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Earlier this week, label Cricket Cemetery revealed teaser tracks and plans for a two-pronged assault between two of my favorite entries in the former Cryptic Passages column, Pittsburgh grinders Purge. and the Full Of Hell-affiliated Ocean City slashers Jarhead Fertilizer. To say the least, the devastating initial results show both groups have stepped up their game hard. From their sludgier origins, Jarhead Fertilizer have undergone a huge stylistic change for the better, embracing more grindiness, speed and rhythmic variety, while the solid Purge. are continually increasing the aggression and impact of their Discordance Axis meets Disembodied grind assault. Listen and decide for yourself with both teaser tracks streamable below via Cricket Cemetery’s bandcamp and an additional two tracks also streamable below as background music via a video tour promo detailing an upcoming mini-tour between the two which will span January 10th through the 12th. Follow Cricket Cemetery on Facebook here for further announcements.   Continue reading

INDIAN Streaming New Track “Directional”


Long running sludge/doom outfit Indian are ringing in the new year’s gloom just right with the premiere of a new track entitled “Directional”, off of their long-awaited and upcoming fifth full length LP, From All Purity. Currently streaming exclusively over at Invisible Oranges HQ, “Directional” is a six minute trudging journey into hypnotic bleakness with rolling doom riffs canvassed across a sea of piercing power electronics and amongst some of the group’s most scathing vocal recordings to date. Drone out to the new buzz here, check out the first tease “Rhetoric Of No” here, and pre-order From All Purity via Relapse Records here.

The record hits North American shores the 21st of January, Germany/Benelux/Finland on the 17th and the rest of the world on the 20th.


Antinumerology: MITOCHONDRION Debut New Track/Pre-Orders



Vancouver, BC experimental blackened death metal hounds Mitochondrion are currently streaming a mind-melting new track entitled “Insummation” off of their long-awaited EP, Antinumerology. Tight, discordant, and ripe with the group’s vitriolic militancy, “Insummation” is a well awaited slice of fine death metal and in my opinion, strikes the perfect balance between the group’s war metal-esque assault and eerie atmospherics. While the track itself has been a part of the group’s live repertoire for awhile and should be no stranger to followers of the group, the two-year gap between 2011′s Parasignosis draws blood with two additional new tracks to round out three on this latest EP( “137″ and “Antinumerology”), available for pre-order now as limited black or white vinyl via Dark Descent Records. Stream “Insummation” below, pre-order Antinumerology here and check out it’s awesome artwork above, done by Richard Friend (Loss, Father Befouled). 

NOTHING Sign To Relapse Records, Debut “Dig”



Philadelphia, PA shoegaze group Nothing have officially signed to Relapse Records with plans for the release of the group’s sophomore full length record, Guilty Of Everything, this upcoming January. Alongside the announcement also comes the debut single off of Guilty Of Everything, the track “Dig”, which can be streamed below and downloaded for a flat buck. Tact but nonreliant solely on the nostalgic depression and gloom of shoegaze, “Dig” builds on the sound to more expansive and turgid heights. Follow Nothing via their official Facebook page here and be sure to check them out on their currently ongoing tour with peers Whirr, details after the jump. 

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Infestation: EMPIRE OF RATS Debut “Another Minute In Hell”


Columbus, Ohio metallic hardcore group Empire Of Rats are streaming a new track entitled “Another Minute In Hell” off of their long-awaited debut self titled LP, out this Fall, October 1st via A389 Recordings, exclusively over at Lambgoat. Ripe with chunky pit-inducing riffs, piercing double-bass backed blasts and a modicum of swarming solos and breakdowns, Empire Of Rats are here to prove that the oft-regurgitated, rarely perfected realm of heavy hardcore is still very much alive. Additionally, stream and download Empire Of Rats’s current discography free below and follow them via their official Facebook here for future updates and tour outings.


Knee Deep: SEA OF SHIT Debut Two New Tracks



Chicago powerviolence group, Sea Of Shit, are currently streaming two new tracks from their upcoming debut self-titled 10″ LP, out soon on Diseased Audio Records. Taking the band’s gruff vocals, bass heavy, fuzzed out production and sharp powerviolence tact to new heights, the Sea Of Shit tidal wave is as pulverizing and vile as ever on these new slabs. Stream the two new tracks below and be sure to catch Sea Of Shit on their upcoming tour with grind brothers, Sick/Tired, where they will have a limited to 80 tape copy of the imminent record.

All Hail Eternal War: TWITCHING TONGUES Debut New Track “World War V”

Photo Credits to Carrlyn Bathe (https://twitter.com/ohcarrlyn)
Photo Credits to Carrlyn Bathe (https://twitter.com/ohcarrlyn)

Twitching Tongues are currently streaming a new track entitled “World War V” off of their upcoming August 20th expected sophomore album, In Love There Is No Law, exclusively over at Decibel. Paying homage to the Pete Steele helmed Carnivore not only in title, “World War V” is further proof of the evolution and smoothed metallic integration of the Southern California group, a cohesive double-bass drum backed modicum of fury and doomish melody. Check out the track here and pre-order In Love There Is No Law via Closed Casket Activities here.

