HALSHUG Streaming New Track “Knæl”

halshug - blahblahbandRad hardcore Danish powerhouse Halshug will thrust their fierce Blodets Bånd next week and they are currently streaming a badass new track titled “Knæl.” Now, I don’t speak this bands native language, but I don’t need to because I do speak the international language of hardcore punk.  Halshug are a force to be reckoned with and their music should be jammed at high volume. Check out “Knæl” below. Or fuck off.      Continue reading

Exclusive: Stream TORCH RUNNER’s New Album “Endless Nothing” + Interview

JACKET2_wo_tempIf you love your music fast, pissed off and snarling, then you must be familiar with Torch Runner. The band has been featured a few times on American Aftermath and I absolutely adore them. I was recently given the opportunity to interrogate vocalist/bassist Rob Tuner as well as invite you all to stream the new Torch Runner album Endless Nothing. This album is spectacular and it is definitely one of my favorites of the year. After the jump you see check out my quick interview with Rob as well as stream some of the crustiest filth this year. Enjoy it.    Continue reading

GUST Announce New Album

Swedish hardcore outfit Gust have announced the release of their new self-titled full length. The record, mastered by Brad Boatright (who also supplied vocals to the track “Humility in Disguise”), will see a release through Southern Lord sometime this August. You can check out the album’s official artwork and track listing, as well as the band’s forthcoming touring schedule, after the break.

You can listen Gust’s past discography at their Bandcamp page. Pre-orders for the new album can be placed here.

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TODAY IS THE DAY Joins Southern Lord Recordings

[photo by Jose Carlos Santos]

Today is the Day have announced that they will be joining forces with Southern Lord for the release of their 10th studio album. The new album, which is entitled Animal Mother, will be released through the aforementioned label later this year. The album will feature the group’s new lineup of drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler), bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo) and the iconic guitarist/frontman Steve Austin. Austin had the following to say on the recent signing and the impending LP:

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Exclusive Interview: ENABLER’S Jeff Lohrber

Enabler has since their formation in 2009 gained a sizable following by releasing a plethora of LPs, EPs, and splits showcasing their potent combo of punk,hardcore,thrash,grind, and crust. Following up on their critically acclaimed 2012 LP All Hail The Void, released on Southern Lord Records, will be La Fin Absolue Du Monde, a rawer ,even more intense exercise in brutality than anything else in Enabler’s discography.

Singer/guitarist/main songwriter Jeff Lohrber was kind enough to sit down with me for an interview via email. Read on after the break.

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TORCH RUNNER Signs With Southern Lord, Confirms Sophomore LP

The North Carolina metallic hardcore trio Torch Runner have announced that they have inked a deal with Southern Lord for the release of their forthcoming sophomore full length. The band is currently finalizing the new album at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, North Carolina with Kris Hilbert at the helm. On the new album, the band collectively stated:

We all feel like we are really hitting our stride with the songs on this record. We’ve been a band for seven years now, and everything we’re writing is stronger than ever. This is the fastest record that we’ve written without a doubt. We’ve all put a ton of ourselves into the writing of this record on all fronts, and I think the emotion that comes with that is better shown through the music and the lyrics in this album than anything that we’ve done up to this point. We have taken our writing to a more personal level with this record; more concerned with externalizing the anger and frustration that we all face internally. While a lot of the songs deal with different specific themes, I think they can all be deconstructed to show the same idea- which is the internal battle and desolation that we face after realizing that our existence is utterly inconsequential.

More info on the forthcoming album will be released in the coming weeks. Until then, you can stream the band’s previous full length Committed to the Ground after the break.

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Manifest Decimation: POWER TRIP Release New Track From Upcoming LP


After releasing handfuls of 7″ releases over the years, Dallas, Texas based crossover thrash band Power Trip will be releasing their debut full length record. The eight track record will be entitled Manifest Decimation and will see a release on June 11th through Southern Lord. Here is the official track listing:

Manifest Decimation Track Listing:
1. Manifest Decimation
2. Heretic’s Fork
3. Conditioned to Death
4. Murderer’s Row
5. Crossbreaker
6. Drown
7. Power Trip
8. The Hammer of Doubt

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DEAD IN THE DIRT Working On Debut Full Length

The Atlanta based crusty grindcore trio of Dead in the Dirt are currently working on their debut full length as we speak. The band have wrapped up the writing process and will now travel to Bricktop Recording Studio in Chicago to record with Andy Nelson. The new record will reportedly be titled The Blind Hole and will follow two EP’s, Vold and Fear. The record should see a release through Southern Lord later this year. The band will also be embarking on a Southeast U.S. tour this may and the dates can be viewed below. As an added bonus, stream the band’s first two EP’s below as well.

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Stream BAPTISTS’ New Album “Bushcraft” In Full

Vancouver hardcore punks, Baptists, officially released their new record Bushcraft yesterday. You can give the new album a test run by streaming it in full over at Exclaim. If you liked any hardcore albums Southern Lord put over the past few years then you will enjoy this. I personally didn’t care too much for it but apparently  Ross and I am sure you are more inclined to value his opinion more than mine. So, stream it now!

-Lane Oliver

BAPTISTS Release New Track

Vancouver based hardcore band, Baptists, have premiered a new track via Brooklyn Vegan. The track is called “Think Tank Breed” and it is a minute and a half of face ripping crusty hardcore that will beat you into a senseless bloody and heap and leave you begging for more. The track comes from their upcoming record, Bushcraft, which will see a release via Southern Lord on February 19th. Stream the track below and check out the new album’s track listing.

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Jazz Freak Out!: FONTANELLE Release New Material

Experimental jazz fusion outfit Fontanelle has returned after a ten year silence for the release of a brand new record. The record in question is entitled Vitamin F and will be released through Southern Lord on October 23rd. Spin.com has the first taste of the record in the form of the LSD laden “When the Fire Hits the Forest”. The song begins with an oscillating array of absinthe inspired effects and groovy baseline that walks confidently into a full blown avant jazz swagger full of noisy guitar leads and a dizzying display of complex instrumentation. I personally have never heard of this band before today but I can tell you they impress the hell out of me. I am a sucker for jazz and weird music and Fontanelle combines both of these in a nice saccharine package. Check out that track and tell me it is not awesome.

-Lane Oliver

THE SECRET Announce New Album ‘Agnus Dei’

Everyone’s favorite crusty, spiteful Italian hardcore act, The Secret, have announced the release of their new record Agnus Dei (Latin for Lamb of God). The Kurt Ballou produced monstrosity will hit the shelves on October 23rd via Southern Lord. For those dying to get a taste of the aural nihilism, you can stream the murky black metal inspired title track below (courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan).

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This Is Fucking Hardcore: Watch A Full Live Set From NAILS

Sick and twisted grinding hardcore motherfuckers Nails recently performed at This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia and their set was fucking righteous. If you weren’t able to catch the show, the good people at Hate5Six were there to catch the whole fucking thing. As with all of Hate5Six’s videos, the sound quality is top-notch and the footage is killer. You can check out the video below and get your mind blown.

Nails (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Stream XIBALBA’s Upcoming Record

Brooklyn Vegan have an exclusive stream of Xibalba’s new record Hasta La Muerte (August 14th) for your listening pleasure. Xibalba’s music isn’t overly complicated by any means but it makes for its simplicity with pure brute force. They mix hardcore and crust punk aggression with downtuned, sludgy breakdowns that a band like The Acacia Strain would create. Anyway, check this record out at Brooklyn Vegan or stream it below.

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