Exclusive Interview: Antonio Marquez of SPINE


Credits To Maclyn Bean Photography (https://www.facebook.com/maclynbeanphotography)

SPINE are a hardcore group based out of Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL, consisting of current and former members of Weekend Nachos, Harm’s WaySorryXExcuse, Blindside USA, Kicked In, Last Laugh and Keef Mountain. Despite maintaining a part-time status, the group have managed to enjoy a rich career since their debut in 2011. They’ve carved out a viable live reputation, released a split with legendary Chicago maniacs The Repos, have entered the lexicon of contemporary musician/stand-up comedians and have been part of plans by Mikhail Gorbachev to be sent to the moon. With the recent release of their debut LP, Time Has Gone, I had the opportunity to talk with their lead vocalist, Antonio Marquez about all of the above in addition to quips about the record, arm-wrestling with Zero Progress (R.I.P.) Matt “The Champ” Saincome, acting, socks, Pepsi, gwapes, communism, making the best of lyrical content and barbecue.

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Spine Streaming New Track “Counterfeit”


Kansas City/Chicago “skin” hardcore group Spine (members of Weekend Nachos, Sorry Excuse) have made available for stream “Counterfeit”, the first single off of their upcoming, long-delayed and awaited debut LP, Time Has Gone. The full record will be made available sometime in November on John Nachos’s label Bad Teeth Recordings with a record release show set for the 15th of that month in Kansas City. In addition, the band have announced plans for a California weekend tour in December. Stream the vicious “Counterfeit” below and follow Bad Teeth Recordings here for the latest updates on Time Has Gone as well as all future Bad Teeth releases.

Spine’s latest release was their split with The Repos, out last year on Bad Teeth Recordings.

Best Of 2013: Eric’s Favorite Albums Of The Year


Hello again, fellow Aftermathers! My prolonged absence from the American Aftermath world officially ends NOW with this penultimate annual post, a small but personally necessary pittance to the plentiful albums and artists that sustained me throughout this most bountiful year in extreme music. The following thirty item list reflects full-length albums only with an aural adherence to the hardcore and powerviolence realms as per my listening habits this year. A ton of awesome death metal revivals as well as resurgences from other notables in the general metal realm happened this year (Gorguts, Carcass, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ulcerate etc.) of which I listened(or rather actively listened) to practically NONE. I simply wasn’t feeling it at this year and intend to return to survey these releases at another time. Thanks to the Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane “The Machine” Oliver, and Josh Huddleston, the bands and musicians, and last but not least, you, the readers! Peep the list after the jump. Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

2013bestThis has been an amazing year for music. Not just metal, but a great year for all styles and genres. I have enjoyed so many different styles of music this year as well as many, many artists within each style and it was a real pain for me to make this list. I keep this list simply to full-length albums (or LPs, kids). I used to keep it strictly metal when it came to this list and I would weed out rock for its own list, but this year I included non-metal stuff on my list as well. Not a lot of non-metal, but some nonetheless.       Continue reading

Yes Way: WEEKEND NACHOS Streaming New Album


The time is here: the long anticipated new album from Chicago-based powerviolence quartet Weekend Nachos is being streamed via SoundCloud thanks to good ol’ Relapse Records! Get some of this blisteringly heavy, beat-you-in-the-face hardcore for yourself after the jump!

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You’re Not Punk: WEEKEND NACHOS Streaming New Track

Powerviolence powerhouse Weekend Nachos is a crowd favorite around the American Aftermath camp and I know we are all stoked to hear the bands forthcoming album Still, which is due out in November. So far we have heard two tracks from the album: “S.C.A.B.” and “Satan Sucker” (see here) and now the grinding madness continues!

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Satan Sucker!: Two New WEEKEND NACHOS Songs Available For Free Download + Tour Dates

Gnarly powerviolence powerhouse Weekend Nachos are prepping the release of a new album called Still in November, as Lane told you all here and they are currently giving each and every one of you two of the tracks from the album. For free! Aren’t these guys just classy as fuck? And they’re not even making you jump through hoops to get the tracks! You can stream one of the songs after the jump and download both right here.

In addition, the ‘Chos have offered up some tentative tour dates for their upcoming East Coast run, peep those below as well.

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Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock www.bummercity.com) 600 pxl

Exclusive Interview: John Hoffman of WEEKEND NACHOS

My first encounter with Weekend Nachos was an advertisement for the album, Worthless, on the side panel of prominent metal blog, Invisible Oranges. But it was just that, an advertisement. At the time, I was an ignorant fuckhead attempting to present myself as a sophisticated underground death metal hipster. Luckily, that transformation never fully occurred and in a move of self-rediscovery to reclaim all I had lost in my egotistical musings, I turned to hardcore. Aiding that transition back to the mosh was none other than Weekend Nachos, a band whose brash juxtaposition of the ridiculous with an inane amount of vitriol and hatred would lead them to become one of my favorite bands ever. I recently had the chance to interview John Hoffman, lead vocalist and prominent song-writer of Weekend Nachos, to talk about the band’s upcoming record, the Weekend Nachos theme park, Attack Attack, the one time John met Robert Englund, the ethics and function of labels and more. Check it all out after the jump. 

-Eric Nguyen, CrypticChasms

Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock www.bummercity.com) 600 pxl

Photo Credits to Reid Haithcock, http://bummercity.com

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Snyder Hates Cavities: BAD TEETH RECORDINGS’s Wake Up Dead Compilation Pre-Orders Up Today


Pre-orders for Bad Teeth Recordings’s(the label run by Weekend Nachos frontman, John Hoffman) second ever release and first compilation, Wake Up Dead Volume One, are poised to go up sometime later today. The compilation features six exclusive to this release tracks from six of the sickest and most promising hardcore bands today: Sex Prisoner(AZ), The Repos(IL), Curmudgeon(MA), To The Point(CA), Thick Skin(DC), and Sucked Dry(MO). Stream Thick Skin’s contribution to the compilation below and look out for pre-orders later today here. Bad Teeth Recordings’s first official release was one of my favorite EPs of last year, Subhuman, by Spine(review here). You should probably pick that up too.

Start Your Morning Off With Footage From The A389 IX Anniversary Bash

Last weekend, record label A389 held their annual weekend long hardcore festival in Baltimore, Maryland. The festival is usually a pretty notable show that combines a mixture of classic hardcore bands with current up and comers. This year the fest featured performances from the likes of IntegrityFull Of Hell, Like Rats, Weekend Nachos and several other artists.

For those of you who aren’t luck enough to live on the east coast, the incredible Metal Nick was there to capture a lot of the mayhem. Posted above is a sweet bootleg of Despise You ripping shit up. To view more Despise You as well as footage of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats continue after the jump.  Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of Lists Part V

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of Weekend Nachos and Harm’s Way were jamming to this year.

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Welcome To Primetime, Bitch! : WEEKEND NACHOS Streaming New Track “Watch You Suffer”

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If the title of the article and the above photo of Robert Englund with Weekend Nachos head honcho John Hoffman didn’t get the wheels in your head turning, perhaps this will. In collaboration with premiere horror site BloodyDisgusting, Chicago powerviolence crushers Weekend Nachos are hosting an exclusive stream of their upcoming single, “Watch You Suffer”(out January 19th, 2013 via A389 Recordings), along with an awesome contest themed after a certain five bladed slasher in which one winner will receive a test pressing of Weekend Nachos’s “Watch You Suffer”. Stream the awesome “Watch You Suffer” below and be sure to head over to BloodyDisgusting HQ for the contest details along with an interview of John Hoffman by A389 main man, Dom Romeo. Weekend Nachos are slated to play at the upcoming ninth A389 Bash on January 19th, 2013 as well as the upcoming Maryland Deathfest on May 25th, 2013. Stay awake. Continue reading


Bad Teeth Recordings, the label run by Weekend Nachos frontman, John Hoffman/Caution, is gearing up to release their second release and first ever compilation entitled Wake Up Dead. Featuring six exclusive and unreleased songs from from the likes of hardcore acts The Ropes (IL), Curmudgeon (MA), Sucked Dry (MO) , To The Point (CA), Sex Prisoner (AZ) and Thick Skin (DC) , Wake Up Dead is set to debut sometime early 2013. Bad Teeth Recordings’s first release was the excellent, Subhuman(review here), by Kansas City/Chicago hardcore group, Spine. Check out a track or two from each of the bands below.  Continue reading

Toxicbreed’s Funhouse Streaming Casa De Diversion Covers Vol. II

Toxicbreed’s Funhouse, the premiere underground hardcore blog, is currently streaming its Casa De Diversion Covers Vol. II compilation via bandcamp. Featuring bands like Weekend Nachos covering Jellyroll Rockheads, Disgrace covering Sepultura, and Jungle Juice covering Void, the covers compilation is a thirty track romp showcasing some of the most prominent hardcore acts today and their unique takes on various covers as well as some surprise covers from bands not relatively hardcore at all. Did I mention that the covers comp is slated to be released for free download as well? Stream the awesome comp below.