Until The Day I Cover: WAR TORN ANGEL Cover STORY OF THE YEAR… Wait, What?

Does anyone remember Story of The Year? They were a hard rock band from St. Louis who were quite popular in the early 2000s. I’m sure you’ve heard one of the bands singles from their debut album Page Avenue: “Anthem Of Our Dying Day” and/or “Until The Day I Die.” Well, if you do remember these songs, you’ll be delighted or dismayed to learn that not only is Story of The Year still around (srsly?) but they are apparently influencing bands nowadays.

A band that I have never heard of before called War Torn Angel have released their cover “Until The Day I Die” and for the most part, it’s a copy of the original. Of course, deathcore wasn’t a thing back then, so their are subtle differences, like enhanced breakdowns and deep growls rather than exasperated screams. No, this doesn’t make it better (or worse for that matter), but it does show that you don’t have to completely fuck a song in the ass to cover it. Check out the original as well as War Torn Angel‘s cover after the jump. Continue reading