Revocation Debut New Track “Fracked”


Progressive tech thrashers Revocation are currently streaming an all new track entitled “Fracked” off of their upcoming epic fourth full length, the self-titled Revocation, exclusively over at Loudwire. The anti-fracking anthem is definitely my favorite of the teased tracks so far, a more sustained and expansive track that treads along a more progressive inclination, boasting some almost electronic sounding complimentary basswork and an epic solo section. Musings aside, you can stream “Fracked” via Loudwire here and pre-order Revocation via Relapse Records here, out August 6th. Be sure to catch Revocation on the remaining dates of this year’s excellent Summer Slaughter tour.

Considered Dead, Now Breathing: GORGUTS Debut Lyric Video For “Forgotten Arrows”

270072_247812315237635_4988790_nLegendary technical death metal group, Gorguts, has lain dormant for over a decade, seemingly expunged of life. Despite an announced reformation in 2008, the Canadian legend has remained relatively quiet about new material, evoking a brief but thunderous bellow with their live return during 2012′s Death To All tour. That silence is broken today with the debut of the lyric video for new track “Forgotten Sands”. Imbued with the assistance of Dysrhythmia shredders, Colin Marston and Kevin Hufganel, along with the unpredictable drums of Origin’s John Longstreth, “Forgotten Sands” unleashes a dizzying miasma of discordance and intensity, a welcome first-blood testament of the group’s longest in-work effort to date. Stream “Forgotten Sands” below and pre-order Colored Sands (Aug. 30) via Season Of Mist here.

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Review: POWER TRIP – “Manifest Decimation”


Power Trip are a five piece crossover thrash band based out of Dallas, TX. With a strong hold on the hardcore community and an odd silence within their other relevant circles, my initial introduction as a neophyte hardcore listener to the Texas group was anomalous. Already awash in a sea of other similar groups from my own beginnings as a metalhead, their debut EP Armageddon Blues did little for me and not until their Lockin’ Out self-titled EP did I begin to bear a glimpse into the validity of the hype behind the group. Manifest Decimation clamps a radioactively charged and venomous grip around that gripe. As a denominational play on the 19th century imperialistic ideal of “manifest destiny”, Power Trip’s debut full length Manifest Destiny lays not a claim to total conquest for one bloodline, but a deterministic blood prophecy of planetary destruction by riff and simply put, it’s one of the best thrash records I’ve heard in a long time. Continue reading

ALTERED BOYS Streaming New Single “Left Behind”/Tour Dates


The manically depraved New Jersey hardcore punk outfit, Altered Boys(whom I featured in the fourth edition of former weekly column Cryptic Passages last year) are back with two brand spanking new tracks just in time for their upcoming Spring tour. The two tracks, “Left Behind” and “Choosing Sides”, feature the same frantic Altered Boys powerviolence-bordered hardcore sound reminiscent of 2000′s bands such as Knife Fight and of the more recent SPINE and are currently encased in a limited cassingle format via tape aficionado label, Bleeding Edges. Pick up the limited tape here, check out the stream and full tour details below, and be sure to be on the lookout for a new 7″ from the Boys via Deranged Records.  Continue reading

ROTTING OUT Streaming New Track “No Clue”/Announce Tour Dates


Los Angeles hardcore group, Rotting Out, are currently streaming a new track entitled “No Clue” off of their upcoming 6131 Records sophomore LP, The Wrong Way, exclusively over at Terrorizer.

Here’s what vocalist Walter Delgado had to say about the track:“No Clue’ is the song that was pure anger on the record. Fuck the bullshit, fuck the fakes, fuck everyone in my life that never gave it to me straight. Didn’t try using metaphors or clever lines because I wanted it to be organic and raw.”

Pre-order The Wrong Way here and be sure to check out Rotting Out on their upcoming West Coast tour with Milwaukee brethren Expire, details below. In addition, for our fellow California Aftermathers, Rotting Out are shooting a music video tomorrow at Unit B Skatepark in Santa Ana, poster and details for that event are also below.  Continue reading

LEFT FOR DEAD Release New Track “1946″


The recently revived Hamilton, Ontario hardcore outfit Left For Dead have recently debuted a new track entitled “1946″. The Evelyn Dick themed track is part of an upcoming limited run set of 4 7″ EPs of which the full details, stream and more can be heard/read straight from the horse’s mouth below. Follow Left For Dead’s shenanigans via their official blogspot, here. Photo credits to joshsisk.comContinue reading