MAYHEM Announce Headlining Tour With WATAIN And REVENGE


The infamous Mayhem have announced dates for an upcoming 18-date Winter tour alongside Swedish peers Watain and Ross Bay annihilators Revenge. The band will be supporting their 2014 release, Esoteric Warfare, released this past June on Season Of Mist Records. Peep the full tour dates below and follow the tour’s official Facebook page here for future updatesContinue reading

WATAIN Are Killing Children With This New Track

I have slowly fell out of love with Watain over the years. I used to listen to the band relentlessly but now I only find myself listening to them when I stumble across them. I wouldn’t say I was anticipating their upcoming album The Wild Hunt, but after hearing the new track the band has released, I may have just changed my mind.     Continue reading

Fuck Off, We Murder: WATAIN Covering GG ALLIN Is One Of The Best Things Ever

As a fan of punk music, I have a lot of respect for GG Allin. The guys was off his rocker, but he was an amazing musician and he wrote a lot of amazing tunes. You don’t see many covers of Allin tunes these days, but when they come up they are usually pretty rad. Watain are proof of this now. The band has unleashed a killer cover of “Fuck Off, We Murder” for the latest Decibel Flexi Disc. You can stream the track here or here and I highly suggest doing so. It rules.       Continue reading

Blasphemous Offerings: Better Late Than Never

Well, I usually do these playlists, when I do them at all, in the morning so that you all have some filthy blackened tunes to listen to while you do whatever the hell it is that you do on Sunday morning. Well, I didn’t get around to it this morning and figured I’d just post one tonight. So without further ado, here is the latest Blasphemous Offerings playlist. Featuring new tracks from Taake, Djevel, Woe and Dodsferd. Enjoy.     Continue reading

WATAIN Release New Lyric Video

Watain have released their new macabre lyric video for their blood soaked, hellfire fueled track “All That May Bleed”. The song will appear on the group’s upcoming record, The Wild Hunt, which will be released on August 20th. Check out the lyric video after the jump.

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WATAIN Detail New Album

Swedish black-metallers, Watain, have released the official details on their upcoming album The Wild Hunt. The album will see a release on August 20th in North America on His Master’s Noise/Century Media and will carry the following track listing:

  1. “Night Vision”
  2. “De Profundis”
  3. “Black Flames March”
  4. “All That May Bleed”
  5. “The Child Must Die”
  6. “They Rode On”
  7. “Sleepless Evil”
  8. “The Wild Hunt”
  9. “Outlaw”
  10. “Ignem Veni Mittere”
  11. “Holocaust Dawn”

The album’s first single, “All That May Bleed”, will see a digital and limited edition 7″ release on June 25th. Check out the album’s official artwork below.

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BLACK ANVIL Working On New Material

Blackened/sludgy/death metal band Black Anvil are reportedly working on new material. Bassist/vocalist Paul Delaney commented on the band’s upcoming offering:

“This is a darker, deeper record than our previous releases and a natural progression down the chosen path. Musically, and lyrically.. we will take our form to the next level.”

The band will also be supporting Watain at the following shows later this month.

05/14 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Loft
05/15 Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
05/16 Joliet, IL – Mojoe’s
05/17 Columbus, OH – AlRosa Villa
05/18 Detroit, MI – Harpo’s

-Lane Oliver

Review: The Decibel Magazine Tour 4/29/2012

This past Febuary, like so many others around the time ticket sales were announced, I purchased a ticket to The Decibel Magazine Tour. This tour was full of so many heavy hitters in the underground metal scene, Swedish NWOBHM revivalists In Solitude, Dutch occult rockers The Devil’s Blood, Swedish black metal masters Watain, and Polish black/death powerhouse Behemoth. If there was ever a tour to boast high quality acts, this was it. Would this be worth it and then some?

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