STICK TO YOUR GUNS Release Music Video For New Track “Nobody”

maxresdefaultStick To Your Guns will be releasing their new album next February and the band has stepped into promotion of the album very early. The band has release a music video for a new single titled “Nobody,”* which I really dig. I’ve always liked this band and I think the vibe they currently have going for them is pretty rad. If the rest of the album sounds anything like “Nobody,” I’m in for the long haul. You can check out the video for the track after the jump. It’s pretty cool.

*Note: not a Skindred cover. Continue reading

DARKEST HOUR Streaming New, Self-Titled Album

darkest-hour-self-titled-520x520Metalcore heroes Darkest Hour have had their ups and downs with the tracks they have released off of their Sumerian Records debut Darkest Hour and now that the band has released the full album online for all to stream, I am digging a lot of it. There are a handful of tracks that I’m not into, but there is also a good amount of tracks that remind me of older Darkest Hour, so I have something to take away from the album. You can check out a full stream after the jump and see for yourself. Continue reading

DARKEST HOUR Streaming New Track “The Misery We Make”

darkest-hour-self-titled-520x520Darkest Hour aren’t wasting any time promoting their new, self-titled album, and Sumerian debut. The band has released numerous tracks and I honestly have no idea where the fuck these guys are going any more. I have yet to hear a track that sounds like one of the others, so I don’t know how this will flow as an album. I guess I’ll just wait and see when the album drops in August. Until then, check out the bands latest track “The Misery We Make” after the jump.      Continue reading

DARKEST HOUR Streaming New Track “Rapture In Exile”

darkest-hour-promo-pic-2010-2Lane and I discussed Darkest Hour‘s previous track that they premiered and we were both pretty “meh” about it, but the band has unleashed a track titled “Rapture In Exile” that totally destroys. This definitely sounds like the Darkest Hour that I love and I can’t wait to hear more. You can stream the new track after the jump as well as see the songs official video, which was filmed professionally at Mayhem Fest.       Continue reading

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS Cover “Let It Go” From Disney’s Frozen

Betraying_The_MartyrsTo get it out of the way, I have never listened to Betraying The Martyrs. They are one of many bands on Sumerian Records that I have never checked out because I didn’t figure they would entice me. BUT, I do have a six-year-old daughter so of course I know the anthem from Disney’s Frozen: “Let It Go.” Well, it appears that Betraying The Martyrs have covered said anthem for their new album Phantoms. Well, I think I’ll just let the video speak for itself.       Continue reading


BoONot just them, but they’re the only ones I give a shit about.

Born Of Osiris have released their cover of Florence + The Machine‘s “Seven Devils,” which you can hear after the jump. I really enjoy this cover. BoO made it their own and it really works. After the jump, you can check it out, as well as covers from the likes of Upon A Burning Body and Fever Dreamer.       Continue reading


flo plus machineRemember when I told you about that Florence + The Machine covers album that Sumerian Records is putting out? Well, a few more tracks have been released from the album, but only one that I really care about. Darkest Hour has unleashed their cover of “Spectrum” and it’s pretty fantastic. Alongside Darkest Hour, Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria and Miss Fortune have released their covers for Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx – A Tribute To Florence + The Machine.

Check out the covers after the jump, but if you only want to listen to Darkest Hour, I understand.     Continue reading


florence-and-the-machineWell, Sumerian Records has always been a slightly-left-of-center-thinking label and I guess the announcement of their new compilation stand by that. Sumerian Records and their artists are putting together a compilation in tribute to Florence + The Machine. Bands like Periphery, Stick To Your Guns and more have signed on for the compilation and a few tracks have been released already. Click on over after the jump to get a taste of Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx.      

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STRAY FROM THE PATH Release Music Video: “Black Friday”

strayfromthepathnewsHardcore act Stray From The Path released the phenomenal Anonymous last year and now the band has unleashed their music video for “Black Friday.” The video is simple but effective and you can check it out after the jump. Enjoy and be sure to pick up Anonymous if you haven’t yet.     Continue reading

CROSSES (†††) Streaming New Album

CrossesIf you’ve followed this blog for a bit, you’ll know about my adoration for Crosses (often stylized as †††). I have been highly anticipating the release of their debut full-length album and now, if you’re like me and can’t acquire an advanced copy, you can listen to this grooving masterpiece. YOU WANT THIS. YOU NEED THIS. GO FORTH.     Continue reading

More Bi†ches Brew: CROSSES (†††) Release New Music Video

CrossesEarlier this month I posted about a new Crosses song called “Bi†ches Brew” that I adored. Honestly, Crosses forthcoming Sumerian Records release is one of my most anticipated album of the first quarter of 2014 and for good reason: that shit is sounding tight. If you’ve checked out “Bi†ches Brew” and you dug it, you can now check out the video for the track, which the band has recently released.

The video is weird as hell but it is also spectacular. This is a definite must see. Check it:      Continue reading

Bi†ches Brew: CROSSES (†††) Stream New Track

crossesCrosses A.K.A. †††, the electronica-based band fronted by Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno, recently signed to Sumerian Records and started the prep for their upcoming album. They’ve already released one new track called “he Epilogue” which ruled and now the band have released what very well could be my favorite song they have ever released.

“Bi†ches Brew” is phenomenal round and round. You need to stop everything you’re doing and listen to this song now. After the jump you can enjoy the madness.      Continue reading

Subject Zero: VEIL OF MAYA Release New Track!

VOMAll week Veil Of Maya have been teasing that they would release a new track at midnight on October 30th and, right on the dot, they did. The new track is called “Subject Zero” and it destroys. I have stated in the past that I was not a fan of Veil Of Maya before they released their last album Eclipse last year and, after hearing this track, I can say that the band still has my attention. Check out the track after the jump. The song will be available to download on November 11th.     Continue reading

Tomorrow We Die Today: BORN OF OSIRIS “Divergency” Video Now Playing

BOOA while back I posted about Born Of Osiris‘ lyric video for their song “Divergency” and how the bands latest offering Tomorrow We Die ∆live actually peeked my interests and I didn’t hate. I actually really enjoyed this album, which was something new and unnatural for me. Well, a few months after the release of the lyric video, Born Of Osiris has released the official music video for “Divergency.”

It’s a pretty rad video even if it is just live footage. It is done in such a way that it is still extremely cool. Check it out after the jump.     Continue reading