Hello, everyone. As you all know, I put out two compilations earlier this year, both of which can be downloaded from the sidebar to your right. Today, I am glad to bring you yet another compilation from American Aftermath. This time around, I have put together Nirvana cover songs from all over the world by bands spanning several genres. You may recognize a name or two on this compilation, others you probably won’t. I hope that this compilation will show some of these lesser known musicians more recognition because they clearly deserve it. Click below to download Detergent: A Tribute To Nirvana. Yes, I know. The name is cheesy and I didn’t go to great lengths to get super extravagant cover art. The cover is courtesy of one of the bands featured on the compilation, Captain Overboard–Radio Earth! Hope everyone enjoys this. Check the track list and download button after the jump.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die