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Before you jump to conclusions, the band is NOT breaking up. They are merely taking a break from their hectic schedules. This is what band had to say on the hiatus:

“After months of journeying we’re settled back into our life at home. Soft, warm breezes, the calls of Ravens and Eagles, the scent of Cedar and Salt Water. The Northwest Summer is a soothing balm to the stresses and strains of the road and the alchemic pressure-cooker of the recording studio. But it has been a great two years for us. We are so proud of Celestial Lineage, and our tours in the United States and Europe were inspiring and full of good experiences.Contrary to sensationalist rumor, we have no desire or intention to end Wolves In The Throne Room. It is very possible that future albums will be recorded. Live performances might transpire. But for now, we are reconnecting to hearth and home. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thank to everyone who has helped and supported us over the years. Playing this music has transformed us as people, and we are blessed to have shared this path with so many other travelers.”

-Lane Oliver

Stars Aligned: WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Mourning Jams

Hello, faithful readers. Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. I had a lot of shit going on and I faltered on my duties as a blogger. Wait. What am I saying? I needed most of a day off. I’ve been doing this shit for a long time and I needed a break. That’s cool, right? Yeah. Thanks. Any way, this morning I’d like to start off with a full stream of Wolves In The Throne Room’s Black Cascade which is my favorite WITTR album. I love the dark atmosphere and pure black metal fierceness that this album has. It’s amazing. So sit back and enjoy. It’s Wolves In The Throne Room.


Maclyn Bean’s Top 23 Albums Of 2011

This is my Best Albums of 2011 list. Some of these albums are not “metal” per se, but still amazing releases. As you may notice, I’m a fan of prog and grind and instrumental things.

I was fortunate enough to see/will be seeing all of these bands live this year (excluding 2, 6, 7, 14, 15 & 20), and all of these live performances blew my mind.

Haters gonna hate. – Maclyn

23. Thomas Giles – Pulse
22. Touché Amoré -Parting The Sea Between The Brightness and Me
21. Russian Circles – Empros
20. Rotten Sound – Cursed
19. Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination
18. Textures – Dualism
17. Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn of Events
16. Scale The Summit – The Collective
15. East of The Wall – The Apologist
14. Meek is Murder – Algorithms
13. All Pigs Must Die – God Is War
12. Animals As Leaders –Weightless
11. Amon Amarth -Surtur Rising



Okay, this morning I would like to do something different than the usual “Morning Jam.” I think from now on, Fridays will start off with a comparison of two bands with similar names (consisting of one or more of the same words), an example of each band’s music and the pros about each band. Now, these bands will not always fit into the same genre, in fact most of the time they probably won’t. This morning this piece is called A Game Of Thrones and it focuses on Throne of Katarsis Vs. Wolves In The Throne Room. I love both of these bands but for different reasons and now I shall tell you why. I hope you enjoy this piece.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.



Hello, people. Would you like to know why I chose Wolves In The Throne Room as this morning’s playlist? Well, it’s quite simple: the band’s latest (unbelievable) album, Celestial Lineage released today. This album is definitely one of the best of the year and I wanted to play you some Wolves tunes, new and old, in honor of their massive achievement. If you’d like, you can read my review of Celestial Lineage here. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.


Review: WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM – “Celestial Lineage”

By: Ross Gnarly

I can honestly say that I have been anticipating this record like the coming of fucking Christ. I fell in love with Wolves In The Throne Room many years ago and my expectation of each record is always extremely high and I have not been let down yet. With each passing album, I see the band grows and grows. Much like Loss, I see this band as an entity only this time, malevolence is replaced with natural and spiritual motivation. I could be wrong, but that is how a Wolves In The Throne Room album makes me feel. I don’t feel a dark, sinister presence from these songs. I feel empowerment and motivation. I think that is a good thing.

A big chunk of this seven-song record is the first and final two tracks which range from just over ten minutes to almost twelve minutes. The other songs on the album vary. Not even a minute into the opening track “Thuja Magus Imperium,” we are greeted by a beautiful, mystifying voice. This woman’s voice seems familiar. I believe this is the woman who has graced us with her vocals on <em>Two Hunters</em> and the <em>Malevolent Grain EP</em>. He voice is very soothing, I love it. It adds a very nice ambiance to the track. Closing in on the two-and-a-half minute mark, the track begins to take form. Fuzzy guitars fade in and begin sawing away. When the track is in full effect, the out of control drumming instantly catches my attention. The guitar work is extraordinary as well. This is truly amazing musicianship. All around, this song is beautiful, both in orchestration and execution. I am drawn into this song like a strange storybook land. The atmosphere really grabs you and sucks you in. Once I started listening, I was lost. When I finally came to, the song was closing. I took a deep breath and I exhaled the amazing black metal I had just experienced. It was time to move on to the next song. [Continue Reading]

Get A Load of This WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Album Art!

I am probably overly excited about the upcoming Wolves In The Throne Room album. I absolutely love this band and I have a feeling that this album will have a lot to offer fans new and old. I don’t know why I feel this, exactly, probably just my hopes. The band revealed the album art for their upcoming album Celestial Lineage as well as the track listing. Yes! The album art looks terrific. It obviously has that WITTR vibe to it. You can check out the album art at the top of this page and the track listing after the jump. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten a taste of new material yet, we only have to wait until September 13th. Sickness.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
[Continue Reading]

Who’s Ready To Get Celestial With New WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM?

I am! I am! I am! I absolutely love Wolves In The Throne Room and I have been anticipating new material like a follow-up to the Super Mario Bros movie that came out in the ’90s. Of course, one of these things will never see the light of day because critics thought it was the worst abomination to ever have cost 48 million dollars. Well, good thing that this post isn’t about Super Mario Bros, It’s about Wolves In The Fucking Throne Room. Straight from the press release:

For over six months the Weaver brothers, Aaron and Nathan, have been immersed in the painstaking writing and recording process of their newest album, and this week the process is nearly complete, at press time the album in its final mixing stages. The WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM clan have confirmed the title of this forthcoming astral black metal document as Celestial Lineage. [Continue Reading]


Hello! Welcome to your annual Black Metal Sunday playlist. This week, I have put together a very special USBM playlist. A lot of these bands you may be familiar with, some you may not be. I hope you enjoy this, because I know I will. Let the black metal flow.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Friday Night Mixtape: Dark and Depressing

So, today I didn’t feel good for the most part. On top of that, I had to work, so tonights mixtape is filled (mostly) with tunes which are on the darker, depressing side. I chose these songs because, while they are crypic, misanthropic songs, they bring me an odd sense of joy.

All of these bands are amazing and I have been a huge fan of them for quite some time. They all play something diverse and powerful and none of them sound like pretty much anything. Else. So sit back and be prepared to listen to some saddening metal.

The first band is Coffinworm, a black/sludge/doom band based out of Indiana. The track I have chosen is the ever-epic “Start Saving For Your Funeral.” This track is full of pure evil and it will surely tickle your filthy fancies. [Continue Reading]