VOLUMES Debut New Song “Vahle”

Volumes are streaming a pre-production version of a new song entitled “Vahle”, which pays tribute to a friend of the band that passed away in an automobile accident. A final studio version of the track will appear on the band’s upcoming, currently untitled album that will see a release next year on Mediaskare. Check out the new track below.

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TWITCHING TONGUES Debut Video For “Preacher Man”

Metallic hardcore group, Twitching Tongues, have just released a video for the song “Preacher Man” off of their latest EP of the same name. Shot entirely in black and white, the beautifully lighted video for “Preacher Man” is basically a well shot performance video with some cool effects and occasional allusions to the theme of the song. A song which according to an interview with John Hoffman/Caution of Weekend Nachos(in his zine Spilled Blood) is about how the mother of brother members Colin and Taylor left their father for a priest. Stream the awesome video below, pick up the EP from Closed Casket Activities here and be sure to catch Twitching Tongues on their upcoming and officially weirdest tour with Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Upon A Burning Body and Volumes(dates below). Also, Keith At Chain. Continue reading

VEIL OF MAYA And THE ACACIA STRAIN Announce Co-Headlining Fall Tour

Set to shoot off sometime around Thanksgiving is this massive co-headlining tour between progressive metallers Veil of Maya and chug fest deathcore giants The Acacia Strain. While I can’t say that VoM or Acacia Strain are in my relevant interests, their latest and most recent albums were decent and enjoyable listens in my personal opinion. Support for the tour comes in directly from San Antonio deathcore act, Upon A Burning Body, LA djenters Volumes, and from out of fucking nowhere, LA metallic hardcore act, Twitching Tongues. And so this tour has something for everyone, something for the half way prog metal, half way deathcore crowd, something for the straight up deathcore crowd, something for those up and coming djenters, and something for the no-bullshit hardcore crowd. Check out the dates after the jump courtesy of Metal Injection. Continue reading

Brocore Is Ill, Dawg: VOLUMES Sing About Wormholes

Okay, you know that I don’t like deathcore already and brocore bullshit is even worse. What’s the difference, you ask? Well deathcore sounds like this and brocore sounds like this. If you don’t get the difference, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, both are horrible, but one brocore band recently put out a video that makes me hate the genre even more. That band is called Structures and I, to roughly quote Lou Reed, actively despise them. I don’t even feel like going into great detail about this post, so here you go. Enjoy it or hate it. Haters gon’ hate.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Crabcore.

What Happens When You Don’t Make The Cut For SUMMER SLAUGHTER?

You say to hell with ’em and do your own tour. A while back fans were given a chance to vote on who the opener would be for Summer Slaughter this year. The winning band was the (god awful) Within The Ruins. A deathcore band being picked to open up for Summer Slaughter. I gotta say I am not surprised. Anyway, I will not be attending Summer Slaughter and I highly doubt we will be covering it whatsoever, but I figured some of you might find it interesting that the bands that didn’t win the opener spot on the tour but were nominated decided to go it alone.

Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit, Rings of Saturn, Volumes and Structures are the bands that will be hitting the road as the Summer Survivors tour. Some of these bands I am familiar with, some I am not. Few I have actually listened to. I know Conducting From The Grave. Typical deathcore turned metalcore band. Scale The Summit are a pretty interesting progressive metal band that I actually enjoy. The Contortionist, as I understand are a technical deathcore band. I didn’t even know that was a specific genre. I think I’ve listened to them before. Apparently they didn’t interest me enough to remember who they are. Rings of Saturn are not terrible. I can actually get into their sound. Volumes and Structures I have no idea about and I am honestly too lazy to look them up.

If this interests you, you can check these bands out on the Slaughter Survivors Tour. Dates after the jump. [Continue Reading]