RINGS OF SATURN Release Teaser For “Lugal Ki En”

rings_of_saturn_lugal_ki_en_artworkPsychotically technical death dealers Rings Of Saturn will be releasing their new album Lugal Ki En next month and the band has released a five minute teaser for the album, which has got me extremely excited. This beast is sure to be a crushing blow to everyone’s skull when it drops and until then, enjoy snippets from the songs of Lugal Ki En. Jamz.      Continue reading

ACRANIA Streaming New Album “Totalitarian Dystopia”

Acrania_Total_IMIf you remember, earlier this month we premiered a rad new Acrania track and if you were digging that then you’ll be stoked to know that the band is currently streaming their new album Totalitarian Dystopia which was released today. The album is a brutal beatdown of vicious death metal and I adore it. Even if you didn’t check out the track we premiered, check out the album after the jump and bang yer hedz.      Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: ACRANIA’s “A Gluttonous Abomination”

Acrania_Total_IMWe have been getting very lucky here on American Aftermath over the last few days. First we premiered that rad new album from Those Who Bring The Torture (see here) and now I am proud to bring you a new track from England’s own Acrania! This band is one of those heavier-than-thou bands that Unique Leader Records is so good at putting out. If you’re fan of death metal and you’re not following Acrania and Unique Leader, you’re lost.

Acrania‘s “A Gluttonous Abomination” is a festering slab of disgusting death metal and this is definitely something you want to wrap your head around on such a beautiful day. Get destroyed after the jump.      Continue reading

FALLUJAH Premiere New Track “Carved From Stone”

fallujah-thefleshprevails-620x619One of my favorite newer death metal acts has to be Fallujah. This band, along with The Kennedy Veil prove that death metal can be reinvented and still be relevant in 2014. Fallujah will be releasing a new album titled The Flesh Prevails soon and I am getting more and more excited for it with every passing day. The band have unveiled a new track titled “Carved From Stone” and it is just unbelievable. Check out the track after the jump courtesy of Lambgoat.     Continue reading

FALLUJAH Streaming New Track “Saphire”

fallujah-thefleshprevails-620x619Technical death metal powerhouse Fallujah have unleashed the first track off of their forthcoming opus The Flesh Prevails and, as with everything Fallujah has release, I love it. This band has a wide pallet of techdeath and they kill it every time. I am really looking forward to the bands new record and, if this album is any indication of what’s to come, this thing is going to destroy.       Continue reading

Cryptic Summoning: PYREXIA Streaming New Album

PyrexiaNew York death metal horde Pyrexia, who released their latest album yesterday, is currently streaming their latest, and fourth full-length album in 23 years, Feast Of Iniquity over on The Gauntlet. This band has destroyed forever and this new album is no different. Take a while and let the sweet, soothing death metal wash over you. Check out the albums opener after the jump.     Continue reading

Rise Of The Juggernaut: DEEDS OF FLESH Streaming New Track

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted about that pre-production track from death metal greats Deeds Of Flesh. I honestly forgot about this album after not hearing much about it throughout 2012. I guess with the new year just around the bend, the dudes figured it was about time they release something.

Man, am I glad they did. This new track is a brutal, gnarly and vicious to the core. Deeds Of Flesh have always been one of the forward-moving new death metal bands that I find myself obsessed with. This new track “Rise Of The Virvum Juggernaut” is fucking phenomenal.     Continue reading

RINGS OF SATURN New Album “Dingir” Streaming In Full


In an amazing turn of events, the gargantuan prog deathcore and self-denominated “aliencore” group, Rings of Saturn, have decided to begin streaming their long awaited sophomore effort, Dingir, now! The expected November 20th album has begun stream as a result of a culmination of reasons summarized here: a) legal issues have actually barred the group from releasing the album till February 5th, b)a poor quality leak of the album has been passed widely around the internet and the group do not want an inaccurate opinion to be based off of that release and c)hell, it’s about damn time. Exploding onto the scene with their mind numbing and organ eviscerating debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, Rings Of Saturn hit hard with their wide array of hooks, sweeps, and straight extraterrestrial atmosphere and now they are fucking back. For those of you familiar with the Alien film series, consider Dingir to be the “Aliens” to the group’s catalog, the sonic equivalent of that awesome 1986 gore soaked, pun filled, and ass kicking sequel. Stream the album in full high quality below and feel free to pass the word around. Expect pre-orders late Winter from Unique Leader Records.  Continue reading

