Former Member of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Starts Grind “Supergroup”

According to the reliable bros over at Metalsucks, former drummer of The Black Dahlia MurderShannon Lucas, is currently working on putting together a new grind project featuring Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) on vocals and Shane Embury (Napalm Death) on bass. Less notably the group features former Wartorn guitarist, Adam Faris. The group was originally conceived by Lucas prior to joining TBDM, but was put on the side line due to the groups busy schedule.

Apparently the guitar parts have been finished for quite some time and the band is just waiting for Embury to lay down some bass riffs before the ball really gets rolling. As of now, the group remains nameless but will be entering the studio in April to record vocals and drums for their first release. We will keep you updated as info is released.

— Josh Huddleston

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LOCK UP Post Part II Of Necropolis Transparent Album Trailer!

And Gnarly shits his pants. I’m seriously anticipating this record. If it comes out and I am disappointed, there is a good chance that I will climb a clock tower. You know, just to say I climbed a clock tower. Apparently, this will be an “all out grind assault” which will pay tribute to the thrash and death metal bands of the ’80s (i.e. Dark Angel and Possessed). Short but sweet, this only makes me want to hear this fucking record even more…

After the jump you can check out the track list because I don’t know if I posted it last time and I don’t feel like looking. Peace out.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
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LOCK UP Post Album Trailer For Necropolis Transparent!

Remember when I did my spotlight on Tomas Lindberg (here and here)? Well, in that spotlight I talked about Lindberg’s amazing grind project Lock Up and how they were recording a new album that is to be released on July 1st. That album is called Necropolis Transparent and a trailer for the album has recently surfaced online via Nuclear Blast’s Youtube page. This trailer has done nothing but get me even more excited for this record. It reveals guest musicians who are to appear on the album as well as the story behind the album’s artwork. Check out the video below.

~R. Gnarly

Thanks to Metal Underground for the tip!