DOWN I GO Streaming New Album “You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You”

Experimental hardcore trio Down I Go have premiered their forthcoming album, You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You, over at Upset Magazine. The album will officially be released this Friday, August 28, via Holy Roar Records and can be purchased here. The record is the first collection of new material since the band initially disbanded in 2011. The band offered the following comments regarding the new effort:

“We wrote this over nine days in virtual isolation at a farm on an ancient, deserted lava field in Western Iceland, …With little more than a store of Icelandic booze, some duty free sweets and a few horses for company. Stealing ideas from a borrowed book on Icelandic Legends, we threw together these ten songs. It was exhausting.
Our shows and media coverage have always woven around Holy Roar bands and we have a lot of respect for the label, so we offered the results to HR and they decided, with a bit of arm bending, to put the album out. We all believe it to be our best, most interesting work to date.”

Stream the oddball affair now.

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck

Canadian grind masters Fuck the Facts have premiered their upcoming full-length, Desire Will Rot, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, August 25, via the band’s own Noise Salvation. The record can still be pre-ordered here. If you like your grindcore forward-thinking, technical and vile, then Desire Will Rot is the perfect album for you. Stream the record after the break.

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EYE OF SOLITUDE And FAAL Streaming New Split EP

The forthcoming split EP between London’s Eye of Solitude and Netherlands-based Faal can now be streamed at Zero Tolerance Magazine. The untitled EP will be released on September 18 via Kaotoxin Records and can be pre-ordered here. Eye of Solitude‘s “Obsequies” takes up the A-side with its lumbering melancholic funeral march, while Faal‘s Gothic-tinged doom leviathan, “Shattered Hope”, occupies the B-side. Both tracks are monstrous, bleak doom masterpieces. Stream the release after the break.

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GAYTHEIST And RABBITS Streaming New Split LP “Gay*Bits”

Portland noise makers Gaytheist and Rabbits have premiered their forthcoming split LP, Gay*Bits, over at Pop Matters. The album will officially be released this Friday, August 21, via Good to Die Records. On this split release, both bands offer original songs and reworkings of each other’s songs as well. Stream the album now.

Both bands’ forthcoming tour dates can be found after the break.

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UNBREAKABLE HATRED Streaming New Album “Ruins”

Unbreakable Hatred - Ruins

Canadian technical death metal conjurers, Unbreakable Hatred, have premiered their forthcoming full-length, Ruins, over at Metal Sucks. The album will officially be released this Friday, August 21, via Unique Leader Records. Pre-orders can still be placed at this location. The record is a bestial affair that strikes the perfect balance between hammering groove and spiraling chaos. Get your face melted now!


GNAW THEIR TONGUES Streaming New Album “Abyss Of Longing Throats”, Stream New Track From Upcoming EP


One-man experimental black metal outfit Gnaw Their Tongues have premiered the new full-length album, Abyss of Longing Throats, over at Invisible Oranges. The album is available now via Crucial Blast and can be purchased here. If you are brave enough, delve deep into the terrifying world of Gnaw Their Tongues at this location.

In addition to the new album stream, Gnaw Their Tongues has premiered a new track entitled “Devoured” from an upcoming, currently untitled EP, at Noisey. That track can be streamed after the break.

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GREY SKIES FALLEN Streaming “Earthwalker” 7″

grey skies fallen earthwalker

NYC-based progressive doom outfit Grey Skies Fallen have released a new two-song 7″ release for free download. Titled Earthwalker, these two massive tracks are full of triumphant melody and city-leveling heaviness. The vinyl pressing of the record, limited to 120 copies on grey/green swirl wax, will be released sometime this October. In the meantime, stream and download the release after the break.

Grey Skies Fallen is currently working on their fifth full-length record and are aiming for a 2016 release.

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STERN Streaming New Album “Bone Turquoise”

The new full-length from Brooklyn experimentalist Chuck Stern’s eponymous project, Bone Turquoise, can now be streamed in full over at Echoes and Dust. The album will be officially released this Friday, August 7, via New Atlantis Records. Pre-orders can be found here. This self-described “alien pop” album features off-kilter pop and jazz-like arrangements with an eye towards the avant-garde. Stern‘s utilization of three Kayo Dot collaborators also brings this soothing yet polarizing album to life. Check it out now.

HARMONIC CROSS Release “Taman Shud” Video, Stream New Album

harmonic_cross [photo by Ebru Yildiz]

Ambient trio Harmonic Cross (ex-Darkest Hour) have unleashed the official video for their track “Taman Shud” over at Noisey. The cinematic track, which comes from the group’s recently released album, It Is Finished, is set to an abstract and darkly beautiful clip that compliments the sonic nature of the tune quite well. The video can be viewed after the break.

It Is Finished is out now via Magic Bullet Records and can be picked up here. Stream the album in full at Decibel now.

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LOCRIAN Streaming New Album “Infinite Dissolution”

Chicago experimentalists Locrian have premiered their forthcoming full-length, Infinite Dissolution, over at Revolver. The album will officially be release this Friday, July 24, via Relapse Records and can be picked up here. Hear the expansive, multi-faceted and emotive follow-up to 2013’s Return to Annihilation now and check out the band’s upcoming show dates with Insect Ark after the break.

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Stream The New GODHUNTER/DESTROYER OF LIGHT Split LP “Endsville”

The battle between Arizona’s Godhunter and Austin’s Destroyer of Light, Endsville, can now be witnessed in full over at The Sludgelord. Endsville is due out this Friday, July 24, through Battleground Records/Heavy Friends Records. Pre-orders can be picked up here or here. Head over to The Sludgelord to get your fix of primal, devastating sludge now.

DYSENTERY Streaming New Album “Fragments”

Boston slam tyrants Dysentery have premiered their new record, Fragments, over at Metal Underground. The album is officially out now via Comatose Music and can be ordered here. This absolutely gruesome album features pummeling grooves and murderous, nausea-inducing riffs and equally devastating drumming. Fans of Dying Fetus and the like will fall head over heels for Dysentery. Check out the album at this location.




Connecticut emo/post-rock collective, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, have premiered their forthcoming  Death to New Years 7″ over at Half Cloth. The two-track release is due out next Friday, July 24, via Top Shelf Records. Pre-orders can be purchased here. Just like the band’s past work, these two new tracks are heartfelt, expansive and redefine what “emo” really means. Stream them for yourself at this location.

IMMORTAL BIRD Streaming New Album “Empress/Abscess”

Chicago’s Immortal Bird are currently streaming their new full-length, Empress/Abscess, over at Invisible Oranges. The album is out now via Broken Limbs Recordings/Manatee Rampage Recordings and can be picked up here or here. The record is a mangled hybrid of death metal, grind and black metal that is menacing and complex. If you enjoyed their Akrasia EP, you will no doubt enjoy this. Stream the record after the break.

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POWER Streaming New EP “Heavy Muscle”

Washington hardcore outfit Power have premiered their recently released  EP, Heavy Muscle, over at Scene Point Blank. The album is officially out now via Twelve Gauge Records can be purchased at this location. The EP is full of pissed off, angst-ridden hardcore that is full of hard rock groove and swagger. It’s infectiously heavy. Stream it for yourself after the break.

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