Review: WEEDEATER-“Jason… The Dragon”

By Lane Oliver

Weedeater are one of those bands that took me awhile to get into. But once I got into them, I thoroughly enjoyed them. The dirty sludgy riffs and the ridiculous vocals together create a very fun musical experience.  Jason… The Dragon is the follow up to 2007’s sludgy, stoner masterpiece, God Luck and Good Speed.  It’s a deep fried, Southern delight that will make even the most jaded black metal purist bob their little corpse painted head.

After the introductory track ends, you are hit with a massive amount of feedback as “Hammerhandle” begins. The slow, Southern fried riffs dipped in muddy feedback are so infectious that it is extremely hard to keep your head from bobbing along. The album offers an awesome trio of stoner ditties right at the beginning with “Hammerhandle”, “Mancoon”, and “Turkey Warlock”. These tracks are a great way to begin an album like this. All three tracks are similar in structure, but the catchiness of those songs make up for the lack of originality for me. The title track is the album’s six minute centerpiece that is without the best track on the album. It has extremely catchy riffs that will resonate within

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Drink Whiskey And Listen To EAST OF THE WALL!

Metal Sucks has a brand new East of the Wall song available for streaming! The track is called”Whiskey Sipper” and you better believe it is awesome. I have a feeling this album is going to be a winner. The Apologist comes out October 25th and you can pre-order it here.