DARKEST HOUR Tease New Material

Darkest Hour have released some short teaser clips of new music from within the great realms of Studio-Land. These clips offer a small insight into the awesome riffage to come and can be found on the band’s Facebook page here and here. Follow the links to check them out. The band’s currently untitled eighth studio album is slated to be released sometime next year through Sumerian Records.

Why You Mad, Girl? It’s Just Another New STRAY FROM THE PATH Song.

That’s right, ANOTHER new Stray From the Path song has been released. This is the third single they have released from their upcoming album, Rising Sun. Unfortunately, this is the weakest of the three. While the other two had something to offer, this one is just plain boring. The riffs were lazily written and there is really nothing distinct or memorable about the track. It’s a little disappointing, but I am sure the rest of the album will make up for it. Check it out below. I didn’t care for it but maybe you will.


God Damn! THE ACACIA STRAIN Are Going On Tour!

The Acacia Strain are embarking on a new North American fall tour cleverly named the God Damn tour. Hardcore heroes, Terror, will be supporting them along with Stray From the Path and Harm’s Way. Here are the tour dates that have been announced:    Continue reading

STRAY FROM THE PATH Will Make You Their Prey


Stray From the Path recently released a new song from their upcoming album Rising Sun. The song is called “Prey” and it features guest vocals from Norma Jean’s vocalist, Cory Brandan. The songs they have released from this album so far have been absolutely killer. I am looking forward to this release as it sounds quite promising. Check it out below!


Rising Sun comes out August 30th

-Lane Oliver

T.R.A.M. All Day!!

Prog fans everywhere were creaming their pants when they found out that members of Animals As Leaders and The Mars Volta are collaborating on a project together. The all-star group features Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders on guitars, Adrian Terrazas of The Mars Volta on saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet, and Suicidal Tendencies Eric Moore on drums. They were recently picked up by Sumerian Records and will release their first album in may.

Below is an Interview and multi-cam footage of their first show at SXSW brought to you by Metal Injection. As well as the rest of their set and a drum cam of Eric Moore. Watch these! I was there. It was amazing! [Continue Reading]

Asking Alexandria singer is the new Steven Tyler

Last week the front man for  Sumerian shitcore band, Asking Alexandria, got hasselhammed before their performance on their current tour in Seattle. Revelation: Not only is your band garbage but you are also a “drunk piece of shit”.



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— Josh Huddleston

SXSW Recap pt. 2 (Videos Included)

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011:

This was the first official day of SXSW and what better way to start it than with a free Brooklyn Vegan showcase. The original plan was to get up early enough to catch Deafheaven but things don’t always go to plan. Due to waking up late and ridiculous traffic I knew I was going to miss Deafheaven but thought I would reach Emos in time for The Secret.

After several bad parking decisions and wading through a tens of thousands of people I make it to Emos. As I walk through the door The Secret finishes their last song. Fuck, this turns out to be one of the biggest bummers of SXSW. I was really excited to catch The Secret on their first US tour but ended up missing all their performances.

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