CORRECTIONS HOUSE Streaming NEIL YOUNG Cover, U.S. Tour Starts Next Week

Corrections House (Neurosis, Yakuza, etc) have premiered their cover of Neil Young‘s “Cortez The Killer” over at Noisey. The cover, while more acoustic centered, is very faithful to the original (which can be streamed after the break). Stream the cover for yourself at this location.

Corrections House‘s U.S. tour begins this Sunday, November 30th. Those tour dates can be seen below.

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YAKUZA Streaming John Coltrane Cover


Yakuza have premiered their cover of jazz legend John Coltrane’s track, “Seraphic Light”, over at Revolver. The experimental rendition of the track can be found on the group’s recently released reissue of their 2002 album, Way of the Dead. Head over to Revolver to check it out now. You can check out the original after the break if you are interested.

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YAKUZA To Reissue First Four Full Length Albums And One Previously Unreleased Recording

Throughout next month, Chicago experimental metal outfit Yakuza will reissue their first four (currently out of print) full length albums along with one previously unreleased album through War Crime Recordings.

The band’s self-released 2000 debut Amount to Nothing and 2002’s Way of the Dead will be released on July 1st. The reissue of Way of the Dead will contain a cover of John Coltrane’s “Seraphic Light” as a bonus track. 2006’s Samsara and 2007’s Transmutations will be re-released on July 15th. Samsara will contain two bonus James Plotkin remixes of “Back to the Mountain” and “The Ballad of Mr. K”. Transmutations will feature Justin Broadrick’s remix of “The Blinding” as a bonus track.

On July 29th, Yakuza will release the previously unreleased improvisational recording Kabuki Mono. The album was originally recorded back in 2001.

In other related news, Yakuza have recorded over 100 minutes of new improvised material with Sanford Parker. The band plan to pick the best takes and release it sometime next year.


CORRECTIONS HOUSE Streaming New Track “Run Through The Night”

Noisey Germany have premiered a new track from Corrections House’s (Neurosis, Yakuza, etc) upcoming full length, Last City Zero, which comes out on October 29th. The track is called “Run Through the Night” and it begins as a bouncing, Sergio Leone inspired western acoustic jam before being swallowed by buzzing electronics and super distorted tremolo picking. It’s a pretty stark contrast to the previously released track “Serve or Survive”. Anyways, head over to Noisey to check out the new jam.

CORRECTIONS HOUSE Streaming New Track “Serve Or Survive”

Pitchfork have premiered a new track from Corrections House’s (Neurosis, Eyehategod, etc) forthcoming full length record, Last City Zero, which due out on October 29th via Neurot Recordings. The sprawling, eclectic tune is entitled “Serve of Survive” and is a noise-ridden industrial, electrically charged mutant bent on world domination. It’s like if Sleep fused together with Godflesh and Aphex Twin and got whacked out on black tar heroin. Head over to Pitchfork to see what I mean.

-Lane Oliver

CORRECTIONS HOUSE Reveal New Album Details

Corrections House (Neurosis, Yakuza, Eyehategod, etc) will release their fifty minute debut full length, entitled Last City Zero, on October 29th through Neurot Recordings. The experimental opus was produced by Sanford Parker and will contain the following eight tracks:

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CORRECTIONS HOUSE Working On Debut Full Length

Corrections House (Neurosis, Yakuza, etc) are on a roll. The band released their debut 7″ not too long ago and now according to their Facebook page, they have already started working on their first full length effort. No other information has been released just yet since the album stages are still in their infancy. But we will keep you updated on all Corrections House happenings. In the meantime, check out their weird ass video for “Grin With a Purpose” below.

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CORRECTIONS HOUSE Release New Music Video

Corrections House (Neurosis, Yakuza, etc) have released their new music video for their entrancing song “Grin With a Purpose”. The track comes from their debut 7″ that the band released earlier this year. The video revolves around a mysterious driver in a ski mask drifting along a deserted highway, witnessing strange figures in the desert among other things. It’s pretty much a big interpretive art piece. You can stream the video below.

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CORRECTIONS HOUSE Release Teaser For Debut Album

Corrections House, the sludge supergroup containing members of Yakuza, Neurosis and Eyehategod, have released a short teaser video for what seems to be their debut full length record. The album is apparently called Hoax the System according the video title. No other information has been released so far but be sure to check out the teaser below. Also, don’t forget to go to one of Corrections House’s shows in the coming weeks for a sneak peak of this legendary gathering of musicians. I have posted the tour dates below as well.

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Neurosis’ Scott Kelly, Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont and Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams and musician/producer Sanford Parker  will be hitting the road together in early 2013. These musicians will each play a solo set before coming together in a sludge supergroup dubbed Corrections House. No other details have been released on this upcoming group but regardless, this sounds awesome. Take a gander at the full touring schedule below.

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YAKUZA Streaming “Beyul” In Full

Chicago based experimental metal act, Yakuza, are streaming their new record Beyul in full over at good ol’ Brooklyn Vegan. The record officially hits the streets on the 16th but if your itching for some saxophone on metal action then wait no more. I haven’t listened to the whole thing just yet but judging by what I have heard it sounds pretty freakin’ good. Stream it now!

In support of the new record, Yakuza will be playing the two dates below.

10/16 – Empty Bottle -Chicago, IL with Dysrhythmia
10/20 – Official CMJ Showcase at Saint Vitus – Chicago, IL with Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Enabler, Helen Money and Sanhet.

-Lane Oliver

Stand With YAKUZA On The Last Day: New Track Released

“The Last Day” trudges through post-metal, thrash and blues territory in a mere six minutes. Listen and be marveled by punishing and triumphant riffs that give way into stormy, melodic moments that are entwined by the soothing wisps of sax and cello. Those unfamiliar with Bruce Lamont and Yakuza are in for a pleasant surprise. “The Last Day” will appear on the band’s forthcoming record, Beyul, which will be released on October 16th via Profound Lore. Check out “The Last Day” and the track listing below:

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Earlier this month, Scott Kelly (Neurosis) played at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. At one point during the show he was joined on stage by Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) for a cover of Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer”. Check out the footage and listen to the original below.

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Review: BLOODIEST-“Descent”

By: Lane Oliver

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for a band called Bloodiest on a website I frequently visit and was intrigued instantly. The name caught my attention as well as a caption that read “for fans of Swans”. I knew I had to check it out. So I followed the link and listened and was very pleased at what I had just heard. Bloodiest are a band from Chicago that are composed of ex and current members of Yakuza. 90 Day Men, Follows, and ATOMBOMBPOCKETKNIFE. Descent is the debut album from this band and was released back in March on Relapse Records. Is it metal you may ask? Not entirely. In fact, I am not sure what to call it exactly. Bloodiest are an entity all their own and categorizing them in a specific genre would be ill advised. Bloodiest combine elements of post metal and sludge like that of Neurosis as well as the experimental post rock stylings of bands such as Swans. But also utilize many other musical elements that give this album rare shape and form.   Continue reading