WTF Moment: SNL Cast Member Mentions DEATH GRIPS On Rachael Ray


Just a few days ago, television’s cooking icon Rachael Ray featured Saturday Night Live and Portlandia cast member Fred Armisen as the guest on her show. At some point in the interview, Ray gives her guests one minute of free time to purvey any message that they choose. In this particular instant, Armisen chose to go on a thirty-second tangent about “a musician who he thinks is the greatest ever”. That musician was none other than Death Grips drummer Zach Hill! According to Armisen, Hill has “reinvented how you drum”.

Man, that is some killer press, too bad it’s going to be wasted on people who’d rather listen to Justin Beiber. Can you just imagine America’s bored house wives casually youtubing Death Grips? Yeah, pretty fucking awesome, right? To view the clip of Armisen on Rachael Ray click here.


— Josh Huddleston

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It’s Finally Midnight In California: Wake The Fuck Up and Download DEATH GRIPS New Album, “No Love Deep Web”

Holy shit! It’s finally fucking midnight in California which means we can now all die happy because we have heard Death Grips new album, “No Love Deep Web” before all those filthy whores label executives. This amazing group has stuck to their word and in true DIY fashion have leaked their new album because their label, Epic, was unwilling to release it this year like the group originally intended.

I’m not done listening to the album yet but it’s everything you’d expect from Death Grips, and by that I mean, it’s totally different from what you were expecting. You can download “No Love Deep Webhere and stream the album above. Make sure you don’t sleep on this shit, it’s bound to be one the best albums of the year, and chances are it could be taken down any minute.

A lot of fans were originally bashing the groups decision to sign to Epic, some even were using the term selling-out, but with moves like this, it is clear Death Grips does what Death Grips wants. Respect this band, they are the future of music.

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— Josh Huddleston

Breaking American Aftermath Exclusive: DEATH GRIPS To Possibly Leak “No Love Deep Web” Tonight; Listen To New Track Now

Underground hip-hop phenomenon Death Grips have been very active on Twitter and Facebook today hinting at the possible leak of their forthcoming album “No Love Deep Web” tonight at midnight. The group has been tweeting things like –

the label wouldn’t confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB until “next year sometime ” . the label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.

12am PSC Oct. 1st

which leads me to believe that they will drop the new album tonight despite the labels unwillingness to release this year. It takes major balls for artists to do this kind of thing. I really hope they do not suffer any sort of legal repercussions. Anyway, I can’t fucking wait to see what’s going to happen. Until 12am, listen to this new track from NLDW titled, “True Vulture Base”. The track was not officially released, but found by a fan snooping through the band’s URL codes –

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— Josh Huddleston

Review: HELLA-“Tripper”


By Lane Oliver


It’s been four years since Hella’s last album, There’s No 666 In Outer Space, was released. While the album was good, I didn’t like it as much as their earlier albums when the band was just a two piece. The addition of vocals was nice change up for the band but they had more intensity as an instrumental two piece. Now Spencer Seim and Zach Hill have returned with a brand new Hella record entitled Tripper. The original Hella you all know and love are back!

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Want A New HELLA Song? Of Course You Do!


Math rock all stars, Hella, have recently released a new track on Pitchfork’s website. The track is called “Yubacore” and will be on the band’s upcoming album, Tripper. I am a huge Hella fan and I am very excited for this new album. Check out the song below.

Tripper is to be released August 30th

-Lane Oliver

Review: DEATH GRIPS – “Exmilitary”

By: Lane Oliver

This year, the hip-hop world has been “taken over” by the hyperactive hip-hop collective, Odd Future. Everywhere you turn, Tyler, the Creator and the other members of OFWGKTA are mentioned anywhere “hip-hop” is mentioned. But while Goblin has been gracing nearly everyone’s ears, something else has been gracing mine. I present to you the very intriguing hip-hop outfit, Death Grips. Little is known about Death Grips and its members other than that Zach Hill (of Hella) is a part of it. Death Grips first album, Exmilitary, was released earlier this year entirely for free. I had heard little tidbits of information about Death Grips on the web but only just recently took it upon myself to download the album. I am so glad I did. Exmilitary is very strange and experimental but very, very addicting.
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