Vortex Of Extinction: BEHEADED Streaming New Song Via Infidel Amsterdam

YouTube metal mogul Infidel Amsterdam recently posted a video which features an exclusive premiere of a new song from Malta’s Beheaded. The track is called “Elapsed In The Vortex Of Extinction” and it comes off of their forthcoming album Never To Dawn which will be released on November 9th via Unique Leader Records. This will be Beheaded‘s first album since 2005’s Ominous Bloodlines. This track fucking slays, so be sure to check it out in the video below (The song starts at 4:03). Infidel is also hosting a vocal competition with a huge prize pack (including the new Beheaded album, two previously released albums and three shirts), so check all of those details in the video also. Get fucking destroyed!

March Of The War Machine: ARKAIK Streaming New Song

I raved about California’s Arkaik when I got into them a while back. Their tunes are brutal and technical and it reminded me of why I got into bands on Unique Leader Records like Deeds Of Flesh and Beheaded and it’s fucking great. You can check out a new track called “Soliloquies of the War Machine” in the player at the top of this post. This track comes off of Arkaik‘s forthcoming album Metamorphignition which will be released on October 9th via Unique Leader.

Written In Flesh: ARKAIK Release Pre-Prod. Track

I gotta say I am extremely new to California’s techdeath quintet Arkaik but after listening to a new pre-production track the band recently released, I am very, very interested. I guess I should have gone into this with amazing expectations seeing as the band features members of Brain Drill and Deeds Of Flesh, but for some reason I never checked them out. Listen to the new track “Skingraft Hieroglyphics” below and weigh in in the comments section. After the jump you can read what the band had to say about the track.


Majestic Portals: DEEDS OF FLESH Reveal Album Artwork

I know this has been floating around for a little bit now, but I’m just getting to it. Deeds Of Flesh, the LA-based death metal band has revealed the album artwork for their forthcoming release Portals To Canaan. The artwork was done by Raymond Swanland and… That’s about it. Not much else has been announced other than the previously posted-about pre-production track. The album is due out “early” this year. Not sure yet. Check out the artwork for Portals To Canaan below.

Unearthing Canaan: DEEDS OF FLESH Post Pre-Production Track

Death metal legends Deeds Of Flesh have been hard at work on a new album and have recently posted a pre-production track which features only one guitar and the drum mapping. Sure, this isn’t nearly how the track will sound in it’s end stages, but it is a good teaser to the end result. To me, this sounds fucking amazing and I cannot wait to hear this track when it’s finished. Check out the track below and get stoked. Not sure as to the release of new material or any other details, but I’m sure that will be coming along shortly. Enjoy.

Howling From The Grave: Wake Up To IMMERSED

Immersed is a band that I haven’t known for a long time, but I have known of them long enough to know how absolutely amazing they are as musicians. Pure, blasphemous old school death metal with plenty of modern elements to keep them new and inventive. Regardless, they play an extremely punishing brand of music that caught my ear and hasn’t let go yet.

The band has only been around for a few years and just released their debut album last year, but they are making a huge impact. Signing to Unique Leader Records was a fantastic decision and I don’t think they could have found a better place to call home. That is why I have chosen Immersed as this morning’s playlist. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Don’t Let The Logo Fool You: THE KENNEDY VEIL Kick Ass!

Okay, when I first saw the band The Kennedy Veil’s logo, I automatically thought it would be deathcore. Sorry, but that’s just not the style of logo I’d associate with death metal. Might just be me, I’m just saying. Well, I decided to listen to the band’s new song “Desciples of Dead Aeons” anyway and what I got was far from deathcore. I was hit in the face with brutal fucking death metal. I don’t mean brutal death metal as in that slam death garbage. No, this is real death metal. Furiously shredding guitars, blazing blast beats and gargantuan-sized vocals. This is really fucking good. And what better to top it off than a sample from one of my favorite movies of all time at the beginning of the track? What movie? Spaceballs, bitch! Hell yeah. These dudes can kick my teeth in with punishing death metal any day. Check ‘em out in the clip below and go to the band’s Facebook page to download the track. The band just signed to Unique Leader Records last month. Get into ‘em.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.