GLASS CLOUD Release New Music Video

Glass Cloud (ex Sky Eats Airplane, Danza) has released the new, dark music video for their song “If He Dies, He Dies” from their debut record The Royal Thousand. The video follows the dark tale of an abusive father who kills his spouse and soon goes after his own flesh and blood. The song itself blends metalcore with technical groove metal tendencies in the vein of Danza. You’ll get well performed, raspy clean vocals from Jerry Roush (who sounds better here than he did in Sky Eats Airplane) as well as an array of rhythmic bursts and discordant licks. Anyways, check out the video below.

-Lane Oliver

TESSERACT Acquire New Vocalist

Tesseract vocalist, Dan Tompkins, parted ways with the band recently. The band has yet to reveal the reasoning behind Dan’s departure. But have no fear Tesseract fans, they have acquired a brand new vocalist, and he seems to be doing a great job. They grabbed  a hold of Elliot Coleman of Sky Eats Airplane to take over vocal duties.

Here is a video of Coleman performing with the band live:

Not too bad. The only statement the band has released on the situation is as follows:

“Seeing as our previous post about this got lost in the ether, we’ll re-post. Our label and us will make an official announcement about this on TUESDAY. Sorry guys, as its so important we have to do these things properly and take our time to make sure our true thoughts and feelings are conveyed correctly. Thank you for all your wonderful messages of support and good will. Much Love, TesseracT”

I hope the new vocalist tickles your fancy, Tesseract fans.

Also, as an added bonus, head on over to Metal Injection to check out three exclusive clips of the band performing acoustic versions of some of their songs.

-Lane Oliver