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As Above, So Below: THE ACACIA STRAIN Streaming New 7″

Acacia BelowRemember that rad The Acacia Strain track I posted about not too long ago? Well, the band has unveiled the b-side of the 7″ and have released a lyric video for that track also. Both tracks, “Above” and “Below” are fantastic. Definitely some of my favorite music The Acacia Strain has released in a while. You can check out both tracks after the jump and order the 7″ here.       Continue reading

Beware The Swarm: THE ACACIA STRAIN Release New Lyric Video

Acacia StrainNext month The Acacia Strain will release a 7″ single titled Above/Below and I was unsure how I felt about this fact until I listened to the track “Above” that the band released yesterday. This is a really rad song and I enjoy it a lot. The band seems to be getting over the departure of guitarist DL pretty easily and are already writing killer songs. You can check out the official lyric video for “Above” after the jump.

Also, if you haven’t guessed, the title of the b-side track is “Below.” Stay tuned for more information.      Continue reading

THE ACACIA STRAIN Announce “No Way Out” Summer North American Tour

The Acacia Strain have announced their new “No Way Out” Summer North American. tour that will commence early next month. The band will see support from  Within the Ruins (8/21-9/18), Fit for an Autopsy , Xibalba (8/13-9/1 & 9/6-9/18) and American Me (8/21-9/18) all on select dates of the trek. There are still more dates to be announce but here is the schedule as it runs as of now:

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THE ACACIA STRAIN Release New Lyric Video

The Acacia Strain have released a cartoonish lyric video for previously unreleased track, “Money for Nothing”. The track is what you’d come to expect from The Acacia Strain; breakdowns a’plenty. But there is a surprisingly catchy, southern rock inspired midsection (with cowbell!) that saves the song from being too redundant. An EP of the same name containing b-sides and rarities will be released on February 19th via Prosthetic Records. Check out the video below.

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Tour Happens: Dates Revealed For Every Time I Die/THE ACACIA STRAIN Tour

As previously reported, Every Time I Die will be hitting the road early next year for yet another extensive North American Tour. The band will see support from The Acacia Strain, Vanna, Hundredth and No Bragging Rights. I am going to try my damnedest to go to one of these shows and so should you if you know what’s good for you. The full schedule is below:

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TWITCHING TONGUES Debut Video For “Preacher Man”

Metallic hardcore group, Twitching Tongues, have just released a video for the song “Preacher Man” off of their latest EP of the same name. Shot entirely in black and white, the beautifully lighted video for “Preacher Man” is basically a well shot performance video with some cool effects and occasional allusions to the theme of the song. A song which according to an interview with John Hoffman/Caution of Weekend Nachos(in his zine Spilled Blood) is about how the mother of brother members Colin and Taylor left their father for a priest. Stream the awesome video below, pick up the EP from Closed Casket Activities here and be sure to catch Twitching Tongues on their upcoming and officially weirdest tour with Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Upon A Burning Body and Volumes(dates below). Also, Keith At Chain. Continue reading


According to The PRP, Every Time I Die and The Acacia Strain are rumored to co-headline a tour next year sometime in March. The shitty Buffalo dudes and the chug masters will see support from Vanna, Hundredth and No Bragging Rights. No other details have been released as of yet but I can assure you I will keep your little ass updated.

-Lane Oliver

VEIL OF MAYA And THE ACACIA STRAIN Announce Co-Headlining Fall Tour

Set to shoot off sometime around Thanksgiving is this massive co-headlining tour between progressive metallers Veil of Maya and chug fest deathcore giants The Acacia Strain. While I can’t say that VoM or Acacia Strain are in my relevant interests, their latest and most recent albums were decent and enjoyable listens in my personal opinion. Support for the tour comes in directly from San Antonio deathcore act, Upon A Burning Body, LA djenters Volumes, and from out of fucking nowhere, LA metallic hardcore act, Twitching Tongues. And so this tour has something for everyone, something for the half way prog metal, half way deathcore crowd, something for the straight up deathcore crowd, something for those up and coming djenters, and something for the no-bullshit hardcore crowd. Check out the dates after the jump courtesy of Metal Injection. Continue reading

Death Is Only A Bajillion Breakdowns: Stream THE ACACIA STRAIN’s Nu Album


Thanks to Lambgoat all of us can now listen to the nu Acacia Strain album, “Death Is The Only Mortal“, without wasting money or hard space. The entire album can be streamed below via a Youtube playlist.

For those of those to lazy to listen to the whole thing, this quick album sum up may help, dun dundun dun dun dundundundundddun dun dun….. Yep, one giant chug fest with the occasional guitar melody, bouncy string bends and choppy electronics preceding major breakdowns. Is it me or has TAS lost all hardcore influence and just started ripping off Meshuggah more cause they think their gym short wearing fans won’t notice? Listen to the nu album and tell us what you thought about it in the comment section.


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– Josh Huddleston


THE ACACIA STRAIN Release Promo Video For “Death Is The Only Mortal”; New Track Available

Breakdown masters The Acacia Strain have taken to the web again and released a promo video for their upcoming album, “Death Is The Only Mortal” out October 9th via Rise Records. In classic TAS fashion, the new video is a rather goofy skit about Vincent find out the band recorded a new album without him and his journey to record vocals. I love that although be considered one of the “angriest bands in hardcore”, they never cease to have a sense of humor. The highlight of this promo to me is the inclusion of Outkast‘s “I Like The Way You Move” at the beginning and Snoop Dogg‘s classic album, “Doggy style” at the end.

At the bottom of the page you can also listen to another new “single” from the forthcoming “Death Is The Only Mortal“. The track is titled “The Mouth Of The River” and sounds like…. Well.. The Acacia Strain. Everyone knows these guys don’t stray far from their sound, I guess whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on the person. I was originally going to count the amount of chugs, but gave up at around 67… Anyway, check out the new track and leave a comment with your opinion on it.

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– Josh Huddleston


The Acacia Strain have released their newest apocalyptic chug fest, “Victims of the Cave”, in the form of a lyric video which can be viewed below. This dangerously heavy track will be featured on their new record, Death is the Only Mortal, which will be released on October 9th via Rise Records. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

THE ACACIA STRAIN Detail Upcoming Album

The Acacia Strain have unveiled the artwork (above) and track listing (below) for their upcoming record Death is the Only Mortal, which is due out on October 9th via Rise Records. I have never been a rider on The Acacia Strain bandwagon but I will check out this album for grins. I mean, look at that artwork!

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The Acacia Strain are currently working on a new full length that will be released through Rise Records later this year. They have released the first cut from that album “Servant in the Place of Truth”, which can be streamed below. The song is a heavy hitting, downtuned chug fest. The beginning riff almost sounds Meshuggah-ish but it soon those familiar Acacia-brand chugs come in. Hardcore Acacia fans should dig this. I am not an Acacia Strain fan but I couldn’t help but bob my head to this. Check it out.

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Vincent Bennett Is Really Excited About This God Damn Tour.

Well, as usual I won’t be attending a tour because it’s not coming to my town. I’m not sure I’d go for this anyway. I’m not the biggest fan of The Acacia Strain and I haven’t listened to too much Stray From The Path. I’d like to see Terror and Harms Way, though. But, it’s not going to happen and according to the above video it’s not Vincent Bennett’s fault that the God Damn tour isn’t coming to my town. It’s out of his hands. Homeboy must be seriously excited about this tour because he cannot stop mentioning the bands that are playing alongside The Acacia Strain: Terror, Stray From The Path, Harms Way. Vincent figured it would be better to tell you all about this tour with his own mouth rather than make “typey-types” on the internet keyboards. Check out the video above and try to focus on Vincent and not seven logos floating around his head. Check here for dates.

~R. Gnarly//Grave Det Eller Dø.