Sip Some Whiskey To The Unofficial Official EAST OF THE WALL Music Video


Earlier today, progressive metal band East Of The Wall posted a link on their Facebook wall of a fan made live video synced to the recorded versions of “Whiskey Sipper” and “Underachiever”. The video is well shot and the audio is well synced up until the last few minutes. Although the video is not an official production, the band is promoting it and it is done well enough to garner an official status (in my eyes anyway). Check out the video above, It’s super rad and consists of probably the best two songs off of The Apologist.


— Josh Huddleston

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EAST OF THE WALL Working On New Material!

The Apologist comes out in a few weeks and I am sure you are all excited. But if you aren’t already having spontaneous orgasms in anticipation for the up coming East of the Wall epic, then this should help. The band announced on Facebook that they are already in the process of writing new material! Man! These guys sure do like to keep busy. The Apologist comes out October 25th. A new record will follow!

-Lane Oliver

New EAST OF THE WALL Track Builds Excitement For Upcoming Record

East of the Wall’s upcoming record, The Apologist, will be released on October 25th. I have already pre-ordered the record and I am on my knees praying at my mailbox to the Mail Carrier Gods to bring me it sooner. But until my prayers are answered, I can listen to this new East of the Wall song to keep me preoccupied. Head on over to to listen to the new song entitled “False Build”.  I am not even going to spend time talking about the song. It’s East of the Wall! It’s supposed to be good. Just go listen now!

-Lane Oliver