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PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND Streaming New Album “Lowgazers”

PG LowgazersI’ve been ranting about Plebeian Grandstand for a good while now and about how much I adore their music and now I urge you all to stream the bands latest effort, the ever-entrancing Lowgazers. Plebeian Grandstand is one of those bands who constantly gain momentum and never, ever let you down. The band has done their greatest work on Lowgazers and you need to check this out. Stream the album in full after the jump.     Continue reading

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND Release Music Video For “Thrvst”

pgthvrstAfter four years, blackened hardcore outfit Plebeian Grandstand will finally unleash their long awaited, highly anticipated (at least by me) sophomore record Lowgazers next month. In anticipation, the band has recently released the music video for the albums first single “Thrvst.” You can check out this insane video after the jump. It’s not really NSFW, but if you have epileptic tendencies, I highly suggest you skip over this one. Flashylights and all. Continue:     Continue reading


French crusty hardcore outfit Direwolves released a phenomenal EP titled Me From Myself, To Banish and anyone who listened to that beast has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bands debut full-length. Well, it has been announced that the band will release their debut album ÆGRI SOMNIA will be released  next month. The band has issued a teaser for the record, which you can check out after the jump. Prepare yourself.     Continue reading

Got 23 Minutes Free? Stream A New EIBON Track!

Art thou familiar with the snails-pace-doom of Eibon? This bands music is one of the only a handful that actually have the ability to depress and encapsulate at the same time. Crushing brutality is almost overwhelming, but it draws you in close. The band will soon be releasing a new album through Throatruiner Records and Aesthetic Death and, with only two songs, this album will fucking destroy you.      Continue reading

Dream Your Dreams: Listen To This New THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE Track Right Now

Are you in the mood for chaotic, atmospheric, blackened filth that’s pounded together with raw emotion and musical creativity spanning many genres? Well, if that’s the case, you should definitely check out this new track by France’s The Phantom Carriage. This band combines crusty hardcore and loads and loads of black metal (a la Young And In The Way) but with some first wave emo attributes.

I really dug their debut album New Thing (listen here) and I am stoked for their 2013 release Falls. The band is currently streaming a new track called “Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming,” which you can check out below. It’s pure chaos and it’s great. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy.     Continue reading

The Vulture Has Landed: ELIZABETH Release New Album, Free Download

Remember not too long ago when I was talking about that killer hardcore band Elizabeth? Yeah, you do. Well these guys have finally officially released their new album Where Vultures Land and guess what? It’s free to download! Yeah, that’s right! I don’t know about all of you people but I fucking love free music. I especially love free music that comes in a genre that I love so much. For reals, dudes. Hardcore is my favorite genre and Elizabeth is one of my current favorite hardcore bands.

Such pissed music with metallic tinges and aggressive natures. What’s not to like? So go and grab this shit immediately. Stream the album below and download it here. Get into it. It will destroy you.

Vultures Landing: ELIZABETH Streaming Two New Track

A little while back I did my first Demo Reel column and the first band I reviewed was the Swiss hardcore outfit Elizabeth. This band put out a completely crushing demo and I can hardly wait to check out their upcoming full-length which will be released on April 4th via Throatruiner Records and I For Us Records. Until the album is released, Elizabeth has posted two new tracks on their Bandcamp to hold us over.

These two tracks, “Darkness” and “Rising Kingdom” are two destructive face-melters. Absolutely amazing metallic hardcore and if this is any indication of how the rest of the album will play out, this album is definitely not to be overlooked. Check out the two new tracks below. Enjoy.

Added bonus: titties on the album cover (see above).

Written In Blut: Enter CALVAIIRE, Dark Hardcore Destruction

I have been a fan of pretty much every band that has put out an album on Throatruiner Records. I mean, if you are into chaotic, misanthropic hardcore and sludge, Throatruiner is for you. They always seem to be putting out killer records by bands like Plebeian Grandstand, Love Sex Machine and a split between Nesseria and Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, so you know it’s a killer label. The latest band I have been introduced to is the French band Calvaiire which features members of Throatruiner bands Birds In Row and As We Draw. As of yet I am not sure which members exactly are involved, but fuck, they make some good noise.

Like most of Throatruiner bands, Calvaiire is a dark, misanthropic hardcore band that totally kills. As of right now they have only released two tracks, which are amazing. Their debut album Rigorisme is set for release on February 15th. Check out these tracks streaming below and enjoy this chunk of grit.

Review: LOVE SEX MACHINE-”Self Titled”

By Lane Oliver

Be honest with me. When you see a band with a name like Love Sex Machine, you cannot help but want to listen to it. With such a ridiculous name and equally ridiculous song titles like “Killed with a Monster Cock” you can’t help but be curious as to what it sounds like. I half expected this band to be one of those bands that try to be funny and cute with ridiculous music. Well this is not the case. Despite their name and song titles, this band’s music is as serious as a heart attack.

Continue reading

Random Band Of The Day: LOVE SEX MACHINE Put Slutty Into Sludgy

As with pretty much all of my Random Bands, I base all of my opinions on the music alone. I do not Google the band beforehand. No research, just tunes. That is why I am so thrilled that I stumbled across Love Sex Machine. Immediately thinking the band was a joke from the name and song titles, I was shocked to find that this band is actually a part of the Throatruiner Records family. Throatruiner has brought me nothing but joy ever since I found the label last year. There are just so many amazing bands that put out their music for free via Throatruiner.

Love Sex Machine is a band that I can describe in six words: “Sounds like The Abominable Iron Sloth.” I mean, seriously. Ungodly down-tuned, crushing sludgecore filth at it’s finest. On top of the band’s mind-blowing sound, the song titles are great. With tracks like “Anal On Deceased Virgin,” “Vagina Curse” and “Killed With A Monster Cock,” how can you not be digging this already? So, yeah. Listen to and download Love Sex Machine‘s self-titled record in the widget below. Get into it. LOVE SEX MACHINE.

Line Up, Fly: BIRDS IN ROW Enter The Studio

This time last year I posted about Birds In Row, a French hardcore band who had released an album through the free label Throatruiner Records. Well, I didn’t hear anything about the band until a short time ago when I learned that Birds In Row had signed to Deathwish, Inc., which was pretty fucking cool. I think this band will fit in very well alongside Deathwish bands like Touche Amore, Rise And Fall and New Lows. Now it has been announced that Birds In Row has entered the studio to record their Deathwish debut. Here is what frontman Bart Hirigoyen had to say:

“We’ve been taking a month and a half to compose these twelve songs. It should sound a bit more aggressive, yet more melodic too. The lyrics are centered around the concept of feeling old and jaded when this is only the beginning of life.”

Also on January 17th Vitriol Records will release Collected, a retrospective on all of Birds In Row‘s material to date. Check out their album Cottbus streaming below.

Exclusive Interview: Alan of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE

When I was first introduced to The Rodeo Idiot Engine, I thought I would be in for another run of the mill -core band. At the time, I was listening to so much shit that all started sounding the same, I was extremely relieved to find that The Rodeo Idiot Engine were not your everyday mathcore band. These guys have a serious pissed off, dark nature to their music and it’s oh, so good. If you don’t know this band, please educate yourself. You can download their music at their Bandcamp page and “Like” them on Facebook. ~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die

Photo By Julien Rossignol