HUMOURS Streaming New EP “The Onanist”

Portland genre-bending quartet Humours have premiered their debut EP, The Onanist, over at Noisey. The EP is officially out now via Eolian Empire and can be purchased digitally and on cassette here. The four-track release combines elements of cinematic prog and driving, angular post-hardcore into an eccentric, ever-shifting package. Find out for yourself over at this location.

IDES OF GEMINI Streaming “Carthage” 7″

IDES OF GEMINI - Carthage cover art

Occult trio Ides of Gemini have unleashed their new Carthage 7″ release for all to hear over at Magic Bullet Records’ Bandcamp. The two-song effort was released this past week through the aforementioned label as a part of Record Store Day. The release the stunning and haunting title track as well as a cover of the Billie Holiday classic, “Strange Fruit”. You can stream the tracks after the break and can purchase the vinyl at this location.

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BELL WITCH Streaming New Album “Four Phantoms”

Bell Witch

Seattle doom duo Bell Witch have premiered their upcoming album, Four Phantoms, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released on April 28 via Profound Lore and can be purchased here. The album is a monolithic, dark and dreary force of doom metal that will have you collapsing under the weight of its metallic melancholy. Just check it out for yourself over at Noisey now.

UPSILON ACRUX Streaming New Album “Sun Square Dialect”

The new album from Los Angeles’ Upsilon Acrux, Sun Square Dialect, is officially out today can be streamed and purchased via New Atlantis Records. The album combines elements of free jazz, math rock, post-rock, noise rock and a plethora of other styles into an intricate, erratic and colorful album that is damn-near impossible to pigeonhole. Check out the equilibrium-shattering record after the break.

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GRUESOME Streaming New Album “Savage Land”


The debut album from Death-worshiping outfit Gruesome (Exhumed, Possession, etc), Savage Land, can now be streamed in full over at Decibel. The album is officially due out on April 17 (Germany/Benelux/Finland), April 20 (UK/world) and April 21 (North America) via Relapse Records and can be purchased here. While you’re spending your hard-earned money, stream the album at this location.

WOVOKA Streaming New Album “Saros”


Californian sludge purveyors Wovoka have premiered their debut full-length album, Saros, over at Invisible Oranges. The album is officially out now via Battleground Records and can be purchased here. Saros is a tremendous release that features nearly a solid hour of crushing, demanding post/sludge metal that needs to be heard. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself at this location.



NY IN 64 Streaming New Full-Length “NY64″

The debut release from NY in 64 (East of the Wall, You and I) is officially out now via Magic Bullet Records (order here). The new release can now be streamed via Bandcamp or Soundcloud. NY in 64 create some dynamic, intricate noise that runs the gamut of contemporary progressive metal and old-school angular post-hardcore. NY64 is bound to end up on a lot of  “Best Of” lists this year. Stream the album after the break.

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THE CROTALS Streaming New Album “Fuel! Flames! Blast!”


Swiss sludge rock trio The Crotals have premiered their forthcoming debut full-length, Fuel! Flames! Blast!, over at The Obelisk. The album will officially be released this Friday, April 3, via Tenacity Records (pre-order here). If monstrous, noisy bass-lines and grimy, stoned riffs intrigue you, then you may find a new favorite band in The Crotals. Head over to The Obelisk to stream the record now.

SULPHUR AEON Streaming New Album “Gateway To The Antisphere”

German death metal outfit Sulphur Aeon have premiered their forthcoming album, Gateway To The Antisphere, over at No Clean Singing. The album will officially be released this Friday, April 3, via Imperium Productions and Ván Records and can be ordered at this location. But who wants to wait two more days to get maimed by blistering, hellacious riffs? No one, that’s who. Stream the album here right now.

KEEPER Streaming New EP “The Space Between Your Teeth”

Image of Keeper "The Space Between Your Teeth" 12"

Californian doomsayers Keeper have premiered their new EP, The Space Between Your Teeth, over at CVLT Nation. The release is comprised of two gargantuan tracks that sound as if they were forged in the fires of Hell itself. It’s sonic devastation at its finest. Stream the EP after the break and pre-order a vinyl copy at Crown and Throne Ltd.

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