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SERPENTINE PATH Streaming New Track “Disfigured Colossus”

Serpentine PathOne of the raddest deathsludge acts that have formed in the last few years has got to be Serpentine Path. Featuring members of Unearthly Trance, Winter, The Howling Wind and a former member of Electric Wizard, how would this super group not make amazingly killer sludge? Well, if you didn’t check out the bands debut album Serpentine Path, you can stream it here and check out my review here.

Once you’ve made yourself familiar, check out the bands new track “Disfiguring Colossus” after the jump. Holy damn. This is CRUSHING. N’joy.      Continue reading

SERPENTINE PATH To Release New Album “Emanations”

New York doom metal outfit, Serpentine Path, have announced the release of their sophomore full length. The new album will carry the title Emanations and will be released through Relapse Records on May 23rd (Germany/Benelux), May 26th (UK/World) and May 27th (North America). The seven new tracks were recorded by the band’s own bassist, Jay Newman, at Audiosiege. The album’s artwork, track listing, and video trailer can be found after the break.

Pre-order your copy here.

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Compendium Of Suffering: SERPENTINE PATH Streaming Album In Full

Remember that review I did of deathdoom supergroup Serpentine Path‘s debut album? Well if you read that and have been curious for yourself, I have some news for you. Metalsluts is hosting a full album steam of this destructive slab of doom. I can’t tell you how fucking killer this release is. I mean, of all of the doom albums I jam regularly, few measure up to the unholy goodness that is Serpentine Path. So headbang this way and then come on back and talk about the album in the comments section. Get crushed. Serpentine Path was released on September 11th via Relapse Records.

He Who Holds The Conch: SERPENTINE PATH – “Serpentine Path” Review

Doom is a genre of music that I adore. I love the dredging guitars, the powerful energy and the all-around atmosphere that these bands spew forth. I have quite a catalog of different varieties of doom that I love, but one I cannot get enough of is the infamous deathdoom tag. What is it about deathdoom that I am drawn to? I believe it is the raw aggression that you get from death metal but slowed to an ungodly level. You can create a much darker and horrifying atmosphere from slow and depressing music than you can from fast, pissed off tunes. It is for this reason that I have fallen head-over-heels for the deathdoom supergroup Serpentine Path, whose members have more than a few hands in the doom field. This band has completely obliterated my senses and I cannot get enough. [Continue...]

Death Rattlesnake Moan: SERPENTINE PATH Will Doom You All

You folks should know by now that I like my music one of two ways for the most part, fast and pissed off or slow and depressing. It comes as a pleasure for me to learn of new doom bands. It makes me even happier to learn of a new doom band whose membership is comprised of members of bands I love. This was the case for Serpentine Path, whose members include all of Unearthly Trance and Tim Bagshaw of the legendary act Electric Wizard. Is that a fucking line-up or what? And yes, the band is just as amazing as you would think.

Serpentine Path released a teaser not too long ago, which you can see below and now you can stream the whole track (titled “Crotalus Horridus Horridus”) over on Pitchfork. Do it, you know you want to. Serpentine Path‘s debut album will be released on September 11th via Relapse Records.