FORCED ORDER Announce Fall And Winter Tour Dates

forced order-live

Southern California hardcore outfit Forced Order have booked both fall and winter tour dates on both American and European soil. From October 9 to November 7, the band will be playing a handful of shows in their home state alongside Ceremony, Soul Search, Burn and Trapped Under Ice. On November 18, the band will join Turnstile on a European trek that will extend through November 30. Finally, the band have booked another handful of California shows with Foundation that will commence in January of neat year. All of those dates can be found after the break.

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FORCED ORDER To Release New Album “Vanished Crusade”, Stream New Track

[photo by Kiabad Meza]

Southern California hardcore outfit Forced Order have announced the release of their debut full-length record and follow-up to their Retribution 7″ release. The album will bear the title Vanished Crusade and will be released on August 7 via Revelation Records. Produced by Taylor Young (Xibalba, etc), Vanished Crusade will feature 14 new tracks fans of Integrity and Ringworm will be enamored with. The album’s artwork and track listing can be viewed after the break.

Revolver recently premiered the album’s blistering opening track, “New Forms”, for your streaming enjoyment as well.

Forced Order will also be joining Bane, Terror, Turnstile, Backtrack and Heavy Chains on tour this summer. Those dates can be found after the break.

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TRAPPED UNDER ICE To Return Later This Year


According to a recent AbsolutePunk interview for Angel Du$t, vocalist Justice “Jurtice” Tripp revealed that Trapped Under Ice’s previously announced hiatus had come to an end. Tripp confirmed that the band have been writing music again, with plans to record and perform sometime later this year. However, Tripp maintained that the resurgence would not supersede the current focus of the Baltimore, MD group on their current successful projects in Angel Du$t and Turnstile.

From the AbsolutePunk Angel Du$t Interview:

Trapped Under Ice finalized their announced hiatus following a performance at This Is Hardcore 2013. Their last recorded release was 2011’s Big Kiss Goodnight on Reaper Records.

Madball Announce 20th Anniversary Winter “Set It Off” Tour


For those unable to attend this year’s edition of This Is Hardcore earlier this July to watch Madball perform their debut classic album Set It Off in full, fear not. The New York hardcore outfit have decided to expand their 20th Anniversary celebration of the album a bit further, hitting eight cities along the East Coast early December with original guitarist Matt Henderson in tow and peers Turnstile, Death Before Dishonor, Take Offense and Downpresser due for support. Peep the tour dates and details below. Continue reading

TWITCHING TONGUES Announce “On Tour There Is No Law” Tour



Twitching Tongues have recently announced dates for a Fall tour in support of their imminent sophomore full length, In Love There Is No Law. The month-long tour will hit more than thirty cities across the U.S. and Canada and will see direct support incoming from Downpresser and Angel Du$t, with Turnstile due to drop in mid-tour and the legendary Stigmata set to enter the fray for the last couple of California dates as well. Peep the full tour details above and a music video for In Love There Is No Law’s title track below. In Love There Is No Law is due out August 20 by way of Closed Casket Activities.

TURNSTILE Debut New Video “Canned Heat”



Baltimore, MD’s grooviest metallic hardcore act, Turnstile, have just debuted a video for “Canned Heat”, a new track we last saw the group performing live at Florida’s Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo. Strewn together with pro-shot live footage from that very show, we are now treated to a mastered and complete version of the track…along with news that Turnstile will be releasing a new EP/LP/?? possibly entitled Step 2 Rhythm through Reaper Records this year. Metallic hardcore release of the year? I’d put my money on it. Stream “Canned Heat” below. Continue reading

TURNSTILE Debut New Track “Canned Heat”

Back at the devastatingly brutal Florida based Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo last week, the grooviest band in contemporary hardcore, Turnstile, ended up debuting a new song entitled “Canned Heat”. While the current discography for the group has been short(a demo, a 7″, and a spot on the excellent Extermination Compilation), every piece of work has been a pure slice of fried gold. Shredtastic, groovy, and all out fun, Turnstile’s relation in the hardcore world mirrors that of Bloodbath’s in the death metal world. Both bands contain members of prominent acts within their respective scenes(Turnstile with Trapped Under Ice, Mindset and Bloodbath with Opeth, Katatonia) and both bands I wish were more active than their more popular counterparts. Yes, I like Bloodbath more than Opeth and Katatonia. Anyhow, enough rambling, check out the live shot video for “Canned Heat” and a track from Turnstile’s 7″ EP Pressure To Succeed(Reaper Records,pick up here) below. Mosh on. Continue reading

The Extermination Compilation Review

A millennial ago in internet time(circa August 2011), a record label by the name of Flatspot Records announced that the Fall of that fateful year would befall the release of the label’s own homage to all the great hardcore compilations of the past, The Extermination Compilation. Consisting of five hardcore heavyweights of this day and age(Backtrack, Turnstile, King Nine, Soul Search, and Suburban Scum), this compilation was to be a legendary release. Trailers were released. Tracks were teased. Adult entertainment was hired as face placards for the satiable product. But this was not to be. With each passing month came another update of “It’s almost done”. The fire of hope waned as its last embers lay fueled by the lowly gas of promised test presses and problems at the printing plant. 2012 came. School ended. No Extermination Compilation. Eventually, I along with hypothetical others forgot about it. Anticipation of the compilation receded to a dark and undisturbed part of the mind, a place of unexpectancy. Come the afternoon of late July, that part of the mind opened as I saw in my usually empty mailbox, the holy grail of it all, The Extermination Compilation. I’ve listened. If the saying “Good things come to those who wait” doesn’t apply here, I don’t know what else does. Continue reading