THE BODY/THOU Tour Begins Next Week

In support of their recently released collaborative album, Released From Love, The Body and Thou will embark on a summer U.S. tour starting on Monday. The band will be performing a collaborative set, which will include material from Released From Love and others, on most dates. The tour will lead up to Gilead Fest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in which the band will perform as one unit on the first day of the festival and then separately on the following days. You can check out the extensive touring schedule after the break.

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Robotic Empire’s NIRVANA Tribute Album Streaming

In UteroRemember that awe-inspiring Nirvana tribute album we heard about a while back? We have already heard Thou‘s cover of “Milk It” and now you can hear the whole album in full. The release came out on Friday, which as most of you know was Record Store Day, but if you didn’t have a chance to snag yourself one, the release has made it’s way online.

Who wouldn’t want to hear Nirvana covered by the likes of Thursday, These Arms Are Snakes, Whirr, Daughters and more? Check it out:     Continue reading

THE BODY & THOU Collaborate For “Released From Love”

thou-the-bodyTwo of the most amazing bands currently in existence have to be The Body and Thou, who respectively are phenomenal. What happens when you put the two together? Released From Love. Released From Love is a collaborative 12″ that is currently being streamed in its entirety.  You can check out after the jumps as well as see the dates for the upcoming Thou / The Body tour. Prepare yourselves. This will be amaze.     Continue reading

THOU Streaming Cover Of NIRVANA’s “Milk It”

Baton Rouge sludge outfit, Thou, are currently streaming their cover of Nirvana’s “Milk It” over at Pitchfork. The track will appear on Robotic Empire’s In Utero tribute album, In Utero: In Tribute, which will be released on April 19th. Thou will be joined by Daughters, These Arms Are Snakes, Circa Survive, and others on the album. Head over to Pitchfork to stream the cover.

Robotic Empire To Release NIRVANA “In Utero” Tribute Album

Robotic Empire will be releasing a tribute to Nirvana’s classic album, In Utero, as their 100th release and as part of their 15th year anniversary. The album, In Utero: In Tribute, will be released digitally and on vinyl on April 19th as a part of Record Store Day. The album will feature the likes of Thursday, These Arms Are Snakes, Daughters, Young Widows and more covering one song from the album. Robotic Empire head honcho Andy Low said the following of the tribute:

It has been a privilege to introduce so many unique bands to likeminded freaks over the past 15 years. Looking back at what’s transpired almost seems unreal, and even with a shameful carbon footprint of many thousand plastic circles – I can safely say that it has been an honor to work with the artists we have, and a hearty thank you is due to all who’ve listened thus far. I genuinely hope you’ll enjoy this tribute to one of the bands who first showed me the strange side of music. Nirvana was truly one of the greats, and we’ve done our best to craft an appropriate homage to so many people’s all-time favorite band

Digital pre-orders can be purchased on iTunes now. You can view the track listing after the break.

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Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Top 10 Split Releases Of 2012

It’s that time of year again: when we tell all of you folks what our favorite albums of 2012 were. Well, like last year I have compiled a few different lists and I wanted to start off with this one.

Who doesn’t love split albums? I mean, getting not one, but two bands on a single record is a thing of beauty. I listened a shit-ton of split albums this year and it was a pain in my ass narrowing down to only ten splits. This is what I have come to think of as the best split releases of 2012.

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Album Of The Month: HELL & THOU’s “Resurrection Bay”

I posted about this album a while back, but I have been listening to it a lot over the last two weeks, so I figured this would be the perfect album to crown American Aftermath’s Album Of The Month. Yeah, I know this is late, but better late than never, right? This album is a major cornerstone of crushing, destructive doomsludge in the twenty-first century. Powerful, demanding doom from two heavyweights, Thou and Hell. Thou are legends, but Hell are fairly new to me. I fell in love instantly after hearing this album and now I can’t get enough of it. Check out a stream of the album below. It’s fantastic.

On Earth As It Is In Hell: Stream The HELL / THOU Split Right Now

Whenever I hear the name Thou brought up anywhere associated with metal, I am immediately interested. I fucking adore this band and everything they have put out thus far is pure gold, so when I caught wind of their split with Portland, Oregon’s Hell (not to be confused with this Hell) I got extremely excited.

I went into the split not knowing anything about Hell, but after listening to their side of Resurrection Bay, I was seriously digging it.These dudes are fucking killer and coupled with the mighty Thou‘s side, this split is destructive. Twelve minutes of devastating sludge madness. If you’re like me and haven’t grabbed a physical copy of this release, you can stream it over at Decibel Magazine right now. It rules, that’s all you need to know. Check it out and then come back here and talk about it in the comments section.

Grab this split 7″ here.

Unholy Bounds: Gnarly’s Mourning Mixtape

Good morning, faithful readers. I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. My Facebook wall will never be the same again. I took most of yesterday off so that I could enjoy my birthday, which I did. Most of yesterday was spent lying on my couch and playing Fable 2. I beat the game and said “fuck it.” I restarted it. Gonna take a different route this time. This isn’t an XBox forum, though. This is a metal website, right? So let’s get to the metal. This morning I took Lane’s philosophy and chose ten songs from shuffling my iPod. Some pretty diverse stuff in here, surely there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Sit back and take in the Mourning Jam mixtape.


It’s A Cold World: THOU’s “The Archer & The Owl” Mourning Ritual

Good morning, readers. How are we all feeling today? I am doing pretty good and I really hope this day goes well. Yesterday was a bit of a shitty day, so I thought I would start today off with a band that I can never get enough of. This morning’s playlist is a full stream of Thou‘s The Archer & The Owle which is fucking amazing. Get into it. Immediately. Fiiiiilth!

Running With Worms: The Artwork Of Hell Comes Home

Burning Love/Fight Amp

Now, if you know me at all you know that I am an art nut. I love intricate and interesting album artwork as well as mind-bending, out-of-this-world band logos. I think an album cover can speak volumes towards the band and the music itself. A strong, powerful album cover can mean life or death for an album. I once submitted a post to Operation Grindcore in which I explained my love for four album covers (Coffinworm, Lake Of Blood, Kvelertak and Insect Warfare) and those are all albums that are very important to me.

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Bring Me Download: Get A Free BLACK TUSK Song From iTunes!

As you all know, I reviewed the new Black Tusk album Set The Dial a while back and I told you all how amazing it was. I mean, seriously. This album is incredible. It came out on Tuesday and you can currently stream the album here as well as all of the bands back catalog. If that doesn’t make you giddy, you can also download a track from Set The Dial for FREE from iTunes.

All you have to do is go here and “Bring Me Darkness” is all yours! This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, so I highly suggest you take advantage of this offer like a tipsy girl at a highschool party. Black Tusk also have a string of tour dates coming up. You can check those out after the jump. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.


Nevermind The Buzzcocks, Listen To NIRVANA

Wow. Is Nevermind really twenty years old? That is absolutely insane. I, unfortunately was not kicking out Nirvana’s tunes in the nineties while the filthy rockers were. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I was introduced to Nirvana. Of course now I regret not being around when Nevermind was new or when Kurt passed away. It sucks, but it was out of my hands. Kurt didn’t leave behind a bunch of albums with his name in the linear notes. He left behind a legacy and, just as it should be, his legacy is becoming legend. It was just a few days ago that Nevermind reached it’s 20th anniversary. Wow. Insane.
This morning I would like to stray from my usual morning playlist and do something a little different. Today, I will have a few songs off of Nevermind, followed by a modern band (or two) covering said song and a description of how I feel about the song. How’s that sound? If it doesn’t sound good, fuck off. Check it out and enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Come As You Are.

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