Nothing Wounded: STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES Streaming New Song

I fell head over heels for Standing On A Floor Of Bodies last year and they never cease to amaze me. Crushing, brutal grind tunes blasted at you at a million miles per hour. What more could you possibly want from life? Seriously, think about that question and when you’re ready, proceed.     Continue reading

Review: STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES – “Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient”

First things first, this review is way overdue. I should have done this as soon as I got the album, but I wanted to wait and let this album truly sink in. This album did make my year end list because it’s fucking brutal and it deserved to be there. Now I will tell you a few things I enjoyed about Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient, the debut full length album from Standing On A Floor Of Bodies.     Continue reading

CRYPTIC PASSAGES Volume Three Double Sized Post


“We have such sights to show you!” – Hellraiser, 1987

Welcome to the third edition of Cryptic Passages, a weekly column in which I, Eric Nguyen, will be presenting for your torture, some of the most brutal, unrelenting, and hate drenched pieces of audio I’ve found journeying through the misanthropic plains of the internet. As promised by the lack of a posting last week, we now have a double sized edition this week. Six satanic passages await you in the cryptic chasm…after the jump. Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: HIROSHIMA VACATION’s “Overachiever”

The dudes in Hiroshima Vacation are fucking destructive. Their vicious grindviolence has pleased my ears ever since Andrew over at Operation Grindcore introduced me to them. Vii Caso, one of the two brothers that make up Hiroshima Vacation, writes for Operation Grindcore now and he and I have had a few conversations over the last few weeks. Hell, the dude even did guest vocals on one of my band’s tracks. He’s a killer dude and I am stoked that I have been given the opportunity to premiere a new track from the band!

This new track comes off of Hiroshima Vacation‘s upcoming split with Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (the band formed by Mike Stitches of Thousandswilldie) and it’s a fucking beast. Fifty-eight seconds of in-your-face brutality. A release date for the track has yet to be established, but Vii did tell me that it will be released on cassette through Sweet Stash Records. Check out “Overachiever” below and bang your fucking head.