Thinking Outloud: Why Do People Like ATTILA?

When it comes to trends in extreme music, I feel like I am pretty open to whatever the kids are doing these days. Sure, I’ll listen to your deathcore band although I am not the biggest fan of the genre. Hell, I even listened to the new Korn material, although I knew for a fact it would not be anything I would ever want to remember. Speaking of Korn, if there is one fad that I thought and prayed had passed on, out of the eyes and ears of extreme music fans, it is rap metal. Limp Bizkit, the aforementioned Korn and (hed)P.E. dominated the mid-to-late 90s and even into the early 2000s and they captivated teens and young adults the world over. However, the genre of music that these two bands used as a weapon is one that would come to be ridiculed not long after they fell out of the limelight. Continue reading

WTF Moment: Ruin Your Morning With The Trailer For IWRESTLEDABEARONCE’s New Movie, “A Beary Scary Movie”


God damn it, I had to wake up to an email about this this morning. I’m not going to lie, it made me vomit in my mouth a little bit, so I obviously had to share it with you guys! A few days ago, ironic hipster dancecore favorites, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, uploaded a trailer for their “long-awaited” theatrical debut. I remember first reading about this several months back but assumed it was a hoax not too dissimilar from their supposed kvlt black metal album. Sadly, I was wrong.

The premise of the movie is something kind of like Candyman, but about a legendary 80’s hair metal guitarist named Shreddy.. I know you are probably thinking how could this get worse and I’ll tell you… The movie stars none other than Clown from presumably IWABO’s favorite nu metal band, Slipknot. Ew. Disgusting, right?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Jake Busey is in it too. I know that what you are thinking, “Who gives a fuck about Jake Busey. Call me when the get a real actor like his father”, only because I am thinking the same thing. Continue after the jump to read the official press release and watch the trailer for “A Beary Scary Movie“…. If you dare… Continue reading

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Release Rehearsal Video For “Dead As History”

The Dillinger Escape Plan will perform their song “Dead As History” from 2007’s Ire Works for the first time ever at Slipknot’s Knotfest in Somerset, WI tonight. This track is one of my favorites from that album and I wish I could be there to witness it live (though the plethora of “maggots” would drive me to the point of suicide). So I will have to settle for this little rehearsal video the band put together.

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A Day In The Life Of A Heretic: Members of PERIPHERY Cover SLIPKNOT

As you folks know, I am way past my fascination with Periphery, but I do still follow the band on Facebook because, well, sometimes they say funny things. This morning I was skimming my news feed, to see what had happened in the hours I was sleeping, and one of the first things I noticed was Periphery posting a Soundcloud link to a track titled “THE HERETIC ANTHEM.” Well, I know “The Heretic Anthem.” I listened to Slipknot back in the day. A lot of people did. I did not, however, expect this song to be covered by members of Periphery.

And I gotta say, this song sounds much more like The ‘Knot than it does Periphery. It’s weird, actually. Here I thought they would make it all djent-y, but no. They actually keep it quite nü. Check out the track below and weigh in with your opinions in the comments.

Say Hello To the Japanese KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!

Okay, I’m not a Killswitch fan, but I thought the band was mildly talented back in my early teens (when Jesse Leach was still frontman) but when the band’s sound took a shift (after Howard joined the band), I gave up on them. I know Killswitch have been an influence for a lot of bands that are creating metal/deathcore right now, I mean Killswitch did what they did well and apparently they have been quite an inspiration in or around Japan.

This band (that I’ve never heard of) called Each of The Days sounds so much like Killswitch that it’s not even funny. Of course, they sound like Howard Jones-era, but the sound regardless. When the lead singer, Norio does his clean vocals he almost sounds like Corey Taylor. So apparently Killswitch Engage weren’t the only influences for this band. If I was into metalcore like this nowadays I’d probably dig this, however I don’t. It’s a good track, but not my cup, ya’ know? Each of The Day recently released a new music video off of their forthcoming Sweet Charion. Enjoy it if you’re down.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Corey Taylor Pays Tribute To A Lost Bandmate And Friend

I’m a tattoo fanatic. I have a few and I love getting them and watching others get them. I admit, I watch LA Ink. Not just for the tattoos, though. Kat Von D is a fox and I don’t care who disagrees. I watched a little of Miami Ink back in the day, but I mainly stick with LA. I didn’t even know there was a NY Ink until earlier today when Horns Up Rocks posted about a certain frontman getting a certain tattoo of a certain bass player that passed away. No, it wasn’t James Hetfield getting a Cliff Burton tattoo. James is too busy getting straight edge tattoos and plotting out Monopoly pieces to worry about lost bass players.

No, the frontman I am speaking of is Slipknot’s own Corey Taylor. As we all know, Corey was extremely close to Paul Gray (the band’s former bass player who died last year). For the anniversary of Paul’s death, Corey decided he was going to get a tattoo in memoriam of his friend. The artwork is actually really good. Like I said, I’ve never seen NY Ink before this clip, but this Tim dude seems like a good artists.

So yeah, if you want to watch Corey spill his heart out and cry on national TV, you can do so after the jump.

~R. Gnarly

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CATALEPSY Prove That Nu-Metal Is Back In The Hiz-ouse

It appears that deathcore is slowly evolving into this decade’s nu-metal. Josh’s post about Suicide Silence’s track “You Only Live Once” off of the band’s forthcoming album, The Black Crown pretty much proves that nu-metal is making it’s comeback. Also, with posts I have made about bands like Upon a Burning Body we have pretty much figured out that deathcore is in a decline and frantic screaming to nu-metal songs is on the rise. I really thought rap metal disappeared years ago, but I guess with the return of Limp Bizkit we are all doomed.

Today I saw a new music video by the band Catalepsy for the title track off of the band’s latest album, Bleed. I got about 45 seconds into the video before laughing. That’s the best I could do. The track opens with almost the exact guitar tone Suicide Silence used for “You Only Live Once” which in turn was stolen from bands like Slipknot back in the day. Aside from the absurd guitar tones, the rapping and the ever-so-present breakdowns, the video is just… meh. The vocalist (who is dressed like a mentally challenged redneck transvestite), is basically bouncing between him jumping around with his band and screaming at a man (or woman?) with a bag over his (or her?) head. So not only is their music painfully stuck in 2001, but their video is just as stupid. Yes. I may sound childish by flat out calling this video stupid, but that’s all it is. I am tired of deathcore bands tarnishing the names of real metal bands the world over. Isn’t is bad enough we have bands like Attack Attack! and Design The Skyline obscuring the views of heavy music with their bro-core bullshit. Now we have to re-live nu-metal? I don’t want to go through that shit again. What do you cats think of Catalepsy? Or deathcore? Or bro-core? Or nu-metal? Leave some feedback. After the jump you can watch the video for Catalepsy’s “Bleed.”

~R. Gnarly

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A Rant About SUICIDE SILENCE. Because I Can Do That.

Josh posted the new Suicide Silence song earlier and I was also planning to post about it and I had a few other things to say. For a while now I have been saying that Suicide Silence might not be an absolutely terrible band if they dropped the breakdowns and Mitch’s low growls. Aside from those two things, the band is actually quite capable. They are good musicians they just started on the wrong side of the street, you know what I mean? There have been quite a few bands who have started out as a deathcore band and have gone on to become straight up death metal bands. To name a few, I can say Job For a Cowboy and Through The Eyes of The Dead have both changed their ways and they are much better this way.

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Pop Goes Nu Metal

Well, according to Metal Injection and YouTube, Hanson are planning an album of Slipknot covers. Yes, you read that correctly. Hanson, the sibling pop trio are planning to record a Slipknot (the Nu Metal one) cover album. What the fuck? Yeah, that’s what I though. I gotta say I agree with Metal Injection: Hell has officially frozen over. Fuck my life. Here is the video of the brothers playing “Wait and Bleed”.

I never expected to write about Hanson on this blog..

Bring Me The Horizon Kill Slipknot (song)

Okay, not literally, but emotionally, they killed the song “Eyeless” off of Slipknot’s debut album, Slipknot. Now, seeing as I utterly despise BMTH, it is not hard to believe that I am just now hearing this track off of BMTH’s (also) debut album Count Your Blessings. I can’t say I am really surprised by the fact that they covered (or should I say butchered) a Slipknot song, but it brings to mind the question of “Why?” With so many scene bands out there putting out horrible music, couldn’t Good Ole’ Olli pick a song that better suit the band instead of one that came of of, at least to me, an album that served as the gateway to Nu-Metal. I remember listening to Slipknot in Spanish class every day for a year. I loved that album. To this day, it is my favorite Slip’ album (although I stopped listening half-way through Vol. 3). So again I ask, why are these new, trendy, skinny jeans wearing bands ATTEMPTING to cover songs from the good old days? Suicide Silence’s “Engine No. 9”? Okay, that sucked, but I dealt with it. When they covered “Them Bones,” that was the final straw. I have never been a big fan of Suicide Silence either, so it wasn’t hard to be turned off by these abominations. Now BMTH kills a Slipknot song and I know this won’t be the end of it. Have you heard any more scene bands covering classic or at least decent songs from back in the dizay? e-mail me and let me know. Here is BMTH’s cover of “Eyeless” via Youtube.

No scene kids were hurt in the typing of this post.

Not So Nu-Metal.

Today’s bullshit rambling:

This morning, I was taken back to my early teens. I stood at my work place with Pandora radio on, and on comes Disturbed’s “Shout 2000,” which I hadn’t heard or thought about for years. Next song on Pandora was System of a Down’s “Deer Dance” and then Korn’s “ADIDAS.” Why did this affect me so? Because these are three of the bands that brought me into the world of heavy music. It was from there that I began to explore more extreme types of metal. I started looking into the bands that influenced Jonathan Davis and Corey Taylor, and what I found was heavier than anything I could imagine (I was 12) and I kept going further and further until one day I came across something that would change my life: Ace Ventura. That move introduced me to Cannibal Corpse and I will forever be grateful to Jim Carrey. So, I know that these bands are pretty much sell-outs now. And, like I said, some of this shit I haven’t heard in years, but it was nice to go back and remember what got you where you are today.

Oh yeah, and then a Slipknot song off of their last album came on and ruined my fucking mood.