Gnarmageddon Fest III: A Day In Review


Much fucking thanks to Matt Ulfelder of Ulfelder Photography and Furn from Unfunzine for providing photos. 

My day started up late, circa 1 PM, nauseated and banged up from the usual “it’s probably Asbestos” climate of my upstairs bedroom. What started as just a few videos on r/youtubehaiku somehow turned into two hours and at that point, I presumed it to be the right time to start the day with some breakfast. Fish cake noodles…along with a viewing of Bad Boys II, which culminated around the slo-mo sequence where Martin Lawrence gets shot in the ass, the fated dropoff point for the eternally damned Michael Bay film which to the chagrin of the writers of Hot Fuzz, I have yet to finish. My pops and I headed down from Van Nuys to Pomona for me to hit up Gnarmageddon III at the Glasshouse and for him, to prepare for the day after of midi-tracked keyboard karaoke sessions AKA every party my family will ever celebrate AKA IN THIS INSTANCE as my grandpa and uncle’s death anniversary party version 2K14. Continue reading

Review: SEX PRISONER – “State Property”


Powerviolence has always been an anomalous and challenging realm for me. Its multitude of songs, all brandished with unique titles, themes, and riffs and A.D.D. like assault require an almost encyclopedic type of memory and a keen ear to attention. For years, though, I mocked its brevity, consistently placing bands under the powerviolence monikers into a category I denominated as “if you missed the first ten minutes, you missed the whole show” as if length somehow meant quality. All in all, it was novelty. Enter Sex Prisoner. The Tucson, AZ group’s punishing brand of heavy hardcore embellished powerviolence was definitely one of the first to give me the set of ears to be able to appreciate the genre. Their TLAL debut EP gave to powerviolence’s blasts of fury a much needed sludged out metallic hardcore low end undercurrent. Spasticness was given focus and a genre overlooked was given a second chance. After three years, Sex Prisoner’s long awaited effort comes in the form of State Property, a ten track behemoth of an effort that integrates the brooding yet monotonous sledgehammer assault of their excellent debut with the finer touches and technical details of their latter ACxDC/Magnum Force split, crafting the group’s most cohesive and well-written release to date. Continue reading

ACxDC Announce California Spring Break Tour



The demonic powerviolence forces in ACxDC have announced plans for a short six date Spring Break tour of southern California in April. Peep those dates(complete with Facebook event page links) as well as a stream of ACxDC’s side of their To Live A Lie released split with Magnum Force and Sex Prisoner (expected to be repressed late April/Early May; special edition vinyl available Record Release date 4/8) below.  Continue reading

Stream To Live A Lie’s ACxDC/SEX PRISONER/MAGNUM FORCE Three Way Split



To Live A Lie’s upcoming three-way split between the devastating powerviolence forces in ACxDC, Magnum Force, and Sex Prisoner is currently streaming exclusively over at CVLT Nation. Expected March 19th, the ten inch, thirteen track slab of mayhem clocks in at barely over ten minutes with every microsecond bursting with intensity and caustic anger. Stream this awesome contender for split of the year here and peep the dates for ACxDC’s Southwest tour(which kicks off today in San Diego) with fiends Sleepwalkers and Nomads below. In addition, look out for Sex Prisoner’s upcoming full length record, expected this Summer via Bad Teeth Recordings. Continue reading

Snyder Hates Cavities: BAD TEETH RECORDINGS’s Wake Up Dead Compilation Pre-Orders Up Today


Pre-orders for Bad Teeth Recordings’s(the label run by Weekend Nachos frontman, John Hoffman) second ever release and first compilation, Wake Up Dead Volume One, are poised to go up sometime later today. The compilation features six exclusive to this release tracks from six of the sickest and most promising hardcore bands today: Sex Prisoner(AZ), The Repos(IL), Curmudgeon(MA), To The Point(CA), Thick Skin(DC), and Sucked Dry(MO). Stream Thick Skin’s contribution to the compilation below and look out for pre-orders later today here. Bad Teeth Recordings’s first official release was one of my favorite EPs of last year, Subhuman, by Spine(review here). You should probably pick that up too.

ACxDC Streaming Entire Side Of Upcoming Three-Way Split; Announce Winter Tour



The wait for the monolith of brutality that is the upcoming To Live A Lie Three-Way split between Southern Californian demonic powerviolence forces ACxDC, Arizonian metallic hardcore infused powerviolence maniacs Sex Prisoner, and similarly Arizona based Dirty Harry denominated powerviolence Magnum Force has just gotten shorter. In addition to announcing an upcoming March Winter tour, ACxDC have also made available their five song slice of the upcoming split for streaming and download. Check that and peep the full Winter tour cycle(venues TBA) as well as ACxDC’s remaining December tour dates after the jump. To Live A Lie’s three way split is set to debut sometime late Winter during February or March.  Continue reading


Bad Teeth Recordings, the label run by Weekend Nachos frontman, John Hoffman/Caution, is gearing up to release their second release and first ever compilation entitled Wake Up Dead. Featuring six exclusive and unreleased songs from from the likes of hardcore acts The Ropes (IL), Curmudgeon (MA), Sucked Dry (MO) , To The Point (CA), Sex Prisoner (AZ) and Thick Skin (DC) , Wake Up Dead is set to debut sometime early 2013. Bad Teeth Recordings’s first release was the excellent, Subhuman(review here), by Kansas City/Chicago hardcore group, Spine. Check out a track or two from each of the bands below.  Continue reading

ACxDC Release New Song “Crux”

L.A. Powerviolence titans, ACxDC(Antichrist Demoncore), have recently released a crushing new song entitled “Crux”. The track comes off of ACxDC’s upcoming three way split with Magnum Force and Sex Prisoner. Stream the track below and look out for pre-orders for the 10″ split via To Live A Lie Records. It’ll be one of the last records pressed by To Live A Lie before a year long hiatus.