ANAAL NATHRAKH Streaming New Album “Desideratum”

The forthcoming opus from U.K.’s death/industrial metal hybrid Anaal Nathrakh, Desideratum, can now be streamed in its entirety over at Revolver. The album will officially be released on October 28th via Metal Blade Records and can be pre-ordered here. If you like chaotic, grinding death metal and just so happen to like the electronic nuances of industrial metal, then Desideratum is the right album to you. Get your fix of aural psychopathy over at Revolver.

ATRIARCH Streaming New Album “An Unending Pathway”

Portland occult metal outfit Atriarch have premiered their forthcoming album, An Unending Pathway, over at Pitchfork. The goth, doom, black metal and hard rock hybrid will officially be released on October 27th via Relapse Records and can be pre-ordered here. While you are checking out,  stream the album in all its gloomy glory over at Pitchfork.

PURGE Streaming New 7″ “Sewage”


The new 7″ EP from Pittsburgh’s Purge, Sewage, can now be streamed in full over at CVLT Nation. If you like your hardcore grimy, dissonant, and all around chaotic, then Purge is the band for you. Feel free to stream the destructive EP over at CVLT Nation now.

Sewage is now available via Deathwish and can be purchased here.

LIZZARD Streaming New Album “Majestic”

French experimental heavy rockers LizZard have premiered their forthcoming sophomore full length album, Majestic, over at PureGrainAudio (North America) and (Germany). If you like your rock to sound huge and cinematic, then Majestic is the album for you. The album will officially be released this Friday, October 17, via Klonosphere Records. In the meantime, feel free to stream the album here or here.


REVOCATION Streaming New Album “Deathless”

Revocation have premiered their forthcoming fifth full length album, Deathless, over at Revolver. The album will officially be released on next Tuesday, October 14, and pre-orders are still being offered here. Deathless brings the face-shredding, bone-breaking, mind-melting riffs in abundance. If that excites you, then stream the album over at Revolver now.



TODAY IS THE DAY Streaming New Album “Animal Mother”

Today Is The Day have premiered their forthcoming 10th studio album, Animal Mother, over at Lambgoat. The new album combines the heaviest and strangest of the band’s discography into a 14 track (which also includes a cover of the Melvins‘ “Zodiac”) behemoth of an album. Animal Mother will officially be released next Tuesday, October 14th, and pre-orders are still being offered here. Stream the new album over at Lambgoat now.




PIG DESTROYER Streaming “New” Doom EP “Mass & Volume”

Pig Destroyer‘s previously limited two-track doom EP which was recorded during the final sessions of Phantom Limb, Mass & Volume, can now be streamed over at Revolver. The EP will officially be released next Tuesday, October 14th, via Relapse Records. Pre-orders for the effort can be placed here. Head over to Revolver to stream the EP now.

Pig Destroyer‘s forthcoming tour dates can be seen below.

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BLUT AUS NORD Streaming New Album “Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry”

French black metal titans Blut Aus Nord have premiered their forthcoming 11th studio album, Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry, over at Noisey. The album completes the Memoria Vetusta trilogy that began with its first installment, Memoria Vetusta I – Fathers of the Icy Age, back in 1996. In contrast to the outfit’s previous 777 trilogy, Memoria Vetusta III houses a more traditional black metal sound. The album will officially be released tomorrow, October 10th, but go ahead and stream the icy opus after the break.

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MELVINS Streaming New Album “Hold It In”

Melvins‘ forthcoming collaborative album with Butthole Surfers members Jeff Pinkus and Paul Leary, Hold It In, can now be streamed in full over on Pandora. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, October 14th via Ipecac Recordings. If you cannot wait another week, and why would you want to anyway, head over to Pandora to check out the album now.

LO-PAN Streaming New Album “Colossus”


Ohio riff-heavy quartet Lo-Pan have premiered their forthcoming full length, Colossus, over at Metal Sucks. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, October 7th, via Small Stone Recordings. Now you too can get bowled over by gargantuan hard rock riffs and have memorable hooks stuck in your head for the remainder of your day. Take advantage of the stream at this location now.

Pre-orders for Colossus can be placed here.

DIE CHOKING Streaming New EP “II”

Philadelphia grinders Die Choking have premiered their forthcoming EP, II, over at Decibel. The EP will official be released on September 29th and pre-orders can still be placed here. In the meantime you can stream all five tracks over at Decibel. The EP is short, fast and extremely vicious as grind should be. Check it out.

Die Choking have announced a string of October tour dates alongside Fantasy Panther and Grin and Bear It. You can check out all of those dates and others after the break.

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Groove-heavy North Carolina-based hardcore punks Society Sucker have premiered their new self-titled EP over at Decibel. The five-track affair is official out today via Get This Right Records and can be purchased here and here. If you like your hardcore fast, dirty and super catchy, then Society Sucker is the band for you. Head over to Decibel to stream the EP or check out below.

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