’s mustache. The band will be releasing their Season of Mist debut in July and the band has unleashed a motherfucker of a track. The track is titled “Die Glocke” and it is everything I love about CxMxAx. Check out this brutal slab of grind after the jump and prepare the ground. Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Album “The Killing Gods”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-GodsDeathgrind behemoths Misery Index will be releasing their fantastic new record in a few weeks and you can now stream The Killing Gods in full. You know you want this deep down inside of you and you crave it. Misery Index have yet to put out material that was less than great, so do what’s right and stream their new album two weeks before it’s actually released. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

MAYHEM Streaming New Track “Throne Of Time”

mayhemesotericcdBlack metal legends Mayhem will soon release their new album Esoteric Warfare and, from what I’ve heard, the album is shaping up to be quite enjoyable. I mean, it’s black fucking metal. We have heard a few new tracks from the record and now we get another in the form of “Throne Of Time.” It’s dark, it’s rough and it rules. You can check out the track after the jump and fully appreciate it. Yeah, son!     Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Track “The Killing Gods”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-GodsA while back I wrote about a new Misery Index track “The Calling” from their forthcoming The Killing Gods and now the deathgrinders have unleashed yet another masterpiece. This time around, the band has unveiled the albums title track and it is absolutely astonishing. Check out this blistering bastard below.     Continue reading

SEPTICFLESH Streaming New Track “Order Of Dracul”

Septicflesh Titan promotional photoSymphonic death metal legends Septicflesh will release their new album Titan in late June and the band has released the first single off of the album. The track is called “Order Of Dracul” and it is amazing. You can check out the track after the jump.     Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Track “The Calling”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-Gods-CDDeathgrind kings Misery Index are back to old tricks and are currently streaming a vicious, malicious beast of a track called “The Calling.” This track comes off of the bands forthcoming album The Killing Gods which is going to be released in May. Check out “The Calling” after the jump.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR’s Tom Dring

Tom Dring
Corrupt Moral Altar are an amazing band that I have been a fan of since their inception. I have also struck a friendship with the bands drummer Tom Dring, who I have stated many times in the past is the owner of the best mustache in grindcore. I recently caught up with Tom to talk about his mustache, their recent signing with Season Of Mist and much more. Read on. Continue reading

MAYHEM Release Lyric Video For “Psywar”

mayhemLegendary black metal act Mayhem will release a new album this may and they have just unleashed a monster of a track via the lyric video for “Psywar.” This song is absolutely desolate and crushing, it’s amazing. Mayhem lives! Mayhem lives! Check out the track after the jump. Trust me, it’ll blow your hair back.     Continue reading