CHEST PAIN Streaming New Tracks “Moron” & “Wolf’s Den”

chest pain - weltschmerzI fell in love with Chest Pain on their self-titled 7″ (released in 2011 by To Live A Lie) and I have loved the band ever since. Today I learned that the band has a few new tracks from their forthcoming album Weltschmerz already streaming from their new album (check here) and now they are streaming two more. Today, CVLT Nation has brought us the tracks “Moron” and “Wolf’s Den,” both of which are fucking destructive. If you’ve got a powerviolence itch that you need scratched, Chest Pain can be that scratch. Check out the two new tracks below.     Continue reading

ACxDC Streaming Entire Side Of Upcoming Three-Way Split; Announce Winter Tour



The wait for the monolith of brutality that is the upcoming To Live A Lie Three-Way split between Southern Californian demonic powerviolence forces ACxDC, Arizonian metallic hardcore infused powerviolence maniacs Sex Prisoner, and similarly Arizona based Dirty Harry denominated powerviolence Magnum Force has just gotten shorter. In addition to announcing an upcoming March Winter tour, ACxDC have also made available their five song slice of the upcoming split for streaming and download. Check that and peep the full Winter tour cycle(venues TBA) as well as ACxDC’s remaining December tour dates after the jump. To Live A Lie’s three way split is set to debut sometime late Winter during February or March.  Continue reading

ACxDC Release New Song “Crux”

L.A. Powerviolence titans, ACxDC(Antichrist Demoncore), have recently released a crushing new song entitled “Crux”. The track comes off of ACxDC’s upcoming three way split with Magnum Force and Sex Prisoner. Stream the track below and look out for pre-orders for the 10″ split via To Live A Lie Records. It’ll be one of the last records pressed by To Live A Lie before a year long hiatus.

Feeding The Fire: TORCH RUNNER Release New Track

To Live A Lie Records has posted a new Torch Runner track online for streaming. The track is called “Feeding” and it comes off of the band’s forthcoming album Committed To The Ground which will be released in May. This track is full-force brutal aggression and I cannot get enough of it. While writing this I am starting my seventh listen to the track. Check out the track below. It’s only just over a minute, so just keep hitting that play button.

Straight Jack Trippin’: ACxDC This Morning, Class.

Good morning, class. Today I picked a very special band: ACxDC. I love this band and I have been listening to them for quite some time. ACxDC, which stands for Anti-Christ Demon Core, started in 2003, broke up on 2005, reunited in 2006 for a single show and then returned as a fully-formed powerviolence beast in 2010. So this band has been pretty on-off-on-off-on but they never lost touch with the grind, you know? ACxDC recently released their Second Coming EP which you can stream here. Now sit back and enjoy a few choice cuts from this killer, blasphemous band.